Dr. Lefebure is at the origin of several major scientific discoveries that are of capital importance to mankind. He is in fact the first person to have resolved one of the greatest enigmas of science: how did the evolution “from savage to human”? How did religions develop themselves?

First phase of evolution:
Fire & Phosphenes
1st time:
Lightning & Fire.
2nd time:
Pre-human discovering fire.
The Phosphene, first among of the Phenes, is linked to the genesis of Mankind.

The first men focused fire and this focusing has been spread over time immemorial.

At the very beginning, they had to wait for lightning to strike a tree and set it ablaze; in this way, they were able to appropriate the fire. But, not yet knowing how to produce it, they had to take turns watching it. Even while they were on the move, a member of the clan had the difficult task of watching over this “sacred” fire.

From the oldest depths of mankind, the light emerges.

The first men had observed a totally unexpected effect, but one that completely transformed the wild man and the life of the group; the activities of the first societies were organized around the fire, including their hierarchy. The guardians of the fire had such an important role that they were punished with death if they let the fire go out. At the same time, they were respected because they possessed knowledge that was beyond comprehension. This is how shamanism was born, which was the first of the religions.

Jean-Jaques Annaud’s beautiful film “Quest for Fire” depicts very well how things probably happened.

The first “men”, pre-hominid, are shown “taming” the fire, collecting it and literally nurturing it. Sadly, during a trip, the fire goes out. The clan then goes on a “quest” for fire. Fire was used to protect the tribe from wild animals and from the cold, particularly at night.

Without fire, the survival of the clan was rather uncertain. They thus had to go in search of a tree that had been set on fire by lightning.

Watching over the fire meant focusing on it continuously. It has been proved that battery farm chickens, raised under artificial light all day in order to accelerate the laying of eggs, have a greater number of neurological connections than chickens that have been raised free-range.

There is a scientific proof of the influence of light on nerve connections.

Fire and phosphenes are at the origin of the development of the upper brain.

More neurological connections means greater intellectual abilities. It is light (and focusing on it, i.e. doing phosphenes) that permitted the development of the brain and the upper brain in particular.

Unlike chickens that possess only a limited form of communication compared to other animal species, the first “men” already showed capacities for adaptation and an extraordinary imagination. The frescoes found in prehistoric caves are a testimony of that intelligence. Without imagination, there is no artistic creation. However archaic the first forms of human thinking, they were amplified in a considerable way by a natural stimulation of the brain: phosphenes. To be convinced of that, one only needs to practice simple exercises with phosphenes, amplifiers of thoughts.
(see the “ABC of Phosphenic Mixing applied to Education“).

The phenomenon of amplification of thoughts can be observed in drawings made by nursery school children. At the start of the experiment, their drawings are very small when compared to the size of the sheet of paper and the colors are just hinted at with simple strokes of dark colors organized randomly. After observing several consecutive phosphenes, the drawings improve: the children cover the sheet with bigger and bigger drawings and the weak colors seen at the beginning become more harmonious and joyful and fill up the whole picture. There is a direct influence of the phosphene on mental abilities and thus on creativity.

The practice of exercises using phosphenes also improves memorization. Dr. LEFEBURE’s method of Phosphenic Mixing applied to Education is based on that discovery. This method is practiced today by many people; mainly students or high school students who wish to optimize their concentration and increase their capacity for memorization, two essential keys to successful studying. The practice of Phosphenic Mixing, i.e. the emission of a thought during the presence of the phosphene, produces an amplification of the neurological connections in the zones of the brain related to memory, intelligence and the spirit of initiative. Memory and initiative are indeed two factors that play a major role in social success.

Yet, observing a phosphene reveals a much deeper dimension. Actually, the phosphene is composed of rhythms and movements.
(see the “Phosphenic Energy“).

Phosphenes can be animated by movements of swaying, pulsation, rotation or even whirling for certain persons. Phosphenes are the expression of our cerebral rhythms; their observation is the observation of our own cerebral rhythms but at a much lower octave.

Now, fixing one’s attention on something animated makes one want to move as well. And, as focusing attention on something animated creates movement in the mind of the spectator, cerebral rhythms thus transmit rhythms to the phosphenes and the phosphenes contribute to the amplification of those same cerebral rhythms. First of all, that process will trigger rhythmic movements of the body. These rhythmic movements of the body gave birth to dancing: sacred dances first, then folk dances.

Second phase of evolution:
Phosphenes & body’s rhythmic movement
3rd time:
Sacred dances & rhythmed sways.

For thousands of years, sways have been practiced by many traditions, as well as by religious or initiatic groups, in order to provoke psychic experiences.

It is easy to see the importance and usefulness of swaying for human beings. All children like to sway, and all mothers spontaneously rock their children. For what other reason than a physiological necessity underlining a rhythmic function of the brain? Too often, parents stop their children from swaying because they do not understand the importance of sways. Children have an instinctive feeling for that and are able to relate to their deepest rhythms: however that is not the case for adults who have lost touch with that universal spiritual path and who must make great efforts to find it once again.

In order for that practice to be efficient for adults, one primary condition, in addition to the phosphene, is necessary: thoughts have to be rhythmic. They then acquire a tremendous energy.
(see the “Phosphenic Energy“).

That amplification of cerebral rhythms has an influence on the rhythms of thoughts; hence the practice of rhythmic thinking that can be found in prayers, litanies, liturgies, hymns, psalms, mantras, etc. A rhythmic thought is much more efficient than a non-rhythmic one.

Thoughts, organized by rhythm, stimulate the zones of the brain related to religious thinking and the extension of consciousness.

Until not so long ago, rhythms were a part of our educational system. They could even be found in schools because rhythms, like Phosphenic Mixing (mingling a thought with the phosphene), permit a better memorization of information.

Learning multiplication tables by singing in rhythm: 2 times 1 two, 2 times 2 four, 2 times 3 six, enabled an entire generation to memorize the tables much easier. If an older person is asked how much is 7 times 9, he or she will not hesitate and answer 63 while a child that has learnt the multiplication tables in a linear way will find it difficult to answer straight away.

Today, learning with rhythms has been removed from the school methods to be replaced by analytic thinking. Only television advertisement agencies still know how to exploit rhythms: hence the fact that a child who has watched an advertisement only once can recite the slogan several hours later.

Nevertheless, certain cultures or religious communities still learn with rhythms, and that is what makes them intellectually superior.

The phosphene is an essential scientific key that enables us to understand the cycles of our own evolution.

Thus, thanks to the works of Dr. LEFEBURE, we now have the ‟missing link” that scientists need in order to understand how pre-hominids became the human species, with all the modifications, or even mutations, that stemmed from this change.

Phosphenism is the basis of every religion and initiatic knowledge and the connection between them. Thanks to the works of Dr. LEFEBURE, we can understand that the worshipping of fire, the moon, the sun, or even the stars is not to be taken symbolically but simply for what it is: thinking while gazing at a source of light.

Phosphenes, under other names, have been used universally and everywhere; hence the importance of fire worship, and solar, lunar or stellar worship. They lay at the foundation of all great civilizations that practiced solar worship: Mayan, Egyptian, Aryan, Zoroastrian, Celtic, Roman, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Polynesian.

In Shintoism, among others, solar worship is still practiced. And let us remember that Shamanism is the foundation of all religions and that it is based on the power of fire. Going back to our sources, haven’t we always been taught and repeated ‟Man became Man when he domesticated fire”.

The phosphene is an essential scientific key that enables us to understand the cycles of our own evolution.

Thus, thanks to the works of Dr. LEFEBURE, we now have the “missing link” that scientists need in order to understand how pre-hominids became the human species, with all the modifications, or even mutations, that stemmed from this change.

Phosphenic phenomena have always led to a broadening of consciousness, to universality. That may be why historical figures such as Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV, 14th century BC) and the emperor Julian (A.D. 331-363) tried to impose solar worship instead of the distorted religions whose original meaning had been hidden by priests hungry for power. Akhenaton realized the deep implications of the religion of the city of Heliopolis (the City of the Sun) which primary form of worship consisted in focusing on the sun while praying (the technique is explained in the book ‟Phosphenic Mixing Applied to Education”).

Emperor Julian was an initiate of the Mysteries. That emperor was the creator of the phrase ‟Soli invicto” (to the unvanquished sun). In the Eleusinian Mysteries initiation ceremonies, the candidate was asked to focus on a torch (to do a phosphene), put on a blindfold and think of an ear of wheat (the principle of Phosphenic Mixing). All the great men of ancient Greece were initiates of the Mysteries of Eleusis, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, etc., whether they were philosophers, mathematicians or poets. In the catholic religion, prayers used to be made while focusing on a lighted candle. (Check the article ‟Light, a key to knowledge” in the ‟Phosphenic Energy Universe” magazine).

We could quote many other examples, but we will just remind you that praying (rhythmic thinking) while focusing on a source of light is the foundation of all religions.

With this very brief historical reminder, we want to make the reader become aware of a reality that remains hidden simply because we try to understand it through symbolism and interpretations that have nothing to do with cerebral physiology.

Once that is understood, it is easier for us to explain the principles of PHOSPHENISM.


All that is necessary to produce a phosphene, is to focus on a source of light; for example, a fire for the Zoroastrians, a flame or the stars for the Tibetans, the Sun or the Moon in solar or lunar worship, the reflection of the sun on the water contained in a gourd for the African mystic. Today, Pygmy witch doctors still focus on the flames of a fire to produce visions of the location where the hunters will find game.

On several occasions, ethnologists who were sitting near the “sorcerer” experienced the same vision at the same moment.

Nostradamus focused on the reflection of the Moon on a silver mirror when he wanted to produce phenomena of clairvoyance and transmit them to Catherine of Medici. All that was made possible by the fact that phosphenes are easy to transmit by telepathy.

His “famous” mirror was magical only when the flame of a candle was reflected upon it, permitting the creation of a phosphene. The same way, fortune tellers place a candle in front of their crystal ball in order to create a phosphene by reflection. And it is always in the phosphene that they obtain their visions.


  • Phosphenes are thoughts amplifiers (see “Phosphenic Mixing Applied to Education”).
  • They are very easy to transmit by telepathy (see “The Key to Supernatural Phenomena”).
  • Under certain conditions, they give us more information than an electroencephalogram. There can be photographed and allow you to see the objects passing through them, in the dark, even with several blindfolds on. (see “The oscillation of the brain by the oscillation of double phosphenes”).
“Living beings tend to exteriorize their view of the world.”
Charles DARWIN

“Think by observing a phosphene and you will become a radiant being, a sun in society.”

“Just like the chameleon, the human being is a reflection of his environment. However, thanks to Phosphenism you can protect yourself from any form of mimetism.”


Today, scientists and historians have yet to solve the greatest mystery of all times: why has the phosphene, an essential part of mankind, not been described more often, when human beings have always exteriorized their view of the world by creating frescoes, drawings, paintings, songs, stories, etc.?

In this epic, it is absolutely unbelievable that thousands, millions or even billions of individuals all over the world have experienced the phenomenon of phosphenes without leaving any trace of it!

What prevents us from seeing the obvious?
Dr. LEFEBURE answers this question precisely in this book ‟The Pneumophene”.
But another question remains for scientists: What level of development could be attained by the human brain after 5 or 10 generations of practice of Phosphenic Mixing?
More information can be found in “Phosphenic Energy Universe” (our magazine that you can buy on this site).


This theory does not challenge today’s accepted theories of evolution, but actually unveils a new direction of research that has been unknown to scientists before our publications.

To date, it has been sent to various scientific and medical institutions in France…

Dr. LEFEBURE was a forerunner. In 1960, he had already informed the French educational, medical, scientific, industrial, religious and political authorities of his numerous discoveries and their diverse applications (educational, psychological, historical and philosophical).

Nowadays, all his research concerning the applications of cerebral rhythms, and in particular cerebral alternation and the rhythmic functions of the brain, forms a solid reference for all researchers.

The International Organization of the United Nations (UN) has proclaimed “2015, International Year of Light and Technologies Using Light” in the fields of education, technology and science. This international year is at the initiative of a consortium bringing together a panel of scientific institutions and UNESCO.

Dr. LEFEBURE’s work about “Genesis of Humanity” has received the label of the French National Committee.

International Year of Light 2015

A complete dossier has been sent to various scientific authorities, unfortunately there is a strong chance that this will be misunderstood, due to the profound implications that such a revelation would have in the history of science on the one hand and, on the other hand, the pressure of financial lobbies.

Contacts with interested neuroscientists

Neuroscientists who have contacted us find it fabulous, but are annoyed by the fact that they have to reveal that as early as 1960 a French doctor with the scientific means of the time had found what they are rediscovering just now. How can one cite Dr. Lefebure’s work on Cervoscopy and its verification by Pr. Dell and Pr. Chauchard without being criticized by his own academic community? How also to leave an ego aside and humbly unveil the work of another who, with more summary means at his disposal, had come to fundamental discoveries in neuro-pedagogy and neuro-theology.

Indirectly, the problem of their own scientific publications and the personal income that they themselves derive from them is thus raised and thus the inevitable question of the various possible conflicts of interest depending on the laboratories or companies for which they carry out research is raised.

In the same way, the possible involvement of certain scientists or leaders in religious orders or other initiatic structures of the Masonic type, does not favor research on phosphenes and on the evolution of the brain by quantum leaps when, when the threshold of emergence is reached, new cerebral faculties appear.
(see “Phosphenic Energy Universe” #7-8-9).

These discoveries do not corroborate the concept of Intelligent Design by which a divine intelligence would take care of humanity, whereas here we are talking about an evolution by feedback loops, ignoring our prayers and anthropomorphic concepts. Evolution would be the result of quantum leaps in the nervous and cerebral networks.

Our theory is in line with the strong anthropic concept. Random mutations in living organisms caused by radiation on genes, as well as natural selection are not rejected here. The difference comes from an interaction with an “Intelligence”, a form of “self-conscious” thinking entity that would have a “universe of information” at its disposal. This would generate the infinity of universes and living beings. The cosmological, mathematical, molecular laws and organizations, the structures of the living are the “visible” manifestation of this “information” from the infinitely small as the quark to the infinitely large as the structure of a galaxy.

This “Intelligence”, a sort of “self-conscious entity”, generates all the laws necessary for the different evolutionary stages (form of primordial artificial intelligence, cybernetic living organism). Through a biofeedback effect, the processes correct themselves by self-perfecting themselves.

There are no feelings to be assigned to this creative activity, nor attributes as good or bad as considered by religions. Likewise, this “intelligent” manifestation has no concern for our religious conceptions, our “prayers”, it does not “think” as we do. There is no more playful or recreational character to attribute to it as the religions understand it in their conception of the lila or divine game of Indian philosophy for example.

There are structures governed by inflexible laws and others more free and adaptable like us living beings. We are an equivalent of the quantum elements and become the cause of actions and corrections through our indeterminism and possible free will.

For this reason, our encephalon via its nervous structures is an enrichment of negentropic information that is opposed to global entropy. The evolution of the human species obeys an informational negentropy which is translated in the evolution of the nervous system and the brain. The brain, which functions as a network and not as a bicameral chamber (right and left brain), once it reaches a certain threshold, called the emergence threshold, starts to create a new function, a new structure.

The observation of emergence laws and natural cycles in the formation of the nervous system and the brain was made by Dr. Lefebure through phosphene and its rhythms. This produces synchronizations and cerebral and neuronal alternations that modify states of consciousness and allow extensions of consciousness. One of the first effects is on the learning faculties and the use of neo-neurons. The other effects extend to the entire brain in the so-called religious or mystical states. Experiments have shown a difference with pathological states in the production of phenomena. The hypothesis of a particular lesion affecting a cerebral area is not necessary. It is enough to follow the brain’s own rhythms to naturally see these extensions of consciousness occur with, for example, dreamlike lucidity.

These experiments and discoveries are not intended to confirm or refute religion or science, each of these disciplines having its own chapel quarrels in which neurobiologists* and neuroscientists* are in any case involved. Phosphenism is attached to the reproducible and experimental side of cerebral neurophysiology in the fields of learning, religion, and age-old initiatic techniques.

*Example with the neurobiologist Peter Clarke and his disagreement with Michael Persinger.

The impact of a neuroscientific explanation in the religious field could be measured in its time, after a document was sent to the Pope explaining the miracle of Fatima through phosphenes and how to reproduce it.

This aroused the interest of the secret services and Phosphenism fell back into the box of the “X-files”. Too bad! Agent Mulder does not exist!

The concept of the quantum leap of networks within the brain touches on the Darwinian explanation of evolution. Every scientist has his or her preferences for one theory rather than another, which obviously leads to some questioning of other evolutionary theories.

Likewise, belonging to an initiatic order of the Masonic or other type may lead to the interest of not giving everyone access to explanations in cerebral neurophysiology for mystical or religious states.

In fact, these explanations and exercises are very often ignored by these structures due to a lack of knowledge even on the part of those who possess the highest degrees of initiation. This is one more reason to understand why there is no disclosure.

We are therefore still waiting for the scientist who is open and ready to look into all the discoveries concerning phosphenes and brain rhythms. We just ask him to be honest and to cite his sources out of respect for the work of Dr. Lefebure who was the first before Michael Persinger’s neurotheology to open the way to the study of religious phenomena through explanations in neurophysiology.

A pseudo-science confirmed by scientists more than 70 years late.

Some have written that Phosphenism is a pseudo-science. We would like to point out to them recent research in the field of neuroscience that only confirms Dr. Lefebure’s discoveries. We will not make an exhaustive list. They need only read these few references.

  • Our explanation of the fact that altered states of consciousness are linked to synchronizations and interhemispheric and neuronal alternations. These possibilities and natural states of the brain are increased by the use of phosphene and its rhythms. This impacts both learning procedures (dyslexia, dysorthographia, dyscalculia) and health (depression).
  • Michael Persinger’s research in neurosciences:
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation for altered states of consciousness and explanations of religious experience by temporal lobe excitation only confirm the effects of phosphene and Alternophone on the human brain.
  • Similarly, the experiments of Canadian neuroscientist Mario Beauregard on the meditative states of Canadian Carmelites ( Those of neuroscientist Andrew Newberg and his team from the University of Pennsylvania who examined the brains of Buddhist monks.

Persinger also conducts research on telepathy (see his article: No More Secrets).
He is not the first, Prof. Cazzamalli, an Italian neuropsychiatrist, will do similar research in a book entitled “The Transmitting Brain, Emissions of electromagnetic waves by the human brain during intense psychosensory activities related to critical hallucinatory and telepsychic states”.

This extraordinary research is now studied without taboos. Dr. Lefebure had already observed the “telepathic” transmission of phosphenic phenomena.

The anteriority, the explanations in cerebral neurophysiology of these states and the method for reproducing them is the responsibility of Dr. Lefebure and Phosphenism.

Phosphenism is sometimes criticized for a commercial aspect because products are sold for pedagogy, personal development or modified states of consciousness, but obviously this criticism is not addressed to other neuroscientists who do not hesitate and take advantage of the media support of their university to sell their publications.

For example, Dr. Persinger and other researchers are selling a whole technology related to transcranial magnetic stimulation…

The book “Sacred Pathways: The Brain’s Role in Religious and Mystic Experiences” (2nd Edition) by Todd Murphy, is a late confirmation of Dr. Lefebure’s work on cervoscopy, alternophony, etc., which was published by the University of Toronto in the late 1980s. As well as on the role of the brain in mystical and religious experiences.

The work on Cervoscopy, which predates that of Todd Murphy, did not benefit from a preface by the Dalai Lama or by a neuroscientist.

These famous people have not discovered anything extraordinary, they are even late on this point, as you can verify by a simple search of the first editions of the works on Phosphenism, and of the reports made to the CNRS as early as 1960.

  • The fact that phosphene is a photonic field with emission and re-emission of photons and biophotons is a common experience for a practitioner of Phosphenism.

You can now find scientific literature on the creation of phosphenes and entoptic images by photons and biophotons (cf. Bokkon researchs, Negative afterimages by long-term ultraweak re-emission of visible photons; Delayed luminescence; Phosphene phenomenon: a new concept. Delayed luminescence, Near death experiences: a multidisciplinary hypothesis, etc.). You just have to go to the website of M. Bokkon, a neuroscience researcher.

This aspect of re-emission of photons and biophotons has been revealed by Dr. Lefebure. This explains the possibility of photographing phosphene on a sensitive plate and allows us to understand its caloric properties.

Dr. Bookon is doing fundamental research on phosphenes and biophotons. You will not find in the current scientific literature any revelation on the caloric, photo-reportable properties of phosphene.

But we have no doubt that this will come as a result of Mr. Bokkon’s surprise about the various uses of phosphenes in Phosphenism. We wish him future applications and reflections in the interest of all and to find financers for his innovative work, as this is not possible for us. His research only confirms the origin of phosphene and its particularities.

The re-emission by the eye of photons and biophotons from the photonic field that is phosphene explains why it is photographed and endowed with caloric properties. As a luminous phenomenon, thus formed of electrons, a form of transmissibility of phosphene could be explained. Another fundamental property is the vision in darkness of certain forms while the eyes are closed under an opaque blindfold (physical phosphovision).

No neuroscientist has, to date, assumed such properties to phosphenes, due to ignorance of the use of co and post-phosphenes, nor has he considered phosphenes as a means of examining brain function. The vision of shapes through an opaque band in the presence of post-phosphene (phosphovision) opens possibilities of studies to restore sight to blind people by stimulating photons and biophotons through the optic nerve.

  • The discovery of physiological phosphene, its use and its rhythms that provoke synchronization or alternation between the brain and neurons, allows us to understand the laws on the development of the nervous system and the frontal cortex.

Phosphene reveals the optimal rhythms of the development of the nervous system and the brain, it is an expression of the most archaic language of the latter. (see H. Umit Sayin’s work, Professor at the University of Istanbul: “Does the Nervous System Have an Intrinsic Archaic Language? Entoptic Images and Phosphenes.”).

We have understood that this development of the nervous system and the brain is expressed in baby and child swings; rhythmic rhymes; traditional African storytelling methods; etc. Traditional narrative structures reveal these cerebral rhythms as Marcel Jousse will develop in his rhythmo-pedagogy or anthropology of gesture. Rhythms through synchronization and cerebral and neuronal alternation promote learning.

But we have discovered that children’s games using swings or gyrations are only the most favorable expression of the development of the nervous system and the brain. The initiatic exercises of many brotherhoods are only the development of these children’s games. E.g.: swaying of the body during learning, rotation of the dervishes (function of the gyrophene).

These various exercises, which are based on explanations in cerebral neurophysiology, make it possible to obtain modified states of consciousness. This in a much simpler way than Michael Persinger’s various devices.

Phosphenes and rhythms, modified states of consciousness and information theory.

Certain experiences during altered states of consciousness such as lucid dreaming or extensions of consciousness open up another field of exploration in terms of creativity and the emergence of ideas through contact with fields of information that structure human knowledge.

This is in line with the discoveries of Pr. Paul Chauchard, which will be taken up in Pr. Régis Dutheil’s book, “The Superluminous Man.” This opens access to the possibilities of innate knowledge through an informational transfer during lucid dream states or extension of consciousness. A direct plunge into our psyche to see how dreams are created and de-created, etc. Obviously, this undermines the psychological theories of interpretation of dream symbolism.

We could take a step forward in the development of our knowledge by making permanently accessible or facilitating access to these fields of information, which have sometimes given scientists the solution to their problems, hence the famous French proverb “The night gives advice”.
In the same way, practitioners of Phosphenism who had no knowledge of music perceived the hearing of incredibly complex music, as Mozart used to say, and then recomposed it from memory. And this is only a small example of the experiences they had.

Scientific laboratories in the United States are studying the brains of monks and nuns who practice meditation or other spiritual techniques.

For our part, we already have a study concerning the exercises practiced by lamas, mystics and Sufis that would allow these scientists to progress much faster in the study of the “phenomena” of changes in consciousness. In the same way, the impact of these techniques could put an end to the use of “drugs” to stimulate the brain and access certain “revelations”.
For example, Nobel Prize winner Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA under the influence of LSD. However, as you will discover below, drugs are only a “wild” and dangerous way to obtain or access a form of knowledge, or field of information, via our brain. This can be achieved through simple techniques that produce similar effects and experiences without danger, precisely in the direction of the development of the nervous system.

We do not advocate any religion or movement. An atheist can very well, with an open mind, study the effects of phosphenes and rhythms on himself. This is the study of phosphene and rhythms on the development of the nervous system and the brain and the appearance of modified states of consciousness in the history of civilization.

Phos-rhythmogenic origin of religions and human civilization

Rather than mentioning the entheogenic origin of religions, it would be more judicious to evoke its phos-rhythmogenic origin. Indeed, the use of drugs or “plants of knowledge” is only a late tool of impact on the nervous and cerebral systems. For a similar result other tribes structured by shamanism use rhythms via drums or implement techniques to produce visions through phosphenes or entoptic images.

Phosphene has made it possible to reveal a natural function of the nervous system that produces an increase in the complexity of the brain network (neurons, dendrites, astrocytes, etc.) allowing the appearance of new nuclei (such as the septal area and the cortex). This implies a complete revision of the theory of human evolution to take into account the intrinsic functions of the nervous system and the brain and to introduce the notion of quantum leap when an order threshold is reached. After the reptilian brain, appearance of the mammalian brain and then the cortex. These laws of brain emergence are revealed by the rhythms of phosphene.

  • Phosphenism makes the link in the theory of evolution between the appearance of fire and the development of civilization correlated with meme theory (cf. Susan Blackmore). The diffusion of ideas and practices in social groups will be accelerated by the observation of an adequate light source and the practice of phosphenic mixing (“mixing” thoughts with phosphenes). Light facilitates the learning and diffusion of ideas, memes, within human societies. We can say that it favors an informational entropy function at the level of memes and their diffusion.

With its “School Vision” process, the Philip® company confirms, 60 years after Dr. Lefebure’s work, the effects of light on learning.

By a simple logic the discovery of fire and its observation, a form of intense light, favored learning, memory and the development of cognitive faculties. The use of light and the effects of the co and post-phosphenes that it produces naturally will have played on the development of civilizations and religiosity according to the reflections carried out during these observations.
Some will develop practical and scientific reflections, while others will remain on religious and mystical applications because of the rhythms that it induces in a natural way. Rhythms that are found in oral narratives marked by swings of speech or gestures, an expression of development through phos-rhythmogenesis in all human cultures. It is the oldest neuro-pedagogy.

Pr. Paul Chauchard worked with Dr. Lefebure as indicated in the book on Cervoscopy. This allows us to understand some of Dr. Lefebure’s articles about brain and neuro-education.

A brand new theory based this time on the most recent discoveries in neuroscience allows us to consider the solar and fire cults with a much less archaic and primitive vision as we had done until then.

Christopher Jordan’s discoveries on the uses of the sun, light and fire join ours in cerebral neurophysiology:

For the established religions, sun worship was a form of superstition, but it may have been more than a fetish worship for the elites and temple followers of the time.

If you study all the different references given in this document, you will understand that Dr. Lefebure’s research is fundamental in many fields such as history, religions, learning sciences, neurosciences, medicine, physics, information theory, etc.

Letter’s translation:

Thank you very much for the book “The Phosphenic Mixing applied to Education” that you sent as a priority.
It is indeed an excellent work in terms of improving learning and personal development.
Phosphenic mixing should be known by the whole population, because the results obtained are excellent.
I know Brazil very well because my wife is Brazilian, and I think you could have a lot of success in Brazil as well as in Portugal.
I can translate Dr. LEFEBURE’s books into Portuguese for free.
Regarding Russia, I know students who can translate Dr. LEFEBURE’s books into Russian for free.
I have been doing research in the field of pedagogy for a few years now and I can tell you that Phosphenism is by far the best in terms of learning and personal development.
I am at your disposal to help you wholeheartedly and free of charge in the development of Phosphenism in the world.
Yours sincerely.