Alternating hearing consists in listening to a sound (a buzz or a click or both associated) alternatively in the left and in the right ear on an adjustable regular rhythm. Music or an oral lesson can also be used as a sound source. The effects have been verified in various French State laboratories, the C.N.R.S., the National Institute of Sports and at the P.T.T. Central Laboratory.



Alternating hearing is used mainly in two areas:
Pedagogy: Using the Alternophone for studying and reviewing lessons helps improving comprehension. Attention is sustained without effort; intellectual work is more organized and of better quality. For this reason, the device is used very often by students in preparing for their exams. Subjects of study, even the most difficult ones, become more attractive during alternating hearing. One develops a greater motivation for studies.
Psychic development: Likewise, associating the Alternophone with initiatory techniques makes them more efficient. Many psychic phenomena are thus experienced, as well as states of relaxation and calm of mind. Dreams become more colorful, There are dreams of ascension and prophetic dreams with revelations for personal meditation themes as well as initiatory exercises.