Appareil Mantratron


This device will allow you to repeat mantras on a perfectly regular rhythm, the primary condition which is required for them to be effective. Perfect regularity is necessary to create potent synchronizations in the brain, when practicing auditory, visual or cenesthesic rhythmic thinking.

The energy of these synchronizations accumulates and thoughts acquire an unusual power. That energy is manifested in the form of visions and can be transmitted very easily by telepathy. It also triggers out of body experiences thanks to the amplification of cenesthesic sensations.

The MANTRATRON improves the practice of all the exercises of rhythmic thinking.

Examples of application using the Mantratron
  • Practicing Mantras.
    After choosing your mantra, put yourself in tune with the Mantratron. The ‟OM” mantra can, for example, be pronounced every two seconds. The display will show ‟2.00” For the ‟KEE” mantra pronounced every 1/6th of a second, the display will show ‟0.166”. The device will ensure that the regularity of pronunciation is perfect. That is the essential condition for the practice of rhythmic thinking and for obtaining the neurological synchronizations that trigger ‟initiatory” phenomena.
  • Practicing Sways.
    Set the Mantraton on ‟1.00”. This setting is suitable for practice in the morning. In the evening, after a day’s work, you might prefer a slower rhythm, for example ‟1.25”. The Mantratron allows you to fine tune all possible settings.
  • Micro Sequencer, Programmed on a Decreasing Rhythm.
    For the practice of the pulsating sphere exercise. After having simultaneously pressed on both buttons (rhythm + and -), direct your attention to a chakra, for example the third eye. With every click, visualize a sphere that contracts and expands, or that grows and shrinks.
    Suggestion: You can place the Mantratron under your bed just at the level of your head. You will find it easier to concentrate on your third eye, as the sound will come from right behind your head. If you practice this exercise one hour every night, you should feel beneficial effects very quickly. Observe closely what happens in your dreams: for beginners, observe the dreams of half-sleep and those of the morning. Do not hesitate to leave your Mantratron on all night. That way, if you wake up during the night, you can always ‟reconnect” yourself to the clicking sound (1/6th of a second) and continue to fill yourself even more with the rhythm. You can also do that when you wake up in the morning.
  • For Practicing Consciousness Extensions
    (from directed dreams to astral projection) The same settings as above. Think of a dream that particularly marked you and that was filled with movement: for example a dream that gave you a sensation of rising upwards, floating or flying.