or The Breathing Technique that Opens the Doors to the World Beyond, followed by Phosphenism and Rhythmic Thinking.
In the East just as in the West, breathing is considered as an essential part of spiritual development.
The first part of this book demonstrates that Yoga is constituted by A SINGLE breathing exercise that gives access to the world beyond where the ‟prâna” or ‟breath of the soul” of the Hindus can be perceived.
In the second part of this book, the practice of rhythmic thinking is set out.



To practice meditation with efficiency, one main condition has to be respected: a rhythm has to be incorporated in thoughts. When they are rhythmic, thoughts acquire an exceptional power that produces the development of supranormal abilities of perception. Initiatory traditions have always known this fact. This is why their secret resides in the practice of rhythmic thinking associated to focusing on a source of light.
A fast rhythm used in thoughts tends to provoke out of body experiences and astral projection. Fast rhythmic thinking puts the psychic centers or chakras in motion and opens them, triggering phenomena of illumination, i.e. the perception of an inner light that brings the individual closer to the subtle planes.
Doctor LEFEBURE spent his life designing initiatory techniques. In this book, he reveals the nature of the powers of initiates.