The third phase of the phosphene, the ‟diffuse glow”, is an energy emanating from the brain. It can be photographed and allows the perception of objects in complete darkness. This energy is the source of clairvoyance, premonitory dreams, visions, apparitions, and all supernatural manifestations.
Moreover, this energy that is emitted by the brain accumulates in the places where people have practiced regularly with phosphenes, as well as in the ‟auras” of people who have practiced.



These phosphenic salts are what the Ancients called ‟egregor” and are at the origin of all the holy and sacred places, as they allow access to the subtle planes, to the invisible worlds. These phenomena are not as rare as one might believe, but a sort of law of silence has been imposed to avoid revealing ‟initiatory secrets” to everyone. Who could benefit from these phenomena and events? Who needs to hide their nature?
Doctor LEFEBURE’s investigation sheds light on elements that nobody has previously analyzed.