Do you want to develop yourself in an interesting activity?
Do you appreciate human relationships?
Are you creative and do you want to bring a little originality around you while communicating something useful?
After having finished the Complete Training, you can ask us to become a Coach in Phosphenism.


The Phosphenic-Pedagogist coaches people on issues relating to Phosphenic Mixing in Pedagogy.


The Phosphenologist coaches people on issues relating to the 3 application fields of Phosphenism and, in particular, to Initiatic Techniques.



After completing our training program, you will be able to ask us to be certified as Phosphenism Coach. This certification will grant you to have access to commercial rights to Dr. Lefebure’s method.

Turn your passion into a profession by promoting in Phosphenism.

1: What does a phosphenic-pedagogy coach do?
The role of a phosphenic-pedagogy coach is to guide parents and children in applying the method to enhance their educational journey. As a coach, you will provide advice, ensuring parents have a clear understanding of the practice, and enabling them to implement it effectively for their children.

How will phosphenic-pedagogy coaching sessions work?
Coaching sessions are conducted via video conferencing tools like Skype. This tool enables you as a coach to support individuals struggling with learning and memorising effectively. You can tailor your schedule to fit your availability, allowing for part-time or full-time work during the day, evenings, or weekends!

2: What does a phosphenology coach do?
The role of a phosphenology coach is to explain what you have learned in the complete training.

How will training sessions be conducted?
Mostly in the form of seminars or workshops.

What are your benefits?
With your coaching certification, you can earn a living doing something you love.
You will have the flexibility to set your own schedule, ensuring full autonomy.
Once certified, there are no royalties or dividends to pay.
You can work from the comfort of your home.

What conditions must be fulfilled?
To become a certified Phosphenism coach and receive your official certificate from Dr. Lefebure’s School, you must finish the complete training and share your project with us.

What are the financial conditions for contract access?
Price: $0,00 (valid for life)
This fee includes:
– Legal registration.
– Permission to use the registered trademark “Phosphenism®”, Dr. Lefebure’s name, and titles in your publications, social media, blogs, and websites.
– Personalized follow-up to help you develop your project. A teacher from Dr. Lefebure’s School will be available to advise you, answer your questions, and guide you towards the best communication strategy and course structure.

Important Information:
The term “Phosphenism®” is a registered trademark and cannot be used without the agreement of Dr. Lefebure’s School. The school only grants this authorization and a teaching certificate to those who have completed a training course.
For the benefit of everyone, especially individuals, Dr. Lefebure’s School will pursue legal action against anyone teaching the method or commercially using Phosphenism terms without written permission from Dr. Lefebure’s School, France.

Only Dr. Lefebure’s School, France, can issue teaching certificates worldwide.

PHOSPHENISM® Trademark for books, devices,
audio and video recordings and the teaching method.

Additional pieces of information:

Initiatic teachings have nothing in common with dogmas and doctrines that can lead to dogmatism or indoctrination. They are never addressed to the collective but always to the individual because this latter is the only one who can decide to start such a process. Therefore, he or she takes the whole responsibility for the objective he or she wants to achieve and for the resources he uses to reach it.

Indeed, the one who registers for sincere and authentic initiatic research always works alone and only on himself or herself. Thus, by remaining centered on himself or herself, while constantly keeping in mind the aim he or she has set for himself or herself, he or she escapes the false beliefs that lead most people from failure to failure.

On the contrary, with such a mindset, he or she reaches self-realization that inevitably leads him or her to go beyond the social framework, in the sense that the results he or she obtains push him or her to such an overcoming. However, if the mindset of the initiation’s recipient is fundamental, only his or her practice of the initiatic techniques is really decisive.

As for his or her social position, cultural level, and intellectual capabilities, they do not take a role in his or her development as an individual and in his or her progress on the initiatic path because the Initiation has nothing to do with the social life. By the way, although the initiatic teachings are universal, they are never put forward by modern society.