Appareil Gyrascope


Allows both chakras activation and Kundalini awakening with many benefits on subtle energies.

The mysterious Kundalini’s energy, immortalized and mythified by yoga devotees, when stimulated, awakened and nurtured, provokes particular states of consciousness giving access to a very high spiritual perception. When one know the law of rhythms which governs brain’s activity, it is easy to drive this energy and moreover, once the principle is well understood, to realize that no “guru” is necessary in the Initiatic Path and that New Age’s words about this phenomena are either lies or “poeticization”.
The gyrascopic meditation’s practice allows to accumulate and trigger of neurological rhythms, both in the waking’s and sleepping’s states, which provokes the rise of Kundalini in full consciousness and without any danger.

This e-device includes : 1 online software with 7 levels and 32 working modes + 1 complete user and exercise manual (also called “Koundalini, Volume 3” in .pdf format) with detailed work program, training through practical and progressive exercises (from basic to advanced exercises).

For more informations, please look at the following book:
“From the Prayer Wheel to the Spiritual Dynamo”
(also called “Kundalini, Volume 1”)

Some examples of use:
Gyrascope (online software)

Practice the Virtual Gyrascope allows to amplify considerably your brain’s rhythms and to intensifies the inner phenomena which are latent into you.

This e-device is ideal for people who are unable to visualize, an essential condition for neurological synchronizations to be established in the right brain’s areas, and thus give them access to this much sought-after phenomena, like Kundalini rising, which are even more powerful but safe.

Blades effects, first of all, on the dream life. Dreams will be more numerous, richer in colors and better structured, before becoming dreams of moving at more or less speed in known or unknown universes. Then, the subject will feel like a “fluid” which, starting from the perineum, seems to rise inside the spine, through the axis of the body. Finally, when this sensation reaches the level of the head, the perception of a dazzling inner light will follow, generating a host of consciousness states. It is so up to the student to learn how to direct this amazing energy in order it “seed” each of the subtle centers (also called chacras).

Virtual Gyrascope, thanks its 7 levels and 32 modes of work, allows to better harmonize the nervous system. The gyrascopic meditation’s practitioner then approaches the phenomena in the sense of personal development. Moreover, at the beginning of the gyrascopic meditation’s practice, the practitioner feels like a purification of his consciousness, which give him lighter and more subtle thoughts than usual.

It allows too, through the thinking’s centrifugation, to act on the deep layers of consciousness. This fully initiatic approach facilitates what traditions have called purification, without clashes or internal conflict.