Dr. LEFEBURE's School

proposes you to follow a training in Phosphenism, according to your free time.
Phosphenism, its effects are no longer to be proven, but to discover.
To follow a training course is the assurance of an effective practice.

What is it about?

The means that the Internet offers us today allow us to set up a distance learning system with a personalized follow-up in the practice of Phosphenism.

Thus, without leaving your home, you can follow a training in the best conditions.

We propose to you to follow the training, at your place at your rhythm, thanks to the video courses of Dr LEFEBURE and those Daniel STIENNON spiritual heir of Dr Lefebure.

The advantages

Training without having to leave your home.

No travel, accommodation or food costs.

You can study each course at your own pace and return to a course as many times as you like, which is not the case in a teacher-led course.

This comprehensive distance learning program provides a solid foundation for effective practice.

Daniel Stiennon spent the last 7 years of Dr. Lefebure’s life with him. He is his only spiritual heir and received the supreme initiation from him.

He has studied the traditional initiatory orders, practiced the exercises left by Dr. Lefebure every day and compared his experiences with those of the greatest yogis and Swamis.

In his video lessons, he will reveal to you what Dr. Lefebure called the “narrow gate” to liberation, or in other words, the only key to freedom from certain reincarnation laws.

You will discover not only how Phosphenism can change and transform your present life, but also how it can help you to have another approach to life.


Practical application of the basic initiatic techniques

1st part :

How to transform light energy into mental energy and use phosphene for the development of memory, intelligence and creativity. Implementation of PHOSPHENIC MIXING.

2nd part :

Phosphenism and Individual Development or how to apply Phosphenism in one’s daily life.
How to use phosphene to have a positive action on one’s destiny.

During this training, you will learn what no course in personal development will ever teach you : the traditional initiatic techniques, which are the only ones that can allow you to transcend your Higher Being.

Discover now a higher level of knowledge and enter the world of initiatory techniques.

During this training you will have a direct access to the techniques which form the basis of the initiatic teachings in the brotherhoods of initiates in Asia, Africa, Persia, India, etc.

You will go very far beyond what you can find through modern methods of personal development.
What you will learn there will give a superior dimension to your practices, to your life.

You will discover what makes Phosphenism the only Royal Initiatic Way of the modern era or, in other words, the Way of Unlimited Personal Development.
What you will learn during this training is not taught in any other modern allegedly initiative movement.

To practice Phosphenism is to go back to the sources of the traditional initiative teachings, very far away from the so-called techniques of personal development.

You will discover a completely different universe, which is not entirely unknown to all those who have understood that the techniques of personal development are only one step to reach the realization of the Higher Self, and that, after this step, you must necessarily turn yourself towards the initiatic teachings.


During this training, you will study why Phosphenism will allow you to develop in priority the understanding of what you are tending towards by blossoming the best of yourself in a harmonious originality that expresses itself through creativity.

If you look at snow crystals under a microscope, you will notice that no two are alike, although their angles are all sixty degrees. The principle is the same for humans. This is why the abilities you will develop thanks to Phosphenism will be intimately personal to you, in addition to those that we see in a majority of practitioners.

In the program (small excerpt) :

The basics of Phosphenic Mixing applied to Education :
– How to make the Phosphene.
– How to work with the Diffuse Glow.
– How to work with Polarized Light and its advantages.
– How to use the Phosphene to make personal development techniques truly effective.
– How to use the Phosphene to have revelations about what is best for you.
– Why only Phosphene allows you to really have an action on your destiny.
– How to develop strength of character and a strong mind.
– How to acquire faculties of meditation and high focusing.
– How to practice dynamic meditation.

The 3 keys of Individual Development. Why without the simultaneous use of these 3 keys it is impossible to obtain a real result ?

The importance of head sways in the development of the brain’s higher faculties.



It allows you to acquire a greater strength of character, a better anchoring in life, a better centering, which allows you to no longer be subject to all the stresses of modern life.

– Chase away the dark thoughts.
– Develops emotional anchoring and stability.
– Improves self-confidence.
– Strengthens and structures your personality, which will give you greater inner strength in the face of new experiences.

It also allows the development of intuition. Notice how in life mistakes could be avoided if one had a little more intuition. Rather than exclaiming, “Ha! If I had known…”, I would have been able to… It would be better to say, “If I had had more intuition it would have saved me from making this mistake”.



Allows you wakefulness in sleep, directed waking dreams, extensions of consciousness.

It supports your dreams ascending (moving at high speed).
Those dreams that give the impression of flying in the air.

The doubling during sleep depends exclusively on the correct execution of this swing.

It will allow you to practice mental doubling or astral travel.



It transforms daydreams into concrete actions; it allows you to carry out actions in your life.
It tends to make you take action, to bring your thoughts to the future, to realize your projects.

How many times do we hear! “If I had known or done this earlier, a lot of things could have been changed in my life.”



or Swaying of the Gypsies :

Allows you to obtain a great clairvoyance on your path of life.

It is also the swing that most easily allows the transmission of power.



or Swaying of Christ :

This sway allows you to obtain dreams of an initiatory type, dreams during which you receive advice on the exercises to be practiced in order to quickly reach an inner development.
This allows you to be in tune with your deepest aspirations. We continue to progress because the advice we receive during this type of dream is linked to our deepest aspirations.



Allows you to combine several of the effects described above.

Ideal for those who don’t have much time to practice.



Just like straight sways, they are also part of yoga and authentic initiation teachings.

They allow the development of one’s personal magnetism.

Development of the magnetic force.
Awareness and awakening of the chacras.

This exercise allows you to acquire a much better health.



or The Royal Exercise :

Allows to reach higher levels of consciousness.

Also in the program (excerpt) :


– How to build your mantras yourself according to the goals you are trying to achieve ?
– How to practice and pronounce the mantra OM ?


Telepathy exercises and experiences.


Practical exercices.


Why it is important to know how to perceive one’s own aura.
Work on the colors of your aura, those supra-normal emanations and luminosity.


Remote transmissions are much easier to provoke than we imagine, one of the foundations being the rhythm of thought to the sixth of a second.

Fast mantras are perhaps one of the greatest secrets of yogis. Some mantras provoke a real explosion of phenomena in consciousness.

For some rhythms, the thought continues through a conscious automatism that takes place without effort, which is called a clonus. Once this clonus of thought is obtained, this conscious automatism of the visual imagination is triggered and one clearly perceives a force surge within oneself.
Thinking in one-sixth of a second allows the circulation of internal energies through the opening of energy conduits.



Pneumophene is the equivalent of phosphene in breathing.

It is felt as a sensation of light fresh air in the lungs, throat, nose or tongue.

Some people describe it as a pleasant feeling of emptiness inside the body.

This is what Hindus call prâna.

Study of the 4 conditions to make breathing spiritual.

The first two are favorites.
The simultaneity of the last two is absolutely necessary for the breathing to have a spiritual scope.
Practice of complete breathing.



This exercise is certainly the most difficult to perform among the yoga exercises.

The concentration between the two eyes, i.e. on Shiva’s eye, is classically linked to the exercise of mental emptiness. However, this is not a kind of philosophical nihilism, but on the contrary, an acute feeling of emptiness, which is found for example in Tibetan yoga.

Eye convergence is considered by Tibetans as an essential exercise.
It is the best kept secret of the yogis. For example in Vinhangam yoga this exercise is considered the key to liberation.



These exercises allow to powerfully densify the double, even to the point of making it materializable at a distance.

It is through this technique that Dr. LEFEBURE was perceived in places where he was not physically present.

You will find in the TESTIMONIES space some people who have carried out this type of experience: doubling with objective perception of the subtle body.

During this training, I will teach you the technique of densification of the never revealed double.

Also in the program (follow-up) :
The Marvelous Exercise (as given to Dr. Lefebure by Mrs. Alexandra David-Neel)
How to provoke out-of-body experiences in others ?
How to practice meditation on a subtle center ?
How to practice cosmic meditation ?
Answer these questions inwardly :
– How many years have you already spent without learning effective and explainable initiatory techniques in neurophysiology ?

– How many books or courses have you read or done ? This without knowing these initiatic techniques which alone allow you to reach the transcendence of your Being.

– How many years are you still ready to pass without knowing these initiatic techniques ?


Practical application of the advanced initiatic techniques

PHOSPHENISM, which is the science of phosphenes, comes from the dawn of mankind and has been part of all cultures, at all times, but it had never been clearly highlighted before the Dr. LEFEBURE’s works.

Phosphenism constitutes the highest Initiatic Teaching because it is an integral part of every individual.

It is therefore a traditional method of psychic faculties development which give an access to Initiation, in the spiritual sense of the term.

In order to facilitate the study of this science of phosphenes, we offer practical training in different digital formats, within everyone’s reach.

The main Initiatic techniques, formerly reserved for a few “chosen ones”, are now within your reach.

Dr. LEFEBURE devoted his life to the Initiatic Teachings.His work consisted in revealing to us the techniques that lead to inner fulfillment through a synthesis of the most powerful exercises that quickly give access to very advanced phenomena. His method allows us to verify by practice each of the theoretical elements he talks about in his books.

All this accumulated knowledge is the assurance of a practical and effective training. Indeed, in this field of study, only one criterion is valid:


Gone are the long years of waiting, hard work and dependence on a guru, as is often the case in oriental schools. Gone are the often disappointed hopes of obtaining inner experiences and the temptation to take drugs to get there.

The results obtained by all practitioners of the phosphenic techniques are there to confirm it: the experiences you will have will not only be regular but will lead to a true understanding of your inner life.


Thanks to an in-depth study of Initiation Techniques, this training allows a progressive approach to inner phenomena.

From basic experiences, such as the perception of one’s energetic body, to the most advanced experiences, such as fusion with universal consciousness and unconditional love.
Through practical applications of the Initiatic Techniques in the field of “personal development”.

The work on the energy centers will allow all seekers of truth and absoluteness to explore this extraordinary capacity called “Consciousness”.

The practice of Rythmo-Phosphenism allows, among other things, through the increase of cerebral rhythms and internal energies to reach the extensions of consciousness and to make us initially aware of our night activities.

We thus find again what some people called “Paradise Lost”.

The objective is to reach a state of hyperconsciousness at night, plunging us into a fairy-tale world rich in impressions, sensations and information.

Through these fantastic inner experiences, everyone will discover that they have the possibility to access their personal universe, which until now has been reserved only for a few hand-picked chosen ones.

A detailed and in-depth study of these phenomena which are Initiatic experiences will allow you to discover the foundations of true universal knowledge that has been spoken of so often in sacred books for thousands of years.

The true meaning of Initiation (from the Latin “initium” : beginning, beginning) is to unleash subtle energies that make it possible to realize and express the latent faculties towards which each individual tends.


Basic Training + Advanced Training

Teaching of an unbeatable quality that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The advantage of this type of distance learning is that you can study each course at your own pace and go back to a previous course as many times as you wish, which is not the case in face-to-face training with a teacher and other students.



Phosphenism, its effects are no longer to be proven, but to discover.

99,99 % de satisfaction ! Thousands of testimonies testify of it.


Available in 2023