by Daniel STIENNON
Note&nbsp: It is better to view the videos in the order.

Video n°1 :
Phosphenism, a French method that I am introducing to you.

Video n°2 :
Phosphenism is about how to transform the energy of light into mental energy.

Video n°3 :
Post and co-phosphene.
Practice with sunrise and sunset sun.
Practice with its reflection.

Vidéo n°4 :
Practice with the bright sky, the stars and Fire.

Vidéo n°5 :
Practice with the Moon. Nostradamus.
The Candles.

Vidéo n°6 :
Visual Chaos and the Aura.

Vidéo n°7 :
The diffuse glow and the Etheric body.

Video n°8 :
Introduction to the complete training course.