Dear internaut,

Thank you for your interest in the works of Dr Lefebure.
We have done our best to offer you a precise translation of our french website into english.
All our products are not yet available as I need collaborators to translate our entire catalogue into english.
Nevertheless you can find free downloads on our website that will help you with your practice of Phosphenism.
We will keep you informed of the lastest developments and the availability of our products.
Wishing you the best with your practice of Phosphenism.

Since the 1960s, Phosphenism has been taught in France.
Today thousands of people follow this teaching.
Why does this not exist in your country?
The answer is that there are no teachers.
If you want to become a teacher, follow the training and then ask to receive your official diploma.
Only Daniel Stiennon being the inheritor of Dr. Lefebure can issue official diplomas. Thus, you will be attached to the mother house: School of Dr. Lefebure France.

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