or the Kundalini Triggering Device.

Awakening Kundalini is the goal of all Yogas and its equivalent can be found in the mystical training of all religions, as the awakening of this energy gives access to the powers of the spirit.
Kundalini is considered to be the deepest, the most powerful and most mysterious of the forces of the universe. Is its use and awakening dangerous?
NO, says Doctor Francis LEFEBURE.
When one has understood that this force, the awakening of which is the goal of Yoga, is a gyroscopic meditation, one realizes that Kundalini is a very simple and beneficial thing, harmless and easy to obtain, contrary to outdated dogmas based on hasty western interpretations.



Doctor LEFEBURE explains precisely how each person can build a device that can TRIGGER THE AWAKENING OF KUNDALINI IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS, AT THE RATE OF ONE HOUR OF PRACTICE EVERY DAY.
In a short period of time, the power of this awakening can usually produce the classic effects resulting from the rise of this force and provokes illumination when it reaches the head, generating a multitude of surprising and reassuring experiences. The person cannot doubt that he or she is in touch with the ‟genuine” Kundalini within. The results are absolutely convincing. The person is then free to stop the practice or to go even further in his or her development with the Gyrascope.
This book makes Kundalini accessible to everyone by explaining scientifically the nature of this energy.