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The first time I heard Dr. Lefebure say that Kundalini is a powerful rotating rhythmic visual thought, it disturbed me, because I was used to the explanations and testimonies of Yoga schools which ultimately do not These were only feelings specific to those who experienced it and no one explained the process scientifically and spiritually. Today, with the practice of gyroscopic meditations, I understand the views of Dr. Lefebure
I really like the explanations about Kundalini in these videos. Thank you so much!

Sasorith (yoga teacher) 

The awakenings of the kundalini that I have been able to have are for me the most beautiful manifestations. These cottony surges of light have marvelously harmonized my inner life and that fills me.

Vianney C.

The more I advance in the exercises of Gyroscopic meditation, while of course continuing the other exercises, the more heat I feel along the spine, the more being at the level of C7. Sometimes, ideas emerge with clarity, so I made my brochure for the Qi gong and Chi Nei Tsang lessons very quickly.
Another time negative emotions arose and I used during the exercise a Qi Gong exercise: Fusion (using the negative energy corresponding to the organ to feed its positive virtue).
Thanks to Phosphenism my practice of Qi Gong, my feelings have greatly amplified. Lately while I was doing the Alternophone I felt my spine swing, I was surprised at first because I felt like I was on a rock-in-chair.
Yesterday I did the Alternophone , I chose the rhythm for deep relaxation because I felt a little tired. It’s amazing, while listening I saw flowers of an extraordinary color, I have trouble describing it with words, and especially after 20 minutes, I felt in great shape, that was very powerful.
This is where I am at the moment, I am very lucky because I can practice for a long time during the day.


Yesterday, I experienced a funny visual phenomenon: I felt the rhythms of the Gyrascope descending through me along the axis of my body. Within this sensation, the image of a Rubik’s Cube appeared, and then descended towards my body’s centre of gravity, to finally remain there, rotating. The small facets of the cube were tinted with bright colours that reminded me of the colours of the blades of the Gyrascope. The slices of the cube were moving, as if someone was trying to solve the cube’s puzzle. However, the colours were not organizing themselves and no solution was approaching. However, I had the notion that this image was a reference to a form of action or a relation between the rhythms of the Gyrascope and my brain’s capacities for reasoning.

Bruno C.

The energy becomes stronger and stronger, as if there were a progressive increase in the power of kundalini according to the capacities of integration of my body.
The experiences that occur are mostly are for the most part rather strong sensory experiences with the energy, and there are also initiatory dreams which are very relevant/ speak for themselves a posteriori, as it is often the case!
Lately, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon with ocular convergence.
When the energy is very strong, after an exercise, I have only to close my eyes and simply through the strength of the energy, my eyes begin to converge by themselves; as if the energy goes naturally to the center of the 3rd eye.
It seems that this spontaneous phenomenon shows that the practice of ocular convergence corresponds to a reality of the circulation of energy when this it attains a certain intensity.
To be continued…


I was in the cosmos and I crossed something luminous. I was not alone !
The power of this experience woke me up in the middle of the night and, immediately, I was overwhelmed with a sense of evidence that I had just experienced something extraordinary.
I had trouble falling back asleep afterwards and I stayed in a half-sleep until the morning when I perfectly felt a manifestation of Kundalini which took the form of a physical pressure on my lower back accompanied by the rising of some kind of hot fluid.
This is the first time that I feel Kundalini so distinctly and not just a feeling of vibration.

Aurinko (on the french forum)

I started practicing with the Gyrascope in November of 2004. I practiced sessions of one hour in the evening (between 8 and 9 pm) for three weeks. After that, I practiced occasionally 45 minutes or else I did just a Gyrascopic meditation with a point of concentration while lying down. After about 4 weeks, when I woke up one morning, I started a Gyrascopic meditation of the point concentration rotating in a whirling movement around my body as I was lying down.
The mental whirlpool went from my head to my feet. I did not interfere with it. It then reversed and returned back (from my feet to my head). When it reached my ears, it provoked an extremely powerful sound, like a car horn. I was so surprised that the experience stopped.
I have had no other experience of the kind for the past three months.

Frederique T.

ANSWER by Daniel Stiennon :
‟Very often ‛stopping or breaking’ an experience often makes it difficult to provoke following ones of the same type.”


Phosphenic Tantrism :
I realize that I am dreaming and I create a sublime female creature. Instead of penetrating her with my penis in order to produce an orgasm without ejaculation (by controlling the muscles around the prostate), I use a more refined type of penetration.
As I am conscious, I enter my head into the head of this sublime ‟dream-creature”. I then feel a rather exquisite sensation. In order to increase pleasure, I start oscillating my head inside hers from right to left, as I do when I practice lateral sways.
This triggers a pleasure that is far superior to pleasures of the flesh. It lasts as long as I am doing sways and avoid penetrating the sexual parts of this sublime creature with the other parts of my body.
My explanation is that the frontal zone of the sublime dream-creature triggers a sensual stimulation of the cerebral mass which is the seat of dreams (the frontal cortex) or a stimulation of the latter (the cerebral area that participates in sexual pleasure) which influences its physical counterpart.
I had two experiences of this type during the past three months.
It is interesting, but I hope to go further…
In order to do this, I need to find an adequate training program. Afterwards, I will then move on to something else.
This could permit the practice of astral sex and could help avoid spreading semen. The union of the souls would make the physical sexual act superfluous.
If you have any advice on the subject…. I found you a bit reserved on the subject of astral sex in Kundalini Volume 3, or on the sexual practices on a physical level for couples using Gyrascopic meditation or oscillations of the point of concentration. The initiation of Pietroalso rather shyly approaches the subject.
See you soon.


ANSWER by Daniel Stiennon :
‟There is a technique that consists in mixing in a phosphene produced using the Gyrascope with an imaginary woman and a rotation of the point of concentration around her. It is commonly practiced by Yogis. In meditating on goddesses, they end up making Love ‛astrally speaking’. As this sublimation of the senses is more powerful than an orgasm, it can explain that it is easy for them to accept celibacy…
On certain planes of consciousness, thought is more than creative…”
Erotic dream.
The other night I had an extremely erotic dream. It was so powerful that I woke up with the persisting sensation of extraordinary pleasure.

Benedicte (Scandinavia)

ANSWER by Daniel Stiennon :
‟This is common in persons who have a predisposition for Kundalini”.
I have been practicing with the Gyrascope for three months for an hour every evening.
I have done only the basic exercises.
At the end of these three months I did not see any spectacular effects, just a persistence of the rhythm of gyration in my consciousness during the day which appeared spontaneously.
However, a few days ago I experienced very spectacular effects, and without any doubt it resulted from using the Gyrascope, even though I had completely stopped practicing.
The experience occurred in the morning when I woke up. I was awake but was lying in bed listening to music, in a state between sleeping and waking.
Without doing anything special, I suddenly felt an intense vibrating wave go through my body.
The first thing I felt was a physical vibration in my jaw, I felt my teeth vibrate as if stimulated by ultrasound. It was a very surprising and startling experience and it woke me up completely and made me expect more. Then, this vibration spread to the rest of my body and progressively increased in intensity. I felt as if my body was disintegrating little by little or that it was going to explode. My surprise turned to fear in the face of this phenomenon that I could not control, and above all not comprehend.
My fear did not last a long time as a moment later, the energy concentrated in my head and a kind of explosion ended the phenomenon.
I wasn’t frightened for very long because shortly afterwards the energy concentrated in my head and there was a sort of explosion that put an end to the phenomenon.
In the hours that followed the experience, I was slightly ‟stunned” as though I had received an electric shock.
Another experience of the same kind happened a few days later under the same circumstances (in the morning and in a state of half-sleep) but in a much softer and lighter manner. This time, I noticed an accumulation of heat in the lower part of my spine.
A few days before the first experience, I had several premonitory dreams, but I was able to understand them only after the experience (for example, there was a dream where I was in contact with a kind of machine that sent lightning bolts into the center of my head).
After that I decided to resume practice with the Gyrascope, motivated by these latest results!

Guillaume D.

Dear Daniel,
One evening after my session with the Gyrascope and before falling asleep, therefore fully conscious, I saw whirlpools of luminous energy appear in my field of vision. I tried to integrate myself into the movement; but wasn’t able to stay very long in this whirlpool of energy. Since then, I have noticed a marked change in my personality (more stamina and energy).
I am going to need an 8-day week to be able to do everything I want to do with this energy!
Great! Many thanks.

Didier P.

This training course has allowed me to discover the reality of something that until now I had considered as a fantasy. Or rather, I perceived it as a metaphor that had little to do with the objective world. I know now that I was wrong.
In my case it has been a kind of a revelation. It is as if an eternal truth that has just been unveiled to me. I simply cannot deny the physical reality of what I have experienced and of course it shocks my rational mind. But to tell the truth, I think that the intense joy I felt also came from the fact that my rational mind could only stay quiet and observe.
After such an experience, I think to myself that rational thinking is indeed an extremely efficient tool for managing objective, material reality; but it also is somewhat tyrannical in that it hides other realities that would be necessary to understand in order to achieve a balance.
I can see that I am different from most of the other students who came with a positive attitude, searching, as if on some sort of a spiritual quest. It was not my case. I hoped, at best, to find a bit of company during two days, meet people and escape from a life that is sometimes hard to bear.
I am of a skeptic nature, as you may have noticed, but I think I know how to remain open-minded. Today, even if I still need to prove things to myself through y own personal experience, I know that I am more receptive and that I have much less intellectual reluctance to accept certain things. This is perhaps a positive evolution. I have to thank you for that, too.
I do not feel satisfied though, because I have the feeling that I have had but a glimpse of a much larger reality. These questions also come to mind: the phenomenon that I was lucky enough to experience was called by everyone: ‟the awakening of Kundalini”. I wonder why this reality, potentially open to everyone, has been hidden from the eyes of common mortals, the man in the street. I really believe that one can live one’s entire life without encountering it. I even have the unpleasant feeling it is voluntarily hidden from us.
Today, it is clear that when I hear people talk about Kundalini my interest is completely different. This word which was formerly abstract to me is now an objective reality which has been physically anchored in my body thanks to my experience.
I couldn’t help noticing that some of the students said that the awakening of Kundalini is considered to be dangerous by certain persons or certain philosophical movements. Why is phosphenic practice different and exactly what dangers are they talking about?
Well, I will stop here, as I am well aware that I am probably not the first person to bother you with this kind of question. I can even imagine that you must be tired of hearing these kinds of things, so you don’t have to feel obliged to respond. I simply want to say thank you ever so much.

Alain P.

ANSWER by Daniel Stiennon :
‟Actually, it is not Kundalini that is dangerous, it is the technique, the method that is used to obtain its awakening that matters. With the method conceived by Doctor Lefebure, you can’t help but find complete satisfaction.”
Here is a description of my practice and some of the results I have obtained thanks to Phosphenism.
My first training course dates from June 2001 (first level training course). I then practiced the three basic sways for about 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. The results were an excellent quality of sleep and the disappearance of nightmares.
In June of 2002, I started using the Gyrascope:
– Dreams of motion (moving from place to place)
– Brief sensations of chakras
– strange visions during half-sleep: a mixture of wheels and unknown letters, then the letters alone, on a rectangular surface changing at a rhythm of 1 second. I also saw an unknown woman facing me, very close to me.
– When I woke up, I heard something that was said to me alternately in each ear, at a rhythm of 1 second.
– I started to have very clear sensations of surges of energy that rose up my spine.
In august 2002 (during the continuous training workshop in Paris), just before going to sleep, I felt continuous surges mounting up my spine and swift movements of whirling in my limbs in addition to the rotation of the chakras one after the other. This was followed by a surge going up to the middle of my spine accompanied by acceleration in my pulse rate and breathing. Some of these phenomena occurred twice during the night. On the last day of the training course, I experienced a slower vertical surge which I felt very clearly rising up to my sternum.
I still practice with the point of concentration; it appears very quickly as I have a permanent brighter zone in my visual chaos. Sometimes, the point rotates very quickly, pivoting on itself, and purple flashes of lightning appear with it.
Three times I have had a vision hedge-hopping, flying low over the sea. On the horizon, an elevation appears and I circle around it like a helicopter. It is an island with a huge a huge mountain peak rising above it and covering it completely. For me, it represents Mount Meru, the center of the world in Hinduism, and whose celestial counterpart is the Pole Star which acts as my point of concentration: the sky turns around this island.
After that, the point of concentration a city appears and I follow a moving vehicle in this city.
On the last day of the training course, when I was lying in bed, I had the strange sensation that I had no legs. A bizarre sensation that mounted up to my waist. The following morning when I woke up, I had a sensation of ‟a return” with a shock that gave me a start.
Since the training course:
– During the first nights I had unpleasant dreams of blood and violence (1). Since then my dreams have become peaceful and in particular very sharp, precise and filled with objects.
– When I am lying down I can easily ‟find” my double on one side or the other; and one time it even sank its head under the bed.
– In a state of half-sleep, I had a vision of unknown letters and of a surface, painted in a very beautiful yellow color and scattered with bright spots of color.
– When I do phosphenes using the stars, I can feel my brow chakra rotate.
– If I focus on a fixed point on a tree it becomes deformed or warped at that particular point. Then all around it there appears a double spiral of leaves and the surrounding landscape and perspective vanish. During this experience, my brow chakra rotates and then, as soon as the vision is interrupted by a movement or by fatigue of the eyes, the other chakras start to rotate one after the other.
As soon as I focus my attention on them, I can feel my chakras rotating, sensations of whirling in my limbs, chest and the tips of my fingers.
Also, on a day without sun when I look at a solid gray sky which is luminous at the same time and focusing on a neutral point, I see sorts of ‟fireflies” that I cannot focus on. They do not appear if I do not focus on a neutral point.
Well done and thanks for your all your work. Thank you for continuing the work of a man that is one of the geniuses of the 20th century, if not more.
Cordially, and see you soon at the next training course.

Stéphane C.

ANSWER by Daniel Stiennon :
‟In initiatory or spiritualist teachings, there is a mention of a cleansing of the consciousness. This cleansing actually happens at different times and with different degrees of intensity depending on the person. When this cleansing is too hard to bear, it suffices to increase the power of the light bulb from 75 watts to 150. Light, or the phosphene, purifies thoughts without conflict and for this reason it is used in light therapy.‟
I take the liberty of writing to you to relate my experiences and my ideas regarding your book ‟The Kundalini Machine”. I started practicing exercises of rotations around the 20th of december, with the wheel of a bike mounted with mirrors. A few days later, I had a very surprising dream full of light. Then, nothing happened until january 26th. A few days before that date, I realized that it was important to practice head sways at a rhythm of 2 seconds, while watching the rotation of the blades. It is the combination of those two movements that triggered the rising of Kundalini, on the evening of january 26th, while I was half-asleep. I felt it rise up to my throat, accompanied by an inner light, music and a feminine voice that said: ‟Daniel, my darling!!”. That was truly extraordinary.
The next day, While I was walking down the street trying to reproduce the rhythm of 2 seconds mentally directly above my above my head, I felt energy all along my spine and in my head: ‟an impression of tension and flutter accompanied by a great joy”. Since, I have been practicing a lot of exercises every day. I constantly perceive an energy that seems to attenuate my sexual drive. I feel full of energy to such an extend that I wonder how I could put it to use for others.

Daniel D.

Results obtained after 1 month of practice, at a rate of an hour a day:
Increase in the contents of dreams which present more color than usual. Observation of the premonitory aspect of dreams which, in the beginning had seemed irrational to me. Several dreams of flying were very impressive. I was in a plane and felt a considerable acceleration. One night, I perceived a tremendous whirl that seemed to rotate on my chest, a pleasant sensation that seemed to last several hours but that was impossible to describe. Such a phenomenon can only be understood by those who have experienced it.

Claude L.

What a great machine! After only two days, my dreams had become full of colors.
One week and I obtained many dreams of flying, some of which allowed me to reach tremendous speeds. One night, after a month of regular practice, I was suddenly woken up by an incredible whirl within my head. That produced a muscular twitch in my entire etheric body (so it seemed), followed by the sensation of a powerful jet rising up from my genitals. When it reached the top of my head, it came out and turned into a gigantic whirl that carried me away; it was wonderful. I could never find the right words to thank you for allowing me to have such an experience.

Joel M.

Here are the phenomena that I have obtained after using the device: While I was awake, with my eyes closed, I saw a text appear in my field of vision. It was about my health: Perfect resistance; weak point: conjunctivitis, with some precisions on the germs involved and the treatment. The text was written in small letters, but it was easy to read, it was black on white as if it was typed. Sadly, I could not memorize it, because I was very surprised. Another time, after a session with the Gyrascope and the Alphalum. The next morning, in a state of half-sleep: I saw the image of Jesus-Christ in a white robe. He was contained in an egg-shaped rainbow that was rotating around him, while his head was swaying from left to right. One morning, I perceived the very large image of a character, ‟a spiritual guide” who, once he had disappeared, triggered a gigantic whirl that gave me the impression that everything was toppled over around me. For a moment, I was scared. But, quickly, I remembered a phrase by Daniel Stiennon: ‟There is no reason to be scared during an experience, as it is subjective, i.e. mental, and it is only ourselves who create our own fears.”

Gerard H.

I am very happy to be able to share the joy of developing a capacity of premonition. I am now clairvoyant and I often experience Kundalini. There are many things that I would like to tell you on the subject. The experiences are becoming more and more fascinating and I notice that I would like to become a small light that helps other people. I take care of socially-challenged persons: I teach unemployed persons who would like to learn a new skill.
I would like to have a guide for my out-of-body experiences and would like to take a few lessons under your direction. I often go out of my body while I sleep. I remember seeing planets, but I have never had the chance to see my double.

Yolaine C.

Evening exercises: Gyrascope and head sways.
At around 4:45 am, I wake up; I then practice the oscillation of the point of concentration from my forehead to my occiput, an exercise that has triggered a dream: I am in the room where I practice the exercises of Phosphenism, on the first floor. I am sitting down and I am combing my hair. It is quite bizarre, as I am seeing myself combing my hair. Suddenly, the image of myself becomes larger and larger and I feel that I am falling backwards.
I am sure that I am not in my body any more. I can see the carpet from very close, in all its details. I am totally conscious. I am floating, but I am only a pair of eyes. That is a very pleasant sensation. It is dark but I see perfectly well, as everything is full of light. Moreover, I can see in every direction.
Then I think: ‟I am going to see my son” and I say to myself that he probably is sleeping and that I might scare him. I then realize that I am probably asleep too, a thought that makes me reintegrate my body in bed. I then notice that I am practicing reversed breathing and that I hear a sound in my left ear. I get up to write everything down.

Lucette C.

Results obtained after 10 days of practice of the Gyrascope, at the rate of 40 minutes a day:
Tuesday September 23rd, at around 4:30 am, I was woken up by a fast whirl, approximately 10 centimeters wide. It rose in the center of my body and came out through the top of my head. That is when I felt the strange sensation that a part of my ‟non physical” body was starting to rotate. It was a sort of a hollowed out disk, 15 centimeters wide, located 20 centimeters above my head. It started to rotate slower than the rotation that I was experiencing inside my body. Similarly, a small disk started to rotate between my eyebrows, a few centimeters from my forehead. Then, the whirling energy went back down, coiling itself rapidly around my spine, disappearing on the level of my lumbar region. That phenomenon did not last for more than five seconds and was accompanied by a shiver, as well as a trembling of my whole chest.
For me, there was no doubt that it was the awakening of Kundalini, as well as the setting in motion of two of my main chakras, as they are described by various oriental traditions, though the sensations differ from one person to another. I have to say that I did know of the existence of Kundalini and of the seven main chakras and their locations. But, before that experience, I did not know what was their actual size nor their shape nor their various speeds of rotation.
That first, substantial initiation, that opened vast, new horizons, was obtained after several weeks of practicing head sways as well as 20 minutes a day of ‟square” breathing and, mainly, thanks to 40 minutes a day practice with the Gyrascope. I believe that I have been lucky to practice during a period of my life that was particularly favorable. I can say that the practice of Phosphenism has allowed me to discover a new way to see life. The great questions on God, life, the universe and many other things that I used to wonder about, are now perceived in a new light. I have been totally transformed; I am now calm and at peace. In the beginning, I considered all that with much intellectual analysis and was wary of hasty conclusions. Nevertheless, I would rather delve into what I believe to be the one and only solution for humanity, in order to, at last, get out of the patterns of stupidity and self-destruction in which it has been stuck since the dawn of time.
Another modification has taken place since I have started practicing phosphenic exercises: the transformation of my psyche. My intuition has increased to a certain degree, sleep is more pleasant and more interesting thanks to the increase of the number of dreams. They are also more intense than before, a certain proof of the modification of my state of consciousness.
All I have left to do, is to follow the thread of the rhythmo-phosphenic initiation, as it was developed by Dr Lefebure, in order to improve and amplify that kind of experience as much as possible and, by doing so, to become in contact with a more subtle world.

Bruno A.

I practice quite regularly with the Gyrascope. Today, I am writing to you so that I can describe a phenomenon that is now an integral part of my life. For the past four months, I have had a “Wheel” that rotates endlessly on itself, in front of me (like a subjective image). In the beginning, it was a fixed circle. Now, that circle rotates. Its speed and its sense of rotation vary from one moment to the next, and I have no control over it. The wheel sometimes spins clockwise, sometimes anti-clockwise, though the change of sense of rotation does not seem to follow any pattern. That moving wheel is present not only while I practice Phosphenism but also during the rest of my everyday activities: i.e. I simply have to concentrate on it and it appears. When I read, for example, that wheel appears above the line that I am reading. It can, if I will it, be placed on the line that I am reading. In both cases, the wheel follows my eyes and moves at the same speed as my reading. When the wheel moves slowly enough for me to examine it, it seems to present dark “blades” on a clear background.

Claude S.

I have started to practice with the Gyrascope every day. In the beginning, I used to practice between an hour and an hour and a half, then I practiced for two hours a day.
My sessions were composed of:
– Breathing
– Head sways or static tensions
– Gyrascopic meditation (for an hour and then more, when I started to obtain results)
(…) At some point during that training, I have started to feel shivers along my spine. Then, very pleasant ‟surges” of energy radiating in the base of my torso. They were like sexual impulses, though more diffused on a physical level, and they were accompanied by a state of hyperawareness. That phenomenon appeared when I started to add to my daily routine the exercises of pneumophene, which I believe I have managed to get right by diminishing the amplitude of my breathing. On June 7th, when the experience took place, I noticed that my breathing synchronized itself with the rhythm of 2 seconds. That day, after practicing with the Gyrascope for an hour and fifteen minutes, as I was sitting slightly cramped up on my chair and slightly drowsy from the effects of the session, the ‟surge” I mentioned earlier turned into a sort of a vertical ‟jet” that straightened me up on my chair. Straight away, I intensified my thoughts with the rhythm of 1/6th of a second and the visualization of an ascending vortex, but the ‟jet” fell back.
I felt a kind of bubbling on the base of my spine and I felt that I needed to go on. For more than a quarter of an hour, the gush rose and fell back. I notice that ‟it” rose better during the dark phase, in the presence of the phosphene. But, I kept visualizing and maintaining a fast rhythm in my thoughts. Suddenly, I was overrun by an ascending current of bubbles that, though it was not as fast as a vortex, coiled itself around my spine while the trembling sensation that I experienced in my hand during every ‟surge”, was installing itself in my whole body.
I let go completely, maintaining it with fast rhythmic thinking. The current amplified and I felt that I was doing small jumps on the chair. Every time I was falling back down on the chair, the very pleasant bump was triggering another ascending, luminous current. I noticed that the current of bubbles that had filled entirely my torso, though it was very intense, did not seem to rise higher than the base of my neck. I thought that if it could reach my head, it would probably be extraordinary. At that moment, I experienced a very intense feeling of lightness and euphoria.
The experience lasted, as far as I know, roughly ten minutes, but did not go on for longer because, I believe, of the noises I heard in the house, as my family was getting up. I was nevertheless filled with wonder by what I had experienced and had a much gratitude for Dr Lefebure.

Jean-Louis D.

I am experiencing something physical, like a subtle fluid shaking me all over, deeply, a fluid that goes through me following the vertical axis of my body. My entire body actually trembles and, within it, I feel intensely an elusive trouble: I have the impression that my navel is going to open up and that something is going to come out of it. At the same time, I feel lighter and it seems that I am going to leave the ground. Before practicing that exercise, I was dominated by low sexual instincts that I suppressed with much difficulty… Yet, since I have started practicing the continuous movement of thought, I can easily control these instincts. Even better: I do not repress the powerful sexual expansion that I experience: I transform it into a psychic power, by associating breathing exercises to the continuous movement of thought. At that moment, I acquire a power that seems infinite. I do not struggle with duality any more. I reach a form of perfect harmony.
I wish I had discovered your books before.

Fortune A.

I remember having felt shivers throughout my body and, suddenly, the experience started: I had the impression that I was lifted and ground. A vortex took me away, I do not know where. My entire physical body was shaken. I had the impression that I was carried away by an immense vortex and that I was a vortex too, that I did not have a physical body any more, that I was just a white vortex.
Then, I disappeared and saw my spine appear with, at its tip, the two hemispheres of my brain bathing in light. There was nothing else left, as if that was all that remained of me. Then, I felt a kind of a disk, like a windmill, whirling up from the lower part of my coccyx, changing color as it was moving up. My whole body was shaken by spasms; I was bending, I could not even say or do anything, as if a force had taken me over. I was but a wreck physically, but everything was so clear in my mind. I was carried away in a maelstrom; there was only one thing that remained for me to do: to accept the experience and let it unravel. I let go and, at that moment, I heard explosions in my body, as if bottles of champagne were popping open. I let myself go completely. Then, I saw myself surrounded by light. A kind of a growling sound coming from the depths of me flooded up to the top of my skull and I saw a crackling firework sphere coming out of it. There was light everywhere. I then disappeared; no more physical body. Again, all that was left was my brain and my spine. Everything became green and then incandescent white again. That was very curious.
During that whole experience, I had the impression that my body was dismembered and that it was then rebuilt to once again melt into the vortex. Then, I had the bizarre sensation that I was sucked into a place full of light where, in the distance, a physical eye was asking me to go to the bottom of the vortex. That was too much; I started to panic and, as I was wriggling in my bed, I felt the imperative attraction of the vortex.
At that moment, I thought about my grandmother (on my mother’s side). I called her and asked her to help me. I then saw a benevolent face asking me to cross the vortex; I did not hesitate any more. I felt sucked, crushed, ground, as if I was going to be given a new body. Then, I was almost propelled out of the vortex. I did not have a physical body any more and, moreover, I was burning; my whole body, or rather my silhouette, was covered in flames. Then, little by little, I felt other shapes made out of light around me. They were observing me. At that moment I thought about Dr Lefebure. I do not know why but I thanked him with much love for his teachings. At that very moment, I perceived his figure full of light. The top of his head was shining particularly. I do not remember what happened then but I started my journey back. I can still see that vortex coming from the depths of me, rising up my spine in a crackling white light and reaching by brain.
That was a really curious sensation.
Then little by little, I surfaced (if I may use that term). I wondered what time it was. I checked my small clock: it was 10:30 pm. All these phenomena had lasted for more than 2 hours; I had the impression that they only lasted a few seconds.

Marie-Helene L.

One night, at around 8:00 pm, a feminine voice talks to me: the consciousness of the Earth?
I feel the surge of Kundalini: I send dots of light towards my guides and the places where we gather at night to reach a higher consciousness.
A fantastic experience.

Jean-Jacques T.

I am listening to the rotational Kundalini sounds on mp3 while I am practicing visualizations on the chakras located on my perineum, my navel and my solar plexus.
I suddenly feel a vibration, a sensation of heat, of light coming out of me (like the sun) with the color of a phosphene.
I visualize the chakra on my throat and the top of my head.
Purple and blue colors come out of the top of my head.

Joachim L.

I feel lots of energy, particularly after the exercises during which I feel that I am floating, with jolts and vibrations over my whole body.
Powerful sensations on my chakra Ajna: heat alternating with coolness with the impression of a vacuum. Also, in all my head, the sensation of rotation and synchronization during and after the exercises.

Serge G.

An experiment with the vibrating table:
The vibrating table is set on 1/6th of a second with the Gyropulsar, the Mantratron also set on 1/6th of a second.
The effects I feel during the session:
– A very powerful amplification of the vibration that I feel at the base of my spine.
– After doing 3 or 4 phosphenes, I start to feel an enormous pressure in my perineum, that pressure transforms itself gradually into a ball of energy. Its size varies from the size of a tennis ball to the size of a football. I then have the clear sensation of a kind of a paste made out of energy that I can knead with the point of concentration. That sensation fades gradually and the vibration then takes over. The cycle vibration/energy paste repeats itself 3 or 4 times during a session of an hour.
– Sometimes, the concentration of that energy into a thinner jet seems to mean to rise along my spine.
– Sizable activation of ALL the chakras.
– Sometimes, a bubble of energy inflates until it envelops all my pelvis. It deflates before rising higher.
Effects felt after the session with the vibrating table:
– The vibration that I was feeling during the session amplifies itself
– Many dreams of flying during the night. All these effects have appeared 2 to 3 days after using the table and are amplified every day. It is quite clear that the vibrating table is a great source of activation. All these effects are clearly identified in books specialized on Kundalini. They are described as the beginning of the awakening of Kundalini.

Alain69 (forum’s pseudo)

Since I have followed the basic training course, I have noticed an important acceleration of the following phenomenon:
I permanently feel a sensation of energy on the base of my spine. It feels like an accumulation of energy that is quite dense and produces a tingling sensation. Today, I have practiced a session of vertical sways for an hour. After two-thirds of the session, I felt a soft heat, like a kind of a warm fluid that moved down from the lower part of my spine into my thighs and then into my lower abdomen. It remained rather progressive. It caused a strong sensation of heat and my hands were sweating a lot. At first I was scared, but then I remembered the words of Dr Lefebure, saying that awakening Kundalini does not present any danger. My heart was pounding, I managed to keep control, remain calm and I continued practicing head sways. Since the end of that session I feel a lot of heat in my body as well as vibrations of energy, sometimes in my head.


In the beginning, I saw a green snake crawling on the ground, near a column in the ruins of an ancient temple. A scene that seemed to be out of ‟Jungle Book”.
After a while, the snake started to climb up the column, coiling around it. At the same time, I saw the six blades of the Gyrascope, then a double helix, as described in the bookKundalini Volume 2, rotating on itself. The snake, while it was climbing up, had formed several rings around the column. The last two rings where blue (for the lower one) and green (for the top one), but the colors were shining like neons, even lasers!
Later, the snake gazed at me, it had turned into a cobra. It opened its mouth and I saw its fangs. I suddenly took off and entered its mouth and visited the temple. I then exited a few seconds later, again through its mouth.
Then, I saw a great yellow light, more powerful than the sun, coming out of the ground. It rose in front of me vertically as if it wanted to fly into space, like a column of light. It disappeared in a silent explosion.
The experience ended up quietly in much calm. Great!

Pierre-Vincent B.