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Dr. Lefebure’s School guarantees the authenticity of the personal testimonies. The excerpts come from the numerous letters we have received or from the Internet forum page. We obviously select the testimonies we find most representative concerning the effects of the practice of Phosphenism.

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It is by accumulating piles of testimonies that the physicist Chaldni proved to the skeptical scientific community that stones coming from space could fall on Earth. Similarly, the only way we will convince the scientifc circles of the existence of phosphenic phenomena is by providing the largest possible quantity of testimonies and explanations.

As a research center, it is with great interest that we will read your testimonies. We would like to ask you to write down the detail of the execises you practice, the duration of your daily session as well as a detailed description of your experiences.

You too can contribute with a testimony. Thanks for your collaboration.

Phosphenism & Snow Crystals :

Phosphenism Develops ‟by priority” what an individual tends towards. It helps the best in everyone to bloom, through a harmonious originality expressed by CREATIVITY.

Individuals can be compared to the snow crystals, in that no two are alike, even though they are all formed of six points at 60° angles. There is therefore a relationship between the collective and the individual. The collective aspect is represented by the sixty degree angle which is common to each snow crystal. Nonetheless, each crystal has its own shape and harmony that represent the individual aspect.

Phosphenism respects the collective structure while developing individual tendencies. The method is the same for everyone: mixing a thought with a phosphene, and yet the result is completely individual. Phosphenism helps the development of the best in an individual and the blooming of a harmonious originality that we call creativity.

Dr. Francis LEFEBURE

Purification of the Personality :

In order to understand the long term effects of Phosphenic Mixing on the character, one must be aware that a phenomenon, similar to a whirlpool, starts to affect consciousness from the beginning. This phenomenon can be compared to a chemical reaction.

Let us imagine a complex but homogeneous liquid. A hot cylinder is plunged into that liquid producing a chemical reaction, but does not spread to the whole of the liquid. Currents of attraction and repulsion surround the reaction and, thanks to the rotation of the earth, these currents take the shape of a whirlpool, like those we see when water flows out of a sink. A whirlpool drives away the heavier elements by centrifugal force, and in reaction, the lighter elements must go somewhere, and concentrate in the center. Thus air fills the gap created by a whirlpool in a torrent. When doctors use centrifugation on a urine sample, the bacteria are concentrated in the bottom of the tube and are topped by the heavier molecules. But the clear water element has to go somewhere. It is pushed away by the other molecules and ends up in the top of the tube, near the center of rotation.

It is the same thing for the life of the soul when we introduce a whirling movement. Should someone object and raise the question : ‟What if one uses Phosphenic Mixing for evil purposes ?”, the answer is : ‟It will not last very long”. That is because the whirling movement automatically produces a purification of the conscience.

No matter how low, mundane or even vindictive is the thought placed at the very beginning in a phosphene, a while later the person will move on to a more elevated thought of higher moral value as a theme for mixing, and so on infinitely.

Of course, one should start by giving the best of oneself. The summits of the human mind will be reached sooner.

Dr. Francis LEFEBURE

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Daniel Stiennon (Director of the Dr. LEFEBURE’s School, France)