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PHOSPHENISM is a group of techniques which has the goal of increasing cerebral capacities through the use of a method based on physiological reactions: the PHOSPHENES, multicoloured patches which persist in the dark for three minutes and that can be obtained by focusing on a source of light during a short period of time.

For millennia, head sways have been practiced by many traditions and initiatory teachings, for the purpose of provoking the awakening of consciousness.

Artheme Galip, a Zoroastrian, was the first master to initiate Dr LEFEBURE. Ha taught him head sways that were practiced at a wide angle. In 1959, Dr LEFEBURE met an Indonesian magus who showed him a different way to practice head sways, at a narrower angle. Which one of these two methods was better? The technique taught by the Indonesian magus inspired him for the following experiment:

During the presence of the phosphene, Dr LEFEBURE practiced head sways at different speeds. He noticed that only a specific rhythm pulled the phosphene along, when, for all other rhythms, the phosphene stayed fixed on the axis of the body: The rhythm of two seconds was discovered.

It is this discovery that is at the origin of a revolutionary protocol of exploration of the brain: cerebroscopy. Thanks to cerebroscopy, Dr LEFEBURE was able to measure the effects of all the traditional exercises of yoga, in a scientific manner. This led to the creation of a scientifically improved yoga: Phosphenism. The invention of various devices permitted the improvement of the practice of the exercises. This electro-yoga is totally adapted to Western culture.

The world is changing, and, with it, new technologies are developed. The medicine of the past is not today’s medicine nor it is the medecine of the future. Thanks to the works of Dr LEFEBURE, the ‟ancient” and ‟archaic” Initiations of the past are superseded by techniques based on the most elementary laws of cerebral physiology and which are exempt of concepts based on dogmas.


The lateral head sway and the point of concentration = Intuition. Telepathy. Strengthening of the personality. Stress relief.

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THE HEAD SWAYS : You only need to look around you to understand the importance and the value of sways. All children like swaying, the same way all mothers spontaneously rock their children. What is the reason behind this? It is a physiological necessity that underscores a rhythmic function of the brain.

Often, parents prevent their children from swaying because they do not understand the importance of sways. Children instinctively feel like swaying because they know how to relate to their deep cerebral rhythms. This is not the case of adults who, nevertheless, endeavor to find their way back on this universal initiatory path.

INITIATION, in its various forms, essentially consists of the awakening of subtle energies through the practice of head sways that provoke a greater awareness in consciousness and produce elevated psychic phenomena.

Doctor LEFEBURE, with his research on cerebral physiology, has demonstrated the profound connection that exists between certain traditional practices and strange physiological phenomena whose nature and origin were unknown. Dr LEFEBURE unveiled the very process of initiation and has placed it within the reach of everyone.
The true meaning of initiation (from the latin initium: beginning, start) is the triggering of energies that will allow individuals to express and manifest their latent abilities.
Head sways and focusing directly or indirectly on sources of light are at the origin of all initiations and can be found in every tradition. It is focusing, and consequently the phosphene, that provides access to the powers of the mind, though many consider that these abilities are restricted to certain ‟initiates or chosen people” because they ignore the very nature of Initiation. They are actually very easy to obtain and develop, as long as one understands a few simple rules.

Dr. LEFEBURE was initiated at the age of 18. Arthème Galip, a Ukrainian diplomat, transmitted rhythms to him by the laying on of hands and taught him the exercises that constitute the foundations of the sensory way.
This initiation took place over the course of only two days, so Dr LEFEBURE did not have the chance to understand and master it fully. Indeed, Arthème Galip disappeared. It is by analyzing the exercises he proposed that Dr LEFEBURE discovered the main principles of Phosphenism.

  • Former Extern of the Hospitals of Paris, France
  • Former Physician at the School Health Services
  • Former teacher of Science and Mathematics.
  • Gold Medal and prize at the ‟Lépine” contest
  • Silver Medal at the ‟Lépine” contest,
  • Gold Medal at the International Inventors Fair,
  • Vermilion Medal at the International Inventors Fair,
  • Silver Medal at the International Inventors Fair, Brussels,
    for his method ‟Phosphenic Mixing Applied to Education”.



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