1 - Is Phosphenism restricted to an elite or to a certain social category?

NO, Phosphenism is the re-discovery by Dr LEFEBURE of an ancient practice common to the whole of mankind. In the past, its practice was restricted to a social elite. But today it is the vocation of Phosphenism Publishing to share this knowledge with everyone.

2 - Is Phosphenism available to all types of budgets?

YES, because all the products and articles of Phosphenism are available in different media forms, which makes them available to all budgets.

3 - How can I start practicing Phosphenism on low budget?

Phosphenism is the most economical initiatory teaching. There is enough information on this site for you to start practicing efficiently.

4 - How can I choose between all the available items?

On this site you will find: the general catalogue, documents for download and enough information about each product for you to make up your mind.

When going to a cake shop, one is happy to have a choice of cakes available, but does not necessarily have to buy all of them, and even less eat all of them.

5 - Why is Phosphenism cheaper on the internet?

The search for profit is not our main concern. All the profits generated go into diffusion of the method. It has always been the case, even when Dr LEFEBURE was alive. SeeChromos n°1 for download on this site

Things are not always as they seem. No one has made a fortune out of Phosphenism and if some of the products seem expensive, it is because of manufacturing costs.

Working for Phosphenism is above all a vocation and a calling.

6 - How can the training courses be so inexpensive, and is it really serious?

It is not because something is expensive that it is necessarily serious.

The method of Phosphenic Mixing applied to education, is without a doubt the cheapest educational method available, as it only requires a lamp; yet it is by far the most efficient.

The price of the training courses is worked out according to several criteria: the number of persons involved, the cost of the venue, the functioning costs.

7 - Why is Phosphenism a method and a trademark?

Mainly to avoid any plagiarism by dishonest people. But also to prevent the discoveries of Dr LEFEBURE from being taken over by some sect.

8 - How long have Phosphenism Publishing and the School of Dr LEFEBURE been active?

I was Dr LEFEBURE’s assistant for nearly 7 years. Then under his direction, I created with two friends a non-profit organization that quickly became a full company in 1986: Les Éditions Phosphénisme, with Dr LEFEBURE as honorary president. At the time, all the profits generated by our work were reinvested in the diffusion of the method. That is enabled Dr LEFEBURE to publish his last books.

9 - What are the perspectives of development of Phosphenism in France?

The method has been diffused in France since 1959. Consequently, there are several thousand people who practice Phosphenism regularly. Today, thanks to online video-training courses, persons from French-speaking countries all over the world can be gathered together for practicing the exercises. It is a popular and convenient format.

10 - What are the perspectives of development of Phosphenism in Europe?

A certain number of books have been translated for European countries (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese…).

11 - What are the perspectives of development of Phosphenism in the rest of the world?

As the works of Dr LEFEBURE have an international significance, I am looking for collaborators for diffusing the method in every country.

Footnote: All that is required of potential collaborators or distributors, is a complete integrity regarding the works of Dr LEFEBURE and Phosphenism.

12 - How long is a training course?

First, we would like to point out that following a training course with a teacher is not essential. The various books and articles available on this site will enable you to acquire the basis necessary to practice efficiently. For those who desire to go further, the members’ space offers technical files and training programs.

Nevertheless, after having done a few experiments by yourself to verify the efficiency of Phosphenism, it is obvious that following a training course will allow you to optimize practice.

13 - What happens after the training courses?

Though initiatory research is essentially a solitary process where the individual is alone facing his training program as well as the experiences that it can produce, it is very useful to practice with a group, mainly because of the increase in the amount of phosphenic salts created by the rhythmic work of such a group.

Continuing Training Courses are organized online by video-conference.

14 - How can I become a teacher of the method?

You have to do the training course.

15 - How can I become Daniel STIENNON's assistant?

Though it is understandable that Phosphenism mainly interests persons in search of experiences or spiritual discovery, it is obvious that the best possible colleague I could find would be the one who says: ‟I am not interested mainly by the experiences but by diffusing the method.
No one has ever asked a cardiologist to undergo a heart operation in order to acquire the skills necessary to operate on patients!

16 - Does the family of Dr LEFEBURE show any interest in his works?

NO, apart from a few good-willing cousins. For the rest of the family, maybe in a few generations a family member will follow in the footsteps of his/her ancestor…

17 - Is Phosphenism scientifically proven?

YES, on one hand, Dr LEFEBURE obtained all the attestations, see the founder, and the diplomas pages, and today it is of no use to look for additional ones. It would be like taking an exam that one had already passed several times. It would be useless and ridiculous.

The phosphene is a physiological reaction and can only be based on a scientific reality. It is a fact that it has had a role in the creation of all religions. (Check the book ref.: L10). See also the Genesis page.

On the contrary, the phosphenic initiatory techniques do not belong to the world of science and its protocols; they are experimental and focus on the feelings of the subject. Phosphenic techniques are a human science created by mankind for mankind. (They can be considered as a ‟bridge” between mankind and the sacred).

18 - Are there any detractors to Phosphenism?

Whatever one does in life, there will always be people who agree or disagree. Remember that 95% of the universe is made of dark matter impenetrable to light. An eternal struggle between light and darkness that can also be found in man’s thought.

Note that no high ranking official, whether from the Catholic Church or any other religion has challenged Dr LEFEBURE’s main discoveries.

The very rare attacks on Phosphenism have come from persons without any knowledge on the subject.

19 - Are there any sequels to the work of Dr LEFEBURE?

YES. The content of the ‟Phosphenic Energy Universes” is a good example.

20 - What is the proof that Phosphenism is not a sect?

In the way that Phosphenism functions, there is no guru to whom one pays allegiance, and no dogmas (it can even be practiced by atheists). Students are not adepts cut off from the outside world but persons perfectly integrated within society. There is no psychological pressure on students that wish to stop practicing. There is no hierarchical organization of Phosphenists (there is no community), and most of them have never met. Nobody shamelessly makes a fortune or lives in luxury thanks to Phosphenism. Finally, Phosphenism does not try to infiltrate the circles of power. For all these reasons Phosphenism is the only esoteric or initiatory organization in the world that is not classified as a sect.

Phosphenism is not classified as a ‟sect” (you will not find its name in the list of the 3200 organizations classified as such. 176 of them being classified as dangerous).

We can even say that Phosphenism is an ‟anti-sect”.

Phosphenism is the diffusion of  a method previously confidential and reserved for an elite, now within the reach of the general public.

In time, everyone will be able to learn Phosphenism from the internet without needing anybody but themselves. Once the principles of Phosphenism are understood, one has only to apply them to everyday living.