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In 1963, as a doctor in the School Health Service, Dr. Francis LEFEBURE discovered and analyzed the energizing action of light on all brain functions. His method is based on “phosphenes”, i.e. multicolored spots that persist in darkness for three minutes after the phosphenic lamp has been fixed.

Dr. LEFEBURE’s extraordinary discovery is that:

Phosphenes then provoke the development of memory, intelligence, attention, creativity, and intuition.

Tests have been done in whole classes in France and abroad (Canada). They proved that after a phosphene, attention and intelligence are much better.

Great in spirit, Dr. LEFEBURE was a visionary. His research and discoveries allowed thousands of people: adults, teenagers, or children to succeed where all others failed.


An extraordinary tool!


Phosphenic Mixing is a fast and efficient method of developing brain capacities as a whole.
The application of the method is really simple and pleasant: the child spends the same time on his lessons as normally, but to learn in a way that will remain better engraved in the memory and will be followed by a persistent cerebral development between sessions.
There is an application modality for each school subject: French, history, geography, etc.
In mathematics, the reasoning is better structured and the data of the problem is better assimilated. Progress and results are quickly felt. Mental arithmetic is facilitated. For an essay or a narrative, ideation is increased. When learning a language, phosphenes facilitate the memorization of new words, grammatical constructions and allow for easy accenting.


For children around ten years old, improvement in school results is often visible within a month.
The child learns faster, retains his lessons and is more attentive in class. The effects are felt from the very first session.


Psychologists and university professors conducted attention tests on groups of children before and after the phosphenic mixing sessions. Thus, it was confirmed that this faculty is better after each session and that, by repeating these sessions for a few weeks, at a rate of about 1/2 hour per day, the improvement in attention persists between sessions. Specific problems such as disorthography, dyslexia and stuttering can be corrected in a few months, as well as problems of school delay.


For more than 35 years, “The Phosphenic Mixing applied to Education” has enabled thousands of children and students to pass their classes and exams, and thus effectively fight against academic failure. In the current context of teaching problems, more and more parents are turning to this method; similarly, teachers are using it with remarkable success in their remedial classes.


The students realize that assimilation is faster and that the action is felt on comprehension. Ideas are better structured. People who need to return to school after a long period of intellectual inactivity will quickly verify that their concentration is better, that they retain better, and that they work faster.
Adults also benefit in many ways: memory is stimulated, self-confidence is increased and creativity is developed. Nervous and physical stamina is increased, allowing them to cope with stress and tension.


Phosphenic Mixing is not only a method that allows you to do a more efficient job; it is also a technique that truly achieves the blossoming of the personality, in complete independence. The action of Phosphenic Mixing on sleep is remarkable; many cases of insomnia have been cured by it. Dreams become more colorful, more logical, and more conscious. Elderly people draw a cerebral rejuvenation from it.
A fragmented work, without ins and outs, without motivation, completely destroys the creative capacities of the individual, who has more and more difficulty to think, to have new ideas, inspirations, and as much difficulty to take initiatives. This is one of the evils of our society that is difficult to fight against.
The practice of Phosphenic Mixing is very effective to find the creative capacities that are lacking, concentration, inspiration, and attention; whatever the field, discipline or activity.
It also allows you to develop your own aspirations, to regain both sense of ideation and motivation in the study or research that you give yourself; as well as sense of initiative, both in the artistic fields and in your work.
(see : Phosphenic Mixing applied to Education)

In education, the Phosphenic Lamp can allow you to increase:


Your Memory

  • 90% 90%


Your Attention

  • 87% 87%


Your Creativity

  • 95% 95%


Your Ideation

  • 84% 84%

The Phosphenic Lamp is used as a complement to daily homework!
It is an ally of choice for learning.
Using the Phosphenic Lamp is the assurance of getting good grades at school!

Discover some testimonials from practitioners
among several hundreds that we receive regularly
(available for consultation in our offices)

My son is in second grade and is 8 years old. During February the situation at school deteriorated a lot. So far, his results were good, but he tends to daydream in class and is not always very happy to go to school. He is a hypersensitive child, rather shy at times, with a strong character, who is interested in a lot of things and can spend hours studying an area that catches his attention.

He started to dream more and more in class, then to say that he was very tired, and his attention was decreasing more and more. He even asked to be able to rest in class. There was a big clash with his teacher before the March break. So, I was summoned by the director. I was already seeing the teacher regularly to follow up on her schoolwork.

His father and I had even considered dropping him out of school. It was decided that our son would see the school psychologist in order to give him capacity tests. So, I decided to find a method to help his attention and concentration skills. This is how I found Phosphenism on the internet. For about ten days during his school vacations, I did Phosphenism with my son. He worked for about 15 minutes, 3 times a day.

The first results were observed in his listening capacity, whether at school or in everyday life, in all acts of life, to such an extent that he was much more receptive when I asked him to come to the table, to clear his cutlery, to put away his things, etc. And now, everything happens in a calm environment because there are far fewer objections from him.

For his shyness, there has also been a clear progress, such as I felt him more confident. For the dictation that was causing him a lot of problems, I use the visualization technique of one or two words in the phosphene, asking him to think about what he has just read, and writing the word with his eyes closed. We have good results, he has no more apprehension and the last two notes were 8/10.

For math, he reads the exercise, he makes a phosphene thinking about the exercise, then he does the exercise. When it’s a math problem, I see that ideas come to him quickly. Lately, for subtractions where he tended to count on his fingers, the results came to him naturally. For the anecdote, he told me “too easy mom”.

For reading, he makes a phosphene, then he waits a little or puts himself under a light to illuminate the text so that it is not disturbed by the phosphene. Thus, his reading is much faster, it is undeniable, with a very good elocution, and with rhythm and intonation. I can say that he lives his text.

As for school, he no longer tells me that he doesn’t want to go, he even told me that he was happy to go and that it was going well with his teacher. That’s a relief! He is still a bit dreamy but much less so, with no behavioral problems according to his teacher. He no longer complains of fatigue.

Gaelle C.

Here is what I have observed about myself, my children and a few people around me after more than 2 years of using the method.

For school learning periods (primary and secondary):
– it allows better concentration and helps with memorization. By channeling energy, it reduces their natural tendency to dispersion, it brings the necessary concentration for study and understanding, and it facilitates the fixation of what must be memorized by the mental projection of what must be retained in the phosphene.
– it helps to reduce school failure and to give disturbed or stressed children the same chances as their peers. In particular, the simultaneous use of phosphene, reading/reciting aloud combined with handwriting allows spelling problems to be definitively fixed.

For graduate studies and competitions:
– it allows for the storage of large amounts of knowledge, especially using visual memory.
The use of phosphenes is very suitable for storing the masses of very important knowledge required in universities (mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, biology, and earth sciences).

For complex gymnastic movements (dance, acrobatics) and the resolution of body coordination problems as well as dyslexia:
– associating a movement with phosphene (cenesthetic memorization) allows one to realize it without blocking and to memorize it.

In the professions of creation and inventiveness:
– the projection of problems or ideas in a phosphene makes it possible to quickly obtain a swarm of ideas very favorable to creation and inventiveness. These functions are of interest not only to artists, creators, and inventors but also to anyone who needs to find ideas (job seekers, company executives, engineers, etc. faced with problems to solve).

A secondary consequence of phosphenes is that they harmonize the personality and see things in a very positive way. As such, by regularly making phosphenes, people whose behavior is aggressive evolve in a very positive direction bringing out the best in their personality. Their use can be considered in prisons, among drug addicts and people with depressive behavior.

Pierre D.

I have found that this simple method has given me a very satisfying balance, has increased my physical and intellectual means, has activated my curiosity, and has made my studies easier, both from the point of view of effort and from the point of view of understanding. (…) After 2 to 3 weeks, the first effects were felt on the quality of my night’s rest: end of restless nights, restful sleep, punctual awakening, etc.

Jean R.

From the very first session, for each one of these children or teenagers that I took in particular, a huge change was happening. With very simple words, I would explain to them what source they were going to draw on to get out of their school difficulties, and then they would practice mixing, for three-quarters of an hour. And their faces had changed!

From the scowling or frightened that they were, they became alive, their expression was loosened, and a spark of interest had lit up in the depths of their eyes. Some would say “that’s great!” while others say “it’s fun!” (and so much the better if something amused them) but all of them wanted to do it again. And as they left, they looked me in the eyes to say goodbye.

For some, the results were dazzling. At the end of the first session, Aurélien memorized the geography lessons of an entire term that he had been leaving aside because he couldn’t learn them and, of course, because he didn’t want to. He had come to see me in a hurry: the composition was for the next day and I did with him something that seemed absurd to me, starting with such a big job before he had even familiarized himself with the Mix.

The next day, the teacher was amazed and gave him back his homework, graded to the maximum! Two days later, I explained to him the mechanism of division under phosphenes; and the next day, he had 10/10 on his dictation, something that had never happened to him before!

Elise, re-educated for two and a half years in speech therapy, took a huge step forward with 6 sessions: in the seventh class, she came back, radiant, brandishing her class notebook with her teacher’s appreciation: “Spectacular progress in spelling and writing. Spectacular progress in spelling and writing”.

In the smaller ones, the results are even faster if we judge by their drawings, immediately bigger, more detailed, and above all more colorful. In adolescents, results are more progressive. Nevertheless, the three students promised to repeat the year, taken in hand from the beginning of the third term, and finally moved on to the next grade. What hope!

The most important thing is this desire they suddenly have to fight, to face their inadequacies, without panic, without discouragement, without revolt, and to move forward with patience and tenacity.

Evelyne D.

For a week I had been working on a computer program under ACCESS2 (the second program I’d done) and I was working on an error without finding it, of course. Instead of taking a little break, I decided to do 10 minutes of Phosphenism but I specify without any particular intention. I go back to the microphone and it’s extraordinary!!! In three minutes I find the solution to my problem!!! Thank you phosphenes!!!

René G.

My brother, who is a police officer (a peacekeeper to be exact), decided to train with the police in order to be able to evolve in his job. As he had stopped his studies a long time ago, he was a bit afraid that he would have to go back to studying again and that he would not have the necessary level to pass the exams he wanted to take.

So, I took this opportunity to introduce him to Phosphenism, because he had no idea what it was. More than a year and a half ago, I had offered him a Phosphenism box set, for working with the phosphenic mix. Well, some time ago, I had the happy surprise that he called me to thank me for introducing him to Phosphenism.

He thinks that it is thanks to this method that he has obtained good results in his exam and that Phosphenism has helped him a lot with memorization and also with self-confidence. He visualized well under phosphenes to pass his exams and to be confident and calm during the exams. And it worked very well, he passed all his exams with confidence and assurance and got his exam with good results.

Franck D.


Develop your personal abilities, run towards excellence, and take up challenges without fear.

Are you constantly looking for new tools to help you be happier, more fulfilled on all levels and optimize your potential?
Have you explored multiple paths in personal development, always looking for that tool that would take you further and unify everything you have learned so far?

If you answered YES to these two questions, the School of Dr. LEFEBURE can provide you with those unique elements you are looking for that transcend conventional personal development techniques in which you sometimes feel like you are going in circles.
The School of Dr. LEFEBURE puts at your disposal tools of another order that will have an impact on all aspects of your being, allowing the emergence of what is BEST and UNLIMITED in you.

You will experience unique experiences that will give your life its true meaning. The unique starting point for all the practices you will be taught is a particular use of LIGHT.

You will, literally and figuratively, bring light into your life and consciousness.
Isn’t this what you have always aspired to?


You are about to witness a particular PRIMORDIAL phenomenon in personal and spiritual development.
If you know how to use it, you will very quickly obtain results that you thought until now reserved for a few.
Humans prayed at sunrise, at sunset, in front of the fire, the reflections of the light on the water, the sky of an intense and luminous blue, the light on the flame of a sword, etc.

We have lost the understanding of praying by looking at a lit candle, a fire in the fireplace, and simply the sunrise and sunset.
We observe these practices, but we think it is a superstition, a worship of the sun as God.
A monumental error that continues forever.
Religious people always turn to the light to pray, but often without the knowledge of the Secret contained in it. Those who achieved results in the past and even today still use exercises with light.
This secret you will discover is so luminous and visible that it goes unnoticed.


You now understand the benefits on your mood, and on your personal faculties that the practice of this unlimited personal development method will provoke.
It is the superiority that you will very soon hold over all personal development practices that are based only on affirmations of diverse, creative or positive thoughts.

They do not give you the support you need for your transformation. There is no real help to re-sun your soul and ward off evil by bringing light energy into your body.

They ignore the contributions of traditions and their superiority. The level of light influences the production of serotonin, but positive or negative thoughts also influence your serotonin level.

The phosphenic practice acts on these two levels.
Like other practitioners, you will find that it is very difficult to maintain negative thoughts in the presence of phosphene.

The phosphenic method is for everyone and is easy to implement, even if the schedule does not allow time for practice. We remind you that it is a method based on applied cerebral physiology and not a classic learning method. Its application in the activities of daily life is therefore easy and enjoyable; and even with little time spent on it, interesting results are quickly obtained.

Phosphenism considerably enriches each moment of life by integrating perfectly into it, bringing stimulating relief and comfort. Generally speaking, the practice of Phosphenism allows one to give meaning back to life.

In personal development, the Phosphenic Lamp
can help you to multiply tenfold:


Your Intuition

  • 82% 82%


Your Mental Energy

  • 98% 98%


Your Potential

  • 95% 95%


Your Creative Thought

  • 96% 96%

Blossom and liberate yourself, the powers of your mind!

Discover some testimonials of practitioners
among several hundreds that we receive regularly
(available for consultation in our offices)

Valérie improves her self-confidence, learns her spelling rules under the phosphene. As for me, I went to work on Monday morning cheerfully, whereas usually Monday is more a chore than a pleasure.

On Friday, I was very tired, with some worrying memory lapses. They disappeared. On the other hand, I have recovered my work power, which allows me to update my administrative work and deepen my social work without exhaustion.

Colette G.

Phosphenism has acted on my behavior and transformed me. Working with light has changed me physically, mentally and emotionally, and has given me a balance in very difficult situations that I have recently experienced at the family and professional levels.

I have been very surprised at how I behaved in situations, and others have been very surprised to see a change in me. And this I confirm thanks to Phosphenism. The way I behave has changed a lot. I look, I listen, I remain in agreement with what I feel. I live in a more detached way and feel things better.

Helene M.

Phosphenes are an effective method of inducing relaxation. Concentrating on the light produced by a lamp prevents us from distracting our attention, distracts us from wandering thoughts and incipient emotion, and thus opens the way to relaxation.

Phosphenes are also a good example of light energy visualization, which I successfully include in the induction protocol for autosuggestion.

Ela D.

The phosphene-based method is a useful and practical method that succeeds in creating a link between our conscious and subconscious mind. This simple method has helped me to strengthen my self-confidence and to find the necessary resources and use them to overcome a very difficult moment in my life.

Many resources exist within us, but often we are not aware of their presence, or perhaps we don’t know how to use them. The practice of phosphenes allows us to realize ourselves.

Patrick L.

Phosphenism has brought me mental balance. A very quick analysis of relational as well as technical and other problems allows me to find harmony in my everyday life. In my profession, I am daily confronted with technical problems, to my great astonishment I have no difficulty in solving them and I have the impression that the solutions come to my mind with lightning speed, in a few seconds, whereas before it took me several hours for the most difficult ones.

Thanks to Phosphenism I also feel more at ease in all circumstances, I keep my calm and quickly find solutions that avoid conflicts.

Roger D.

The time in which we live and in which we are always in a hurry, makes us forget our own person, but above all our own inner resources. During a storm, the bargemen look for the light of the lighthouse to orient themselves towards the shore. The concentration on this very special light, which generates phosphenes, leads us to a territory that belongs to us, and can offer us a little silence, hope, inner hygiene and recharges our batteries.

We can thus become better, more powerful, more courageous, and, why not, more responsible for our lives. The use of phosphenes can be considered a good method to explore our subconscious and connect us to our own resources.

Pierre A.