Extracts from our GUEST BOOK

It is always with great pleasure and great interest that I consult the levels of the training and do the exercises suggested. I have had extraordinary experiences which have led to exceptional spiritual achievements. This new initiatory process has revolutionized my life. My congratulations and thanks to Daniel, Alain and the whole team for having used very sophisticated means to make Phosphenism accessible to all.
I experienced indescribable sensations while practicing the ring of light exercises.

Yvena G. L.

This training came to counterbalance everything I thought to be true. It just allowed me to come out of ignorance and change my method for my accomplishment. I have now understood the cause of my failures after so much effort.

Hermann D.

My intuition developed further thanks to Phosphenism. I once had a dream about a worry I had after a law exam. The professor had changed the examination mode, which initially had to be in the form of questions and answers. He told us so. But at the last minute, he put in a practical case.
I wasn’t overly keen on this exam and thought I got just the average or a little lower. Worried, I went to sleep.
And I dreamed that I had a 12 and that the secretary of my school gave me the note on paper, when that was not possible, since everything was usually sent by email.
Isn’t it that she was late in sending the grades to the students by email? And the delegates asked him to print them out for us on paper. What she did, but wanted to give them herself .
I had previously told two of my comrades that I had a 12 and had dreamed of it.
And so everything that happened in my dream happened. The comrades were surprised, telling me “I don’t know how you do it”.

Rudy R.

The practice of Phosphenism has brought me many experiences which have a positive impact in my everyday life. I feel more free and available, a great ease in all my activities. The advice that I sometimes receive at night allows me to anticipate certain situations. The exercises that I mentally reproduce put me in great shape.
Thank you to Mr. Daniel Stiennon and Doctor Lefebure.

Christiane M.

My energy was so strong, that one evening I did a “ ki ”, I carried out a static tension and projection of the energy.
I made the whole house shake and it woke everyone up, Oops.

Regine L.

As my classes progress, I am more and more convinced that this is what I was looking for : ” unlimited personal development ” and self-fulfillment. Every day I understand a lot of things better and better. I have answers to my existential questions. Why am I like this or that? Why such an event happened to me… So I live this experience of knowing myself more and more every day. Rhythm-phosphenic exercises put my head in order. It is growth, individual development.
This training exceeds all my expectations.

Claudy-Dominique V.

All the videos are important and interesting because they are a whole.
When we come to the last one we have the feeling of having traveled through the centuries and traditions to arrive at the synthesis of the instinctual spiritual heritage of humanity which, through the incessant work of a self-taught researcher, finds finally his rational explanations which once and for all links science and the spiritual.

Jean-Luc C.

This series of videos is impressive because it presents the history of modern Phosphenism and all the techniques discovered and gathered by Dr Lefebure to gradually bring a motivated individual towards Enlightenment.
It really has nothing to do with a simple personal development course.
The putting into practice of these techniques will enlighten, that is to say give a meaning to all existence.
I realize, however, how grateful we can be to Mr Stiennon for being there to assimilate this amount of information and now allow us to access it in the form of a safe, progressive and well-organized course.
I understood that our practice allows us to go beyond the stage of “simple personal development” to prepare ourselves, in this life, or in the next, for the encounter with Creation, or with God. It is my deepest desire.

Jean-Marc N.

I would like to say a big thank you to Daniel, as well as congratulate him on the content of his training videos.

Philippe B.

This morning, I listened to Daniel Stiennon’s training videos for the fourth time and I find the subject fascinating.
I hope there will be a sequel that will allow me to better understand, thanks to even more practical exercises, how to get out of the collective illusory matrix to reach the true reality of things through the Adimensional Quantum Being.
With these videos, we are in the middle of the Matrix (the film), but spirituality.
I finally understood thanks to this course why all those who wish too ardently for one thing never get it… Thank you Daniel for this contribution.


The subject is indeed fascinating. We now have at our disposal a remarkable work of research, analysis, synthesis and restitution carried out by Daniel. He does not hide anything, on the contrary, he gives all the keys to both individual and initiatory development. I do not think that there is currently on Earth something equivalent and so successful available to everyone.
Personally, I printed the texts provided with the videos. I read, I reread, I reread again. A simple reading cannot be enough.
I watch the videos, I listen to the recordings I made on repeat.
And believe me, it takes all of this to manage to assimilate, to integrate everything that Daniel puts at our disposal. Thank you Daniel for this remarkable contribution.

Alain R.

The information given by Mr. Stiennon in “The Power of the Ring of Light” opens up immeasurable perspectives for us practitioners of Phosphenism. All of this is absolutely fascinating and takes Phosphenism to a whole new level.

Guy R.

I like to practice the ring of light because it gives me the feeling of being in contact with my double of light. I take this opportunity to project intentions into the ring so that it is actualized in my life.

Domoina B.

Two nights after starting to practice the ring of light in the morning and evening, I had a dream that remains very present to me: I was sitting in a quiet place and practicing the cross swing when I had the full view of the events of the past six months. In this vision I was a spectator of the events I had previously experienced and I heard a voice close to my right ear explaining to me why I had made the right decisions. Then the voice cleaned my writing of the traumas I had experienced and gave me something like new, as if the hard drive in my brain had been repaired. Upon awakening, I felt a deep well-being that I now feel every time I practice the ring of light. It is an appointment that I would not miss for the world. A big thank-you.

Laurence E.

I must have been practicing Phosphenism for 4 years now. At the start from a few e-books. But it is above all by following the courses of Daniel Stiennon that I understood the full extent of the practice and that I managed to live a large number of experiences.

Ricardo F.

I discovered Phosphenism after browsing the web and I was immediately seduced.
Used to certain esoteric circles, the training provided by Dr Lefebure and Daniel Stiennon has no equivalent.
Together they have completely changed the way I look at LIFE. The content of “The Power of the Ring of Light” and also of “The Cave of Knowledge” was a real eye-opener. Gratitude.


Initially it was to help my nephew who had dyslexia (very fashionable) and very quickly, I felt that in fact it was for me. For months I read the pdf , the forum etc and one day I decided that this was really my way, so I bought the lessons and the lamp. I went all out for several months (3-4 hrs / day).
It allowed me to quit smoking without any effort and to quit alcohol and this only 10 days later !!!
And then came the flashes, dreams, teleportations etc….
The discovery of Phosphenism also changed my life.

Marie B.

I got to know Phosphenism in 2006 quite by chance while doing research on the net initially out of simple curiosity but I quickly understood the importance of the work of Doctor Lefebure… I got all the available books as well as an Alternophone , a Mantratron and the phosphene lamp… and at work !! In 2007 I did an internship at the school of Dr Lefebure (30 Gard) and I have very good memories of it… All this approach allowed me to have exciting experiences, duplications, daydreams and very beautiful travels through the Universe… Phosphenism has also allowed me to keep my balance and a good level of energy despite an upset family situation and the procession of worries that this generates. Today everything is back to normal for me, so I take this opportunity to give my training a boost.

Yannick L.

This course is fascinating, because it finally allows you to understand how to manage the free thoughts that we put in the phosphene. For the initiation exercises with the three working groups, it is easy, because it is perfectly defined by the method. On the other hand, it is not the same for example for the wishes on which one wishes to work …
Personal development having largely contributed to mislead us the most complete.
See Daniel Stiennon’s course on Inverted Multidimensional Psychology.

Xavier C.

I confirm for my part, this course was a revolution in the awareness and the functioning of certain conditioning … And the results are not long in coming (health problems and difficulties in life), when we respect and apply this law of inversion with… a phosphene!

Philippe L.

This training has already exceeded all my expectations and so far I am only at the beginning.

Alain P.

When I signed up for the full course, and despite having read Dr Lefebure’s books, I didn’t expect to find courses so rich in content. Mr. Stiennon’s videos are very well done and the exercises easy to practice in real time.
By watching the videos and doing the exercises as explained, I was able to correct any errors I had introduced in the swinging, breathing or static tension exercises. After having ” reframed ” myself , thanks to the videos I obtained very beautiful experiences as much in the waking state, as the possibility of acting on my environment, which had the direct consequence of improving the quality of my life, that night plunging me into a fairyland of impressive experiences.
The day of meetings in which I was able to participate will remain etched in my memory for a long time. The meeting point took place at a practitioner’s home who brought us to truly ” magical ” places. It is therefore in a particularly friendly atmosphere that we were able to work on certain very specific exercises under the direction of Mr. Stiennon , who for the occasion had traveled with his wife in his small caravan.
I have participated in many courses and training before, but I have never seen training of this quality. Quality also at the level of all the participants in this day, where beginners were not admitted, which allowed us to enter very quickly into experiences of a very high level. With all my thanks and gratitude.

Andre L.

The video training is absolutely fantastic. Fantastic the videos where Mr. Stiennon explains the exercises to us and forces us to do them, which is a challenge that the experiences will be there.
Absolutely fantastic the day of meetings where with practitioners of the same level we were able to exchange, through very specific discussions, in particular on themes such as the power of the ring of light, inverted multidimensional psychology which is a subject that has us all. passionate.
A special thank you to Michel and Monique for having received us so well and for having created from the first minute a friendly and studious atmosphere. An immeasurable thank you to Daniel and his wife for giving us extraordinary experiences throughout this meeting day. Following this training is in the field of WAY the best thing that happened to me, and every day I thank my destiny for having made me cross the road of the School of Dr Lefebure.

Murielle H.

This day of training, very intensive, will have been for me the opportunity to meet other practitioners, to be able to exchange and especially to be able to practice with really quality people. In a particularly friendly atmosphere thanks to the good care of the couple who welcomed us, this day of meetings under the direction of Daniel Stiennon allowed me even more to see how Phosphenism allowed the development of real ” powers “.
Already transformed thanks to the training videos, this course propelled me on the path of Initiation well beyond my most secret hopes. Thank you to Mr. Stiennon for this sharing which is priceless. With all my gratitude.

Pierre D.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for this exciting day where I was able to live (like all the participants) an experience of indescribable intensity.
I do not have enough vocabulary to express my feelings so I will content myself with one : deep respect Mr. Stiennon for all that you have brought me and all that you bring to all those who are willing to give it is worth following you on this path of phosphenic initiation.
Even if you don’t like the term, you are the greatest teacher I have ever met. Having traveled through India, brotherhoods, followed many teachings and initiations, what you offer is unparalleled. With my deepest respect.

Gerard T.

A huge THANK YOU for making all these lessons available to those who want to study.

Maxime B.

During my lateral or vertical swings, I felt that the effect of the swing continued beyond my body limits. It is a unique sensation to feel this phenomenon which moves with the rhythm of the thought. I have also often observed more or less descriptive forms in my phosphenes. In any case, I thank you for your teaching which, I realize, makes me discover the peculiarities of my person.


It is this complete course in Phosphenism that I have sought since my youth over 30 years ago. I can now say that I have found what I have been looking for, which confirms the proverb that says : ” He who seeks finds “. Thank you for disclosing this science.

Emilien S.

What research and what remarkable work carried out by Dr Lefebure ! And for allowing all his knowledge to be passed on, I thank him with all my heart. Thank you Daniel Stiennon for what you do and thank you to the team who help you, all my gratitude.


Today, my intuition has refined, I begin to perceive information on several dimensions (I think it is a form of telepathy). And since then I feel a peace, a great well-being and a joy in me. I would like to thank you very much for the diffusion of Phosphenism through this incredible and unique training. Again a big thank you !!

Isabelle B.

Once again, hats off for this really successful training!

Georges C.

Beyond the initiatory experiences, the practice of Phosphenism has allowed me in daily life to develop a greater intuition, to better manage stress and to take a step back from events (with a better understanding of what I am experiencing and issues).

Muriel M.

Since I started the training I have more mastery of stress, a greater alertness and situations that unblock naturally with people. A more subtle perception of things too. The only thing I regret is not having started the training earlier.

Christian G.

There are many wonderful experiences, but at the same time, I feel like I am only at the beginning of this spiritual path. Of course I have to practice more and more. The light is a real ladder that can lead to the Divine Creator, it reveals for me the secrets of my birth – as a human creature – and at the same time the secrets of the Universal Creation.
In summary, the practice of the first level of training led me to :
good mental focus,
better visual acuity (of the eyes) than before,
extrasensory perceptions,
the feeling that I have also lived other previous lives,
some small signs of telepathy with some friends,
a fine intuition of certain future events,
I had some very beautiful lucid dreams.
When I see the physical light, I sometimes have the impression of being at the foot of a mysterious coronation that amazes me and amazes me at the same time. Thank you a lot.

Lacramoniora V. (Romania)

Although my schedule is busy, I have this growing desire to continue the initiation with a big thank you for your dedication Mr. Stiennon.

Veronique G.

When I do my exercises, I don’t want to stop because I have a feeling of ecstasy, I feel as if I was transported somewhere especially when I do small swings. Frankly these are a great experience for me and my entourage because everyone benefits, I give you an example: the dismissal of my companion was easy to overcome. Thank you.

Claire T.

I have several dreams every night, some carry a message for me or respond in a colorful way to a questioning formulated the night before. Overall my dreams are rich and varied. I would like to thank Daniel Stiennon as well as Dr Lefebure for having me accompanied in the occurrence of this great change in my life because Phosphenism has certainly contributed to perfecting the personal work undertaken.

Benedicte G.

Following our training is the guarantee of an efficient practice.
Actually, no matter what we do, there is just one rule :