Appareil Alternophone


Accompanies perfectly the repetition of mantras at a rhythm of perfect regularity, which is the major condition of their effectiveness. This regularity is necessary so that the rhythmic auditive, visual or cenesthetic thinking generates synchronizations in the nervous cells of the brain’s areas related to thinking.

For more informations, please look at the following book :
“Cerebral Development with Alternating Hearing”

Some examples of use:
Alternophone (online software)

Reading and studying a text.
INDICATIONS: 2,00 seconds per side. No clapping. Weak buzzing. High-pitched sound.
OBSERVATIONS: After 10 minutes, the attention is more sustained; the text seems more attractive and less tedious.

Writing (letter). Editorial
INDICATIONS: 1,00 second per side. Clapping alone loud enough.
OBSERVATIONS : Turn on the Alternophone 5 to 10 minutes before studying. Then put it back on after the work session to rest.

Memory effort
INDICATIONS: 1,00 second per side. Clapping alone loud enough.
OBSERVATIONS: To remember a text with the Alternophone.
Or listen to the e-device for a moment and then turn it off to start reading and memorizing the text to be learned. The use of the Alternophone must be equal to the memorization time.

Study of foreign languages
INDICATIONS: (a) = 3,00 seconds per side. No clapping.
Note : If it is an audio course, put the Alternophone on the “MP3” source and connect it to your library.
OBSERVATIONS: The comprehension of words and sentences is increased. Moreover, it allows the natural tendency of the cerebral hemispheres to be used to its maximum.

Study of foreign languages
INDICATIONS: (b) = 12,00 seconds per side. Clapping alone loud enough.

Note : If it is an audio course, put the Alternophone on the “MP3” source and connect it to your library.
Version and theme (for an exam): alternately repeat a sentence to translate mentally while the clapping is on one side, then the translated sentence while the clapping is on the other side. Foreign sentences must always correspond to the same side. You can also visualize the corresponding image.
OBSERVATIONS: It allows to create useful automatisms and reflexes when one faced to a foreign interlocutor.

a) To memorize multiplication tables (for children) :
INDICATIONS: 1,50 second per side. Clapping alone loud enough.
Repeat the statement mentally, always on the same side, and the result always on the other side.
For example: 4 x 2 while the sound is to the right, then 8 while the sound is to the left (or vice versa). Then, continue to recite the table like this several times in a row.
OBSERVATIONS: The rocking mechanism being activated, some children go so far as to repeat their table in their sleep.

b) To facilitate understanding and solve mathematical problems more quickly :
INDICATIONS: Use the Alternophone approximately 10 minutes before starting the study.
OBSERVATIONS: Reasoning capacity is increased. Ideas are clearer, i.e. one sees better the path to find the solution.

Imagination stimulation
INDICATIONS: 1,00 second per side. Clapping alone loud enough.
For a dissertation subject: alternate periods of about 5 minutes between subject reflection and alternating hearing.
OBSERVATIONS: The ideas are more numerous and the dissertation is richer in vocabulary.

Alternating hearing from MP3 files
INDICATIONS: The best fidelity of speech or music is maintained at the alternating rhythm on the one-twelfth of a second and by adjusting the sound’s intensity thanks to the PC setting.
OBSERVATIONS: The attention to the words that come to one ear or the other in this manner is much intense than it would normally be.
The aim is not to focus on the music but to observe the different states of consciousness that one can access, including the loss of body perception. This state of consciousness will be better perceived with classical or relaxation’s music. But avoid the modern musics.

Decisions to be taken
INDICATIONS: 1,00 second per side. Clapping alone loud enough.
Use the Alternophone for a few seconds when hesitating between several decisions.
OBSERVATIONS: The reasons of a choice become clearer.This is very useful in the context of school or career guidance.

Self-control. Alleviation of emotionality, anxiety and stress
INDICATIONS: 1,25 second per side. Clapping with low buzzing. Duration of the session: 20 minutes.
OBSERVATIONS: Clapping helps to fight against discouragement and depression and can even lead to a harmonious exaltation that stimulates the creative faculties. One is much more relaxed and better able to deal with everyday problems. One faces life more easily.

Sleep improvement
INDICATIONS: 4,00 seconds per side. Very low buzzing.
If possible, fall asleep with the Alternophone running. One is often woken up, after about an hour, by a feeling of saturation. Remove the headset and turn off the e-device.
OBSERVATIONS: Consecutively, sleep is much better. When waking up, the mind is more lucid, feelings are sharper and more refined. The Alternophone prevents insomnia of psychic origin due to worry or anxiety. The deep sound effectively predisposes to the sleep’s coming. After some time, dreams come back to memory when waking up and with more colors variety.

To calm young children who are agitated and screaming
INDICATIONS: 1,50 second per side. Low buzzing.
OBSERVATIONS: After 25 to 45 minutes, the child has become calm and no longer makes unnecessary gestures. The headset should then be removed.

INDICATIONS: 3,00 seconds per side. Clapping with very low buzzing.
Note : Clapping must be much louder than buzzing.
Duration: 45 minutes.
OBSERVATIONS: It is the most regularly observed effect. The consecutive relaxation is spontaneous and deeper than the one obtained by any other method.

Increased sharpness of visual mental images
INDICATIONS: Clapping alone loud enough. 1,00 second per side at first, then accelerate the rhythm until the maximum.
OBSERVATIONS: Progressive acceleration increases cerebal energy and the mental image becomes very intense.

Cerebral activation
INDICATIONS: 1,00 second per side. Clapping alone loud enough.
Duration: 5 minutes.
OBSERVATIONS: One feel better and more available at work. Ideas are clear. One is more methodical and work faster without fatigue.

Cerebral development
INDICATIONS: Medium buzzing. 1,00 second per side until saturation.
OBSERVATIONS: Personality is enhanced. One is more sociable and more optimistic, while remaining very realistic. One is less susceptible.