Extracts from our GUEST BOOK

This training is both rich in theoretical knowledge and practical exercises. It is motivating and I am surprised that I did not give up, as I tend to disperse myself.

Sandrine L.

Sincerely, I am very pleasantly surprised by the richness of the training content. I did not think that Phosphenism would embrace so many domains as far as the tarot.

Guy Henry R.

Very good comprehensive training, well explained and detailed.

Geoffrey M.

I like this training because it is not only theoretical. The exercises help me to improve myself and I have my whole life to deepen them anyway. The functioning of cerebral hemispheres by alternation, the phosphene phases, etc. are part of an exciting training to discover Phosphenism.

Alexandre P.

With the practice of Phosphenism, my intuitions have much improved.

Raphaël H.

I found this training excellent. It allowed me to have answers to multiple existential and spiritual questions from a totally new angle.

Hidalgo R.

I find this training extremely complete, enriching and well done. My only regret is that I did not give myself the necessary practice time. However, my plan is to start over from the beginning to make sure I did not miss anything.

Johan B.

The program allows a steady progression, step by step. It is a remarkable tool for people interested in spirituality. It has changed my state of mind.

Patrick L.

Very good training overall. You have to follow it daily and practice regularly.

Claude J.

I was lying on my bed when suddenly I felt divided into several parts in full consciousness. I was at the same time conscious in the plants, in the stones and in the trees while being everywhere at the same time and still feeling the feminine energy of the universe. Incredible!

Pascal V.

The training is well named. It is totally different from the way one might perceive Phosphenism through books. The content is dense and I am convinced by the practice.

Arthur K.

I was able to get out of my body and to move into a room in my house although I am only at the very beginning of the training.

Sébastien S.

It is now more than 15 years that I know Phosphenism. It took me many years of research of all kinds to understand and realize the pertinence of Dr. Lefebure teachings. His books were among the first I read. With the training, the circle is now complete.

Tristan D.

When I started studying and practicing Phosphenism, it was with the idea of transcending my condition. I still have a long way to go, but from the first level, I had some dreams of flying and, as I progressed through the steps, I noticed that my mental energy was much better in terms of memory, concentration and comprehension. My general balance is also improved. Phosphenism is a source of obvious positive changes in my personality.

Pierre B.

When I discovered Phosphenism a few months ago, I was intrigued and attracted by what it offered. What I regret is not having known it earlier. The beginning of my practice was marked by a few dreams of flight, but throughout my practice, a greater energy manifested itself through clearer ideas, a better mental, an undeniable balance as well as a greater fluency in my human relationships.

Pierre B.

This step-by-step training is a wonderful idea. It is a kind of accompanied guide in order to have more assiduity. Phosphenism is so rich that one can get lost with the many exercises. This training brings the methods in a structured way. Thank you for setting it up.

Olivier V.

The training is excellent and the price is well below what is received.

Noudemali N.

Thanks to the training, I acquired a greater fluency in my human relationships and the feeling of a better inner balance. But I also discovered the richness of his teaching.

Pierre B.

I discovered Phosphenism via a forum dedicated to astral travel. I registered in April and I don’t regret it for a moment.
Before Phosphenism, I had approached several ways of personal development. I have to affirm here that in four months of practice, I obtained more than I had after 31 years of initiatic research.
The only question I asked myself, why did divine providence wait so long before putting Phosphenism on my path?


Something extraordinary happened to me.
First, I was told in a dream that my daughter was being born and that I could clearly see her in my arms in the operating room. That very morning at dawn, during the prostration of the dawn prayer, I again had the confirmation of a daughter birth, which I had already experienced in my dream. And I began to cry with joy from that moment.
I went back to bed after the dawn prayer and got up to tell my wife, who did not believe me. But by dint of insisting, 2 days later, she finally agreed to take a pregnancy test and the test was positive.
My wife has always been attracted to clairvoyance unlike me. And every fortune-teller used to tell her that a boy was being born.
So I told her we would see the ultrasound at 4 months. Only, a divine mystery made that the umbilical cord passes between the legs and thus impossible to determine the sex until his birth.
Finally, I attended the birth of the baby in the operating room and I took in my arms, as in the dream, my daughter whom I called IMANE which means FAITH.

Karim H.-A.

I experienced a consciousness extension that I will name astral projection during my sleep. But I know that I was not sleeping. And I lived synchronicities in the following days. Thanks to the rhythmo-phosphenic exercises, I have another perception and the consciousness extensions allow me a connection with my guides. I feel energies more intensely for care I give. Many thanks!

Blandine P.

That night, I made several experiments in a row: first of all, cabalistic letters where I saw a talisman with letters written on it. There French translation was: this is the DIVINE.
Then I found myself with a group practicing Phosphenism and there I met Mr. Stiennon.
He asks me: “How are you Pascal?”.
I answer him that I am very well, thank you. And even before I ask him any questions, he puts his right hand on my head and there, suddenly, I get out of my body and fly directly towards space at high speed.
These two experiences made a strong impression on me when I woke up.

Pascal V.

Tonight, I had an incredible experience: I saw a mirror and I was playing hide and seek with my face, one time I see you, one time I don’t see you. I was swaying from right to left. Then in the morning, I felt Kundalini suddenly rise up my spine, a gentle warmth with pleasant tingling and the feeling of warmth in my head.
And there I felt the union with God.
It was like a divine nectar coming down into the body, a sweet (exquisite) sweetness which went up and down without stopping.
This experience left such a deep impression on me that I will ask for more.
At the same time that I was living this experience and that I was in fusion with God, I said to myself “no need for a guru, just follow the teachings of Phosphenism.”
I would never have gotten to this point without Mr. Stiennon and his valuable teachings.


I discovered Phosphenism on the internet through researches on personal development. So I don’t know exactly how I ended up on the Phosphenism website. I had heard about light therapy beforehand but I was still in the dark. So I decided to go deeper. In the end, I was very lucky to find this website with in-depth explanations on all these phenomena, because it is the only one that goes beyond.

Alexandre P.

Four days after the training, sways, especially the lateral ones, made me a more energetic person who wants to do things. Negative emotions no longer reach me easily. I am transformed.

Romuald Z.

This training is a really great “turnkey” for anyone who wants to reach a high level of psychic development. It is a progressive and very detailed training with concrete explanations supported by numerous examples and warnings.

Germain C. (Canada)

It is a very enriching training with theoretical input and coaching.

Jeanne V.

I pay tribute to Dr. Lefebure, this humble man who is unknown to the general public and whose work has been related to neuroscience, neurotheology and neuroeducation since the 1950s.

I don’t pay tribute to all those who have sneaked copies of it, who came to his school and did their business (I don’t care, but I can allow myself to say so), or who never advertised it to keep their ego and leave students in the dark.

I also pay tribute to Daniel Stiennon, who for years has maintained Dr. Lefebure’s legacy and who through his own mastery and discoveries has also advanced Phosphenism on a technical, esoteric, theological and especially spiritual level.

I remember an e-mail from neuroscience researcher Bokon, discovering the discoveries on phosphenes (his field of expertise), on the photographic and thermal possibilities related to the fact that it is a field of photons and biophotons.
But Mr. Stiennon was once again right, citing Dr. Lefebure’s work and saying that he was the first to make this observation… it’s so much easier to appropriate the work of another researcher.

These last few days, after having kindly discussed with serious researchers (on power transfer processes such as pranotthana, Shaktipata), I must conclude that we in France are lucky enough to have Daniel Stiennon, and that we certainly do not measure this luck.

So, I thank Mr. Stiennon again. Thank you for his knowledge which allows us to understand the rotating and rapid mantras used in Tibetan Buddhism, the Dzogchen practices with the sun and the sky, the mysticism.

Dr. Lefebure received two transmissions of “powers”, via the Zoroastrian Arthème Galip (just as François Brousse received one from a Zoroastrian Casrojan Ali, but unable to understand, he got a big head and thought he was Jesus), and via Pak Subub before it became a movement reported as sectarian in France.

So, yes, I laugh at those Americans who are looking for the secrets of the Sufis’ practices when I know that Dr. Lefebure studied them, as well as other Indian and Tibetan yoga exercises.

I remember the acceleration of my out-of-body exits by practicing Gyrascopy with a record player when I was 20 years old, and an awakening of a stream of fire, which left me sweating and my entire spine in the night.

Reading the bullshit of the Indian swamis, I thought my brain was going to burn (lol). So I stopped this awakening out of stupid fear.

In short, yes I laugh, because I see the Sufi brotherhood body exercises and head movements, which Dr. Lefebure explained the best way to do without getting fanatical.

Yes, I am forced to laugh at so much ignorance on the part of “masons” (freemasons).

Dr. Lefebure and Mr. Stiennon pushed its development to such a level that I know that a disciple of a famous master of a Sufi Tariqa in Morocco left his master after meeting Mr. Stiennon.

In order to make yoga teachers experience what they have been waiting for for years, Mr. Stiennon sometimes agrees to transmit the Initiation to them through the technique of the “3 Second Initiation”. The most powerful technique of Phosphenism.

Even when at night we dream of flying, of moving at very high speed, we don’t even reach 1/10th of the sensation caused by Master Stiennon when he transmits the Initiation. All this is to make it clear that it is really very powerful.

Just as we are surprised to discover that we can produce phosphenes and marvel at its colors, so everyone is amazed to discover this possibility of our mental (psychic) faculties.

I saw yoga teachers crying with joy who had spent many years searching for these phenomena without much effect.

I have seen incredulous people, skeptics, but all of them, from the first experience, were fascinated by what they had achieved. I would like to remind you that Phosphenism is above all an interior and enriching experience, as Daniel Stiennon reminds us, and that this adventure can only be achieved through practice. Thank you Mr. Stiennon.

Frédéric T.-V.

Following your class, upon waking up, after a square breathing exercise and practice of the 6th of second : swirl in the chest, I have the perception of a beautiful and magnificent bright purple color chakra pulsating outside my body.

Abderazak B.

I can say that my intelligence, my speed of comprehension have developed since the beginning of the practice. I can also say that my psychic faculties have also significantly improved, as well as my clairvoyance and clairaudience. It happened to me twice, to hear sentences on waking up that turned out to be correct after verification. The colors of my visual chaos (aura) are more beautiful and I see them more frequently.

Roberta R.

I have had many interesting night-time experiences while sleeping. Once, I had my arms immobilized as if tied to a cross by the force of an unknown energy, but with which I am now familiar, and I shouted out loud three times, to the point of waking up my wife, the following sentence : “It is only allowed to look at angels.”
I woke up immediately after I got back to my normal state. The experience was fantastic and quite intense.

El Hassan B.

When I work intensely with the phopheric lamp, at least for a month, every day, in the evening I see landscapes, people passing in front of me, like a movie, but I can’t identify anyone, it’s very pleasant and I end up falling asleep.
I can go from this state to the normal state very quickly, it’s just a concentration that I need to have. At the beginning it’s a visual shock, which later becomes structured into landscape and people.

Fernanda V.

I noticed this spiritual principle when I used reverse thinking in the ring of light to fight against my shyness, it worked well. I am currently using it for a future anxiety-provoking situation with the rhythmic thinking in the ring of light, I immediately saw the difference, I became optimistic again about this future situation. The thoughts swayed in the light are also very effective for me.
I am very happy to have committed myself to this training, because it allowed me, in a first step, to solve my insomnia problems following a burn-out. Then it strengthened my character, because I tended to let myself “walk” on my feet very often.

I also understood my shyness and managed to overcome it…
I have learned a lot through this training and I have also left aside many false beliefs…. I am looking forward to the end of this training so that I can then quietly resume and deepen the practices that spoke to me the most …
I am grateful to Dr. Lefebure and Mr. Stiennon and to all those who make possible this so enriching transmission that has changed my life. Since then, I feel much better, happier, and with much more discernment.

Simone U.

Sometimes I’m in trouble. Before my Phosphenism exercises, I would have tried hard to solve and find a solution, today I move on to something else and when I start again : “the problem is easily solved”. For me this is due to more concentration and more positive thoughts.

Marie-Claude K.

Some balancing exercises gave me more energy and confidence. Especially the lateral swing with the OM (pronunciation of the mantra by the monks). The 4th light exercise gives me a feeling of inner strength.
The most surprising thing was the meditation during which I experienced a moment of exceptional joy where I saw myself as a small golden ball sliding on a large white bar, laughing with laughter, feeling the most total joy as if I was finally where I was supposed to be without the slightest doubt. It’s hard for me to express this in simple words.

Nathalie C.

This training has really started to transform my life, I have another way of looking at things. I know that this is only the beginning of the transformation of my life and that of my entourage, for this reason, I decide to deepen the initiation and the courses of Phosphenism.

Nguessan Hervé K.

The training is well structured, it is clear and precise despite the fact that there is a lot of content. Mr. Stiennon demonstrates an excellent pedagogy, it is a real pleasure to experience the teaching he provides. It’s much more than a simple training, it’s a way of life. Mr. Stiennon has revealed the quintessence of my soul and my whole being.

Fabrice S.

I find Dr. Lefebure’s encyclopedic knowledge on many subjects and his ability to explain in detail the various topics without prior notes quite astounding.

Jérome S.

Previously, I had an apprehension about anything that talked about magical practices. But since my contact with Phosphenism, which demystifies many of them, I have become more and more confident. The word “Magic” now takes on a much nobler meaning for me.
I realize that with Phosphenism, I will learn to better direct my life according to the Laws of the Spiritual Plan. My quest through Phosphenism is to know : “what is my life mission ? How and in what way can I be useful ?” To become a conscious Actor and not a puppet of destiny.

Dieudonne B.

I am discovering the power of thought and I am always amazed by all this potential that lies dormant in each one of us and that we do not exploit.
All that I am learning from you and the training allows me to gain confidence in myself and in what I am doing, it is already a lot and I sincerely thank you for that.

Simone U.

Thank you for the important work you do to make Dr. Lefebure’s work known, but also for the clarity of your explanations during the courses, the organization and the progression of the courses. Easy to understand and effortless to follow. All you have to do is practice the exercises and persevere to benefit from the contribution of Phosphenism in daily life.
Phosphenism has greatly improved my health, and my mind in many areas.

Christiane M.

Following our training is the guarantee of an efficient practice.
Actually, no matter what we do, there is just one rule :