Presentation of the Dr. Lefebure's Method

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Phosphenism, it is 3 application's fields:
Education: the use of phosphenes will allow you to develop your memory and your concentration.
Because the extraordinary discovery of Doctor LEFEBURE is that the mixture of a thought with phosphene transforms light energy into mental energy.
Phosphenes then provoke the development of memory, intelligence, attention, creativity and intuition.

Individual Development: the technique of Phosphenism will allow you to develop what you are striving for.
Because, Phosphenism allows you to develop in “priority” the personality by blossoming the best of each one in a harmonious originality which is expressed by creativity.

Initiatic Research: The true meaning of Initiation (from the Latin initium: beginning, beginning) is to trigger energies which will make it possible to carry out and express the latent faculties of the individual.
Through techniques that are thousands of years old, but analyzed by Dr. LEFEBURE from the point of view of cerebral physiology.

First of all, who can make Phosphenes?
Anyone who does not have a particular problem with the eyes.
The only contraindication to the practice of Phosphenes is glaucoma, i.e. the hypertension of the fluids of the eye, which results in strong pain in the back of the eye.

You will find on the site in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section and in Dr. LEFEBURE’s reference book “Phosphenic Mixing applied to Education” all the therapeutic indications on the effects of phosphenes on vision.

Dr. LEFEBURE’s method “Phosphenism” has been diffused since 1959 and to date tens of thousands of people have experienced Phosphene and experienced Phosphenism. We can therefore guarantee that if you scrupulously follow the indications given by Dr. LEFEBURE, you will derive only benefits and advantages.

v03: Post- & Co-phosphene, practice with sunrise and sunset.
v04: Practice with the bright sky, stars, a fire.
v05: Practice with the Moon, Nostradamus, the candle.
v06: Visual Chaos & Aura.
v07: Diffuse glow & etheric plane.

v08: Introduction to the complete training courses.

Phosphenism Training