Daniel Stiennon (2020)

When I was a young student, like many of my classmates, I had some difficulty learning my classes. So I started looking for an effective method that would make it easier for me.

At the time, I think I bought all the methods that were available on the market. However, I soon realized that none of them really developed memory, contrary to what their promising titles might lead you to believe.

In fact, they were so-called “mnemonic” methods, the vast majority of which were based on associations of ideas that could be used to solicit memory.

The authors of these methods will tell you that soliciting memory means developing it.

No! In reality, it only maintains it.

To develop it, it is necessary at the same time to increase its storage capacity by giving it more information to retain and to provide the brain with the energy necessary for this work; just as a bodybuilder develops his muscular mass by regularly increasing the weight of his dumbbells and by providing his body, through food, with the energy necessary for his body work.

When you are studying, you are faced with an ever-increasing workload as you progress through your curriculum. You therefore meet the first condition for the development of your memory: give it more information to remember. But you also need to fulfill the second condition: to provide your brain with more energy.

The hygienists will talk to you about nutrition and sleep. Again, this will not be enough; unless you have a healthy lifestyle… and again!

But we all know that life as a student is not always restful. That’s why many of them literally get doped up by stuffing themselves with excitements and stimulants (tobacco, coffee, cocaine, energy bars and drinks and so on) in order to keep going.

While this has a short-term effect on their memory, in the long run it will not benefit them and will only endanger their health.

How then can we obtain more energy quickly to allow the brain to develop all its capacities, of which memory is a part, in the long term?

This is what I intend to explain to you by continuing my little story.

One day, in an organic store “La vie Claire”, I end up discovering the book that was going to change my life. It was entitled: “Le Mixage Phosphénique en Pédagogie”.

I quickly went through it on the spot, intrigued by the explanation that its author (Doctor Francis LEFEBURE) gave on the process of transformation of light energy into mental energy, thanks to phosphene (or luminous visual sensation). And without understanding the real scope of his work, I nevertheless grasp all the originality and the benefit I could draw from it.

Applying his method meticulously, several hours a day, as other students had done before me, I made enormous progress in assimilating and understanding my lessons and, in the end, I obtained my exam without difficulty.
But I could also see that abilities that I had not expected at all had developed. Indeed, I had the pleasant surprise of having very colorful and bright dreams every night.

Enthusiastic about this science of phosphenes (or Phosphenism), I then began to buy and study all the author’s books by ordering them in one block from my bookseller.
Then I devoured each of his books, thirsting to know the incredible revelations they contained.
And it was only after reading everything that I realized that I had to be more methodical in my approach if I wanted to get the most out of it.

So I reread Dr. LEFEBURE’s entire body of work, taking care to follow the chronological progression while extracting one by one the practical exercises he recommended to write them down in my notebook.

Thus, by taking note of all the technical aspects of his work, I ended up gradually building up a practical method that I used, as soon as I found the time, to apply with some of my friends.

Very quickly, we had some surprising experiences.

For example, at night, we had dreams where we were moving at high speed, flying. We also had lucid dreams where we could, with our thoughts alone, project ourselves into the place that was going through our heads, faster than we could say.
For my part, I traveled underwater, over cities, plains and mountains, and I was able to visit places like the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids of Egypt.

You may tell me that many people occasionally have dreams in which they perceive themselves flying over land spaces, and that many people have been awakened by a strong emotion one day after dreaming that they were falling into the void, giving the dream of falling a frightening aspect.

But I can assure you that, thanks to Dr. LEFEBURE’s techniques, it is possible to have dreams of flight, conscious dreams, directed dreams, almost every night and that it is possible to transform dreams of falling in the dark which, in reality, correspond to the crossing of a certain level of consciousness, into dreams of ascending into the light, towards cosmic spaces that the imagination can hardly grasp without resorting to such techniques.

Within our school, you will find many testimonies from practitioners who attest to the existence of these phenomena and who prove that reality is much more complex than what we are aware of in everyday life.

Thus, thanks to the techniques bequeathed to us by Dr. LEFEBURE, we now possess the keys to develop all our cerebral capacities and to master all these phenomena and many others that it would be too long to detail in this short introduction.


Daniel Stiennon & Dr. Lefebure
(Photos taken on Christmas Eve, 1987)

It was only after two years that I finally decided to meet him to tell him all the good things I thought of his work but, above all, to offer him my services, perhaps as a volunteer secretary, I thought at the time.

He received me at his home, in his little apartment near the Forum des Halles in Paris (“apartment” being a big word, because it was, in reality, just a maid’s room perched under the roof of 104, rue Reaumur in the 2nd arrondissement). It was there that he received his readers. He welcomed me with an open heart and told me that, since I seemed to have a talent for organization, he would leave it to me to continue to take charge of the distribution of his work.

That was all it took to increase my enthusiasm tenfold. I then decided to give up my work and my studies, and I founded an association in accordance with the law of 1901 in order to develop Phosphenism. We were in 1981. Five years later, in 1986, the “PHOSPHENISM Publishing” was born, whose mission was first of all to preserve its work and then to disseminate it to as many people as possible.

It is this spirit of diffusion that led me to create the Dr. LEFEBURE’s School, to which I devote all my time and energy. It offers you different online training courses, according to your needs, with contents and tools that you will not find anywhere else. The teachings they contain are essentially based on the work of Dr. LEFEBURE, which I have updated taking into account the latest advances in neuroscience, but also on the knowledge coming from the great spiritual traditions, of which Phosphenism constitutes a modern synthesis in every way remarkable.

Thus, whether you are seeking to develop your intellectual capacities for your studies or your work, to realize the best of yourself in all aspects of your life, or to truly engage in a spiritual path, Phosphenism can help you do so. But in any case, know that you will not be alone because you will be accompanied and guided throughout your studies. Indeed, you will be able to discuss with the other students of the school on the private forum or during training courses, meeting days and you will also have the opportunity to call upon coaches who will be able to advise you punctually or within the framework of an individualized follow-up.

As for me, I will always be there to mark out your path and help you when necessary. Nevertheless, you will first have to rely on yourself. It is only on this condition that you will build your own path of life, in connection with the light of the phosphene which will illuminate it, as it has been the case for me and for thousands of practitioners, for their greatest happiness and to my greatest joy.

Indeed, during all these years, Phosphenism has allowed me to live thousands of energetic and spiritual experiences that are beyond comprehension. And it was at the age of 52 that one of them illuminated all the cells of my body and led me to Awakening.

Nevertheless, nothing pleases me more than to see practitioners blossoming, shining and accessing knowledge about themselves and the world that before they were initiated to Phosphenism, they did not even suspect.

This is what I wish to each of you: that you and your loved ones may realize yourselves and find happiness in this life, how difficult it is for many.
So yes ! Phosphenism can help you transcend your existence and transform your life.