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Doctor LEFEBURE‘s work is characterized above all by the fact that it is based on experimentation. Since 1945, year upon year of experimentation has led to the creation of prototypes of his machines. In his laboratory in Gretz-Armainvilliers France, Dr LEFEBURE made the first commercialized models of the Alternophone himself. After a while, factories took over the job of production.

Dr LEFEBURE always had great respect for people interested in his work, treating them as partners and paying much attention to their observations. Such observations often led to the discovery of new phosphenic phenomena.

Today, thanks to the explanations given by Dr LEFEBURE in his books, those who practice Phosphenism are the ones who contribute to advances in Phosphenic research through their personal involvement. That has led to the creation of new machines: the Rotating Seat, the Cerebral Synchro-Cyclotron, the Gyrascope and others.

United though solitary, phosphenists form an entity which is geographically spread out. Most of them have never met, and may never meet. That is the reason why I have looked for different ways of creating links between phosphenists: so that they can exchange their experiences, discoveries and passion for Phosphenism.

Our testimonies space is one of these links.

Our magazine “PHOSPHENIC ENERGY UNIVERSE” is another.

In hoping that this information will allow you to produce magnificent experiences that you will share with us in turn, thus creating an exponential dynamic in the diffusion of Phosphenism.

Thank you for your support.

Daniel Stiennon

Phosphenism within everyone’s reach :
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Since Dr. LEFEBURE’s books have never been edited and published in English, we have done our best to translate them and make them available for download (.pdf format) at a contributory price.
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How can I, at my level, help spread the word about Phosphenism ?
Do not try to convince, but only give information about the existence of Dr. Lefebure’s work.

To do so,
– Just give the address of the site:
– With an interlocutor, use short sentences such as: “I have discovered”, “I practice”, “try for yourself, you will see” …
– In your email signatures, you can put :

your name
Visit :


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I practice

– Idem for facebook and your blogs.

Note :
– Do not copy passages from the site or books to paste them into your blog or website. Not only is it plagiarism but it lacks originality and creativity, and in the end it is badly perceived by Internet users. A sentence from yourself is preferable.

2) – If you meet a detractor, simply tell him that he’s talking about something he doesn’t know and invite him to visit the site in depth :

Moreover, as surprising as it may seem, you will not find any criticism from seasoned practitioners. The hundreds of testimonials compiled on this site (see section : Testimonies) are eloquent on this subject.

Although they are right to maintain a critical spirit, the attitude of the rare detractors is very often contemptuous towards the practitioners of Phosphenism, this is why it is not useful to try to answer them.

Phosphenism is a gateway to the exploration of a subjective world, it does not pretend to analyze an objective reality in the manner of an exact science. This subjective world is however part of reality, everyone can experience it for example through dreams.

It is undeniable that the theoretical foundations put forward by Dr. Lefebure can be debatable, this principle is also valid for all hard sciences, moreover, it is no less true that phosphenic techniques give rise to unforgettable subjective experiences for practitioners, as many of them have wished to testify.

Dr. Lefebure’s empirical approach, which gives pride of place to experimentation, has nothing to do with dogmatism, so to reject Phosphenism en bloc is also to despise the words of those who have expressed themselves.

The detractors therefore do not grow up to devalue the practitioners. In short, it is as if someone came to say that the dream does not exist because no one has been able to show one under a microscope.

3) – There are opportunists, so if during your “spoils” on the web, you come across documents, information etc. on Phosphenism, stay very reserved and don’t put into practice what is proposed to you.
Almost all of these documents are misleading. As with certain medications, there are amalgamations of techniques that it is better not to do.

Internet is also that, 90% of Internet users who take their site, blog, or forums as therapy and pour their neuroses, phobias, and paranoia into them. Image of our malaise society…
It is thus necessary to be careful and to respect 2 rules:
1 – Refer, first, to the official website
2 – Remain very careful and reserved about the other writings and be careful about the date of their publication because some of them are old and things can happen in 10 years…

Dr. Lefebure, by the very content of his work, has set the bar quite high, which preserves us from the vast majority of neurotics who hang around more readily in other circles than Phosphenism.

To all of you, thank you for your help and support.

Dr LEFEBURE’s school, the first teaching center
of the applied initiatory techniques.

Far from the debilitating and debilitating sects, far from the secret and pompous societies, Phosphenism imposes itself, more and more, as an alternative for all those who are in search of a true esoteric knowledge.

Today, Phosphenism is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

In Phosphenism there is no guru to whom one must show allegiance, no dogma (one can be a believer or an atheist), no followers cut off from the world, but individual practitioners perfectly integrated into society. No psychological pressure can be exerted on practitioners who decide to stop (there is no community); finally, Phosphenism has no vocation to infiltrate the authorities and it is for all these reasons that it is the only esoteric organization/world initiative not to be classified as a “sect”.

Phosphenism is the diffusion to the general public of a teaching that was once confidential and reserved for an elite of initiates.

PHOSPHENISM Publishing was created in 1986 to disseminate the masterful work and discoveries of an exceptional researcher and a man out of the ordinary Dr. Francis LEFEBURE.

Dr. LEFEBURE’s School, created in 1987, continues the research and the diffusion of the works of Dr Francis LEFEBURE.

Phosphenism, it is the diffusion to the general public of a teaching that was once confidential and reserved to an elite of initiates.

And, Yes, we advertise Dr. Lefebure’s work.
But we reinvest every euro we earn in advertising.
In other words, since our objective is to make Phosphenism known, we do not seek to earn a single cent.

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