Extracts from our GUEST BOOK

Following the complete Phosphenics training, an astral travel experience.
My root centre started to activate in the middle of the night. I was dreaming and this activation caused the world to lose its stability, so I was forced to sit in the dream. I realised that it was the double, because I was almost on the verge of waking up physically. I was awake, but on a different plane, so I gave my approval to do an astral exit.
It was then that I felt myself going into a tunnel and found myself travelling through the starry sky. The background was a beautiful black sky filled with very bright lights, those of the stars in the sky. It was beautiful. It didn’t last long, at least a minute after, I don’t know, because time is not necessarily perceived in the same way. It was really great.

Pierre-Vincent B.

That night, falling asleep very late, around 3 a.m., I had a lucid dream in which I had the idea of using the point of concentration method to project myself out of the body. I must admit that it requires good concentration.
I continued to look only at my point of concentration, pushing it always further in my vision … When suddenly I crossed an area where everything was reversed, as if I had come out of a bubble, of a point outside of a sphere where everything is reversed. Suddenly I saw the sun.
This change of reference has shifted my consciousness. I found myself in space. I avoided looking where I came from to avoid dizziness … again the vision of the sun and planets. I was like suspended in space. My consciousness no longer had this feeling of having to make the effort to ascend.
Then I looked underneath me… I thought, “ Damn. Sacred empty! Absolutely fantastic experience… grandiose… ”

Frederic T.

Usually, when I fly, it is over long distances in a horizontal or diagonal manner, or over short distances in a vertical manner.
Last night, I experienced several vertical flights. As the process was functioning rather well, I decided to go as high as possible, with the goal of being able to see the Earth as a sphere, from space.
I thus realized several series of vertical take offs that were always very fast, faster and faster, actually. It was as if I had engines under my feet. In order to go even faster, I pressed my arms against my body, a fact that required me to maintain a certain tension in my arms. I realized that that tension seemed to accelerate the movement.
I then decided to practice strong static tensions and immediately, the ‟afterburner” of the reactors was triggered. The ‟turbo” ran at top speed and I flew vertically at a fantastic speed. As soon as I diminished the tensions, my speed was slowing down. Then, as soon as I resumed the static tensions, I was gathering speed again, flying even faster. My entire body was vibrating.
The tremendous speed was preventing me from seeing where I was, but I was still moving upwards. When I arrived in a halo of white light, I decided to slow down in order to look down so that I could try to see the Earth.
Much to my surprise, I did not see anything, but was instantly projected on another plane of vibration. The luminous halo I had just passed through was actually a sort of a lock connecting the physical world to the astral world. Indeed, I had now reached the astral plane and was right in the middle of elementals: Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs and Salamanders.
The elementals govern the primary, cosmic forces of the Universe. The are each constituted of a single cosmic element: air, water, fire, earth. They organized into a hierarchy and possess much esoteric knowledge. They are the genies of the spirits of nature. They evolve on a low level of the astral plane, though not on the lowest. The elementals do not like to be disturbed and especially not to be forced. But, with no ambiguity, I felt well among them in the astral world.
Most of the elementals ignored me, as they continued attending to their business. I was only entitled to a few smiles and much indifference.
Their appearance was very similar to the traditional images depicting them.
I had thus the confirmation that I had reached the astral plane without lingering in the lower astral where what is encountered is sometimes less pleasant. I felt cheered up, as passing through the lower astral is not necessarily a pushover.
I did not directly converse with the elementals, but I could exchange a few words with two persons that were already there before my arrival.
I returned to the physical world without any problem.

Alain R.

Indescribable sensation, when crossing matter (wall, wood, water, star, planet…). A pleasant and unique feeling!

Philippe L.

The night before last, I practiced my static tension exercises as usual, but this time, I fell asleep with the headphones on, so the exercises replayed practically all night long and… I met someone in my dream: it was Doctor Lefebure. From what I remember, I would say that it lasted 2 minutes, and yet I had the feeling of living an experience of unknown intensity. When I woke up, I had a very precise recollection of his physical appearance (clothes, face) and of what he had showed me: his book ‟The Initiation of Subud”. The title appeared to me in very large letters of an extremely vivid color, and then I saw Dr Lefebure smile. This is all I remember.
Yesterday, I called Mr Stiennon to order ‟Kundalini Volume 1” and I told him about my dream. He strongly recommended I read Subud, as there must be an exercise or some information that I needed in this book. According to Mr Stiennon, that was the message from Dr Lefebure. (Thanks again Mr Stiennon).

iOS (forum’s pseudo)

Dreams of astral projection follow and do not resemble one another. That is certain. (…) I find myself floating in the cosmos. A symbol representing the ‟ajna” floats in the void. It appears at the same time as a buzzing sound and, when it fades, a circle of blue light takes the place of the symbol. I am still completely conscious. I float in the middle of magnificent shimmering colors. In all hues. They are extremely bright. The contrast with the black of space is truly beautiful. I see nebulae and vortices. ‟Beings” that have the shape of giant spermatozoids (100 times the size of my double), translucent and slightly orange in color, floating nonchalantly. I no longer have a double. I float. I decided to change from one zone to another and take one of the vortices. I find myself back in 1980. My father is waiting for me on the platform in the subway (underground). I get off the train (I am still totally conscious). I greet him and ask him what he is doing there. He says that he is waiting for my mother. I accompany him as he is looking for my mother, and we find her a little way off with a stroller where the avatar of my youth is sleeping with his little brother. My mother is with my godfather and they say goodbye to each other. I want to take a closer look at the baby, but at that point the experience becomes unstable. I decide to change zones again before it is too late. I take off and then plunge through the ground. I find myself once again in space, travelling at an incredible speed. The sensation is intoxicating. I fly close to one on the creatures I mentioned earlier and it is truly gigantic. It is magnificent; I have never seen such beautiful colors. I want to leave for another zone. This one is beautiful but it is much is happening. I want to take advantage of the voyage. I take off again at high speed. I see lots of images. I know that I could stop, but nothing tempts me. So, I continue to advance quickly in the middle of the colors. After a certain time, I feel that the experience is coming to an end .I decide to wake up so as not to lose the smallest particle of the experience.

Yannick J.

I discovered and started practicing phosphenism after having followed the first level training course. Results came very quickly, because after 3 weeks of practicing sways in the morning and evening, I experienced my first out of body dreams.
At the time, I was practicing phosphenic mixing very often, using the reflection of the sun on the water of the swimming pool. I was also doing 4 to 5 phosphenes a day by focusing directly on the sun and mixing a positive thought and a prayer. I was also having lunch facing the sun which shone brightly on the white plate.
I practiced only sways with mantras and observed the visual chaos.
I cannot possibly describe the multitude of out of body dreams I experienced, but I would like to describe one of them.
I was in the middle of astral travelling, flying over beautiful scenery when I suddenly felt something grab me by the back, and take me whirling towards the sun at a tremendous speed. Just before entering the sun, I saw three small beings forming a perfect triangle and dressed in large cloaks with hoods covering their faces. The two lower ones were dressed in black and the one above in white. I remember making the connection with my guardian angels (the white one being male, the other two, female as with the yin and yang colors). I flew under them, and then entered the sun. There were no longer any colors, only light, everywhere, powerful and omnipresent. No colors, no exits, not a single area of shadow, but an extraordinary, dazzling power!
I then felt my physical body disintegrating, starting with the feet, as if the atoms of my body were scattering into this light. This disintegration rose slowly and steadily from the level of my pelvis to my head. In the end, I no longer felt the existence of my physical body (or etheric body). It is a sensation that I will never forget, as I had literally ‟melted” into this light!
I remember saying to myself: ‟We are only thoughts, and nothing else!”
Then, having pronounced this phrase, I suddenly woke up!
I understood that the body, like the rest of the world is nothing but an assemblage of particles forming a whole and linked together by an extraordinary energy, luminous and ubiquitous, and only thought or spirit belongs to us. That is what we are in the deepest inner part of ourselves; the rest is only an illusion or a means to…
I will not describe all the magnificent astral travelling I have experienced in the middle of these sublime landscapes. I even had the chance of hearing celestial choirs several times. It is also a unique experience as the body enters into an extraordinary vibration while one listens to these magnificent songs. When I woke up, I wrote down one of the songs (I am a musician and I know musical notation). One day it may be available for download on this site. I would like to remind you I had these experiences only through the practice of phosphenic mixing, sways and the visual chaos. Nothing else!!! (I had followed only the first level training course).

Tristan F.

I was flying, flying in a soft, fluffy space and the more I was filled with wonder, the more I was rising. I told myself: ‟Do not marvel too much, or you are going to rise too fast!”.
Then, I found myself somewhere in space, sitting in front of an Angel, eye to eye. It said by “telepathy” that he had something important to tell me. He told me that I was too impatient… and that all the ‟SECRET” came from the heart, from Love. Then, still smiling and looking at me in the eyes, in the soul, he delicately placed his hand on my heart. It was a grand sensation. I was there, receptive, passive, receiving all that as a celestial nourishment.
The Angel had a beautiful male face; his wings were absolutely magnificent, graciously folded, immense and transparent. I wanted to touch his wings. I could read my thoughts, so he knew it. Smiling, he said that would happen another time… Since, the image of the eyes of that bird-man come tirelessly back to my memory.

Michele D.

When I came back from the training course, I practiced lateral sways with the flame of a candle and the point of light.
In my bed, I had a pleasant sensation of well-being filling my body. I saw Daniel and found myself projected in the cosmos. I was moving further and further, floating. I let myself go and it was very beautiful. There were many dots of light. My body was floating on the back. I saw dots of light grouped in the shape of an X, I turned around, floating on my belly in order to follow them. I was on my own but I felt Daniel’s presence. I felt secure. I felt that my perceptions were sharper and softer than usual.

Isa. F.

I am flying over magnificent sceneries with the intimate conviction that I am in an arab country. I fly over vast estates: large houses surrounded by fields entirely covered in cashmere-style fabric with marvelous colors with a dominant of blue, different but harmonious. A superb scene!

Michel A.

Since my early childhood, I dream that I fly on my back, ten meters above the ground. I move in and out of buildings through windows. I have experienced difficulties taking off from the rooftops of skyscrapers, as the sensation of falling is very impressive. One feels that it is never going to end and that one is going to crash! But, actually, after a brief moment, falling stops and is replaced by a fantastic flying experience. Now, in order to fly, I place my arms towards the back in a V shape and I push on the level of my stomach. That has an immediate effect and, if one looks far away in the distance, as advised by Daniel Stiennon, one is assured not to move back towards the ground straight away. The sensations are similar as the ones produced by paragliding, for those who have experienced it. Flying over a city of Paris still full of woods and fields at an altitude of a thousand meters or flying under an enormous overhang under a cliff eight hundred meters high is a genuine pleasure, so relaxing that I would gladly exchange reality for dreaming!

Harmonik (forum’s pseudo)

The dream I had was between a usual dream and a conscious one. I dreamt that I was taking flight and, at the same time that I was dreaming, I was becoming conscious of the ‟technique” that I had to implement in order to fly… I was conscious that I was trying to fly in a dream. There was no ‟scenery”. Everything was black and I was mainly concentrating on the sensations. I thus started to run until I felt ‟seized” by a force located on my forehead, between my eyes. Little by little, my feet took off the ground and I started to fly. I stretched my arms before me like Superman in order to facilitate the flight. Being held and dragged by a force located on my forehead was a really unusual sensation.
After passing through matter in my previous dream, this was the first time I clearly identified the source of the force that supported my flight. I then recovered the consciousness of my body (as I was half-conscious, the border between dream and awakening was thin). The physical sensation was then very intense: regular though strong heartbeat, accompanied by an intense heat emanating from the region of the solar plexus, but which source seemed to be located more on the left, on the same side as the heart. That produced what felt like waves of heat accompanied by glows and lights in my visual chaos, as well as tingling sensations and shivers. For the first time, I experienced a form of fear. I then remembered that I had to remain calm and to accept these manifestations with serenity. I then went back to sleep.
Last night I dreamt that I was flying, an experience I get regularly. But, for the first time, I dreamt that I was passing through a wall. Before, passing through such an obstacle had always woken me up.


My first ‟astral” experience.
As usual, I was lying down and observing my visual chaos. After a certain time, I felt that my entire body was starting to vibrate. The phenomenon stopped and resumed a bit later. I relaxed and, suddenly, I felt as if something was ‟carrying” me. I started to gather speed. Then it became very fast. I could feel friction on my body (the sheets, air?). I had the impression that something was pushing me out of my bed when, all of a sudden, I reached the stars. Thousands of stars were flying towards me (maybe it was I who was flying towards them). It was magnificent! Then my body turned around and I perceived water. I decided to dive and, at the moment when I hit the water, I was overrun by an explosion of colors. That was a very pleasant sensation.


And in addition to crossing matter, plants or liquids, we have the possibility of instantly projecting ourselves to the confines of the Universe far beyond the Milky Way or even of projecting ourselves towards the infinitely small. It’s up to you.

Alain R.

I have been practicing with the mantras “kikikikiki” and “cricricricri” (the second one being softer on vocal cords) for one month, at the rate of 10 minutes every evening. I repeat the mantra with and without marking a triplet, at a rhythm of six pulsations per second, as explained by Dr LEFEBURE in his course (I have a Platinum subscription and I follow the continuing training courses with Daniel S.)
I observe 2 things:
– During the day, I experience an incredible increase of intellectual activity. I have the feeling that if had known this technique when I was a student, I could have passed many more exams.
– I experience dreams of flying several times a week. I am taken by vortices of energy.
When I reach a state of o.o.b.e. it turns quickly into astral traveling. I do not perceive my double any more, but instead have the sensation that I am rising very quickly in a whirling movement, a little bit as if I was inside a cyclone that carries me through the universe… Absolutely unbelievable.


This morning, I woke up at 5:00 am Not being able to fall asleep again, I decided to go float in the floatation cabin in sensory isolation. I have arranged this space since June this year where I receive people wishing to float. So this morning, at 5:30 am I started the 2 hour floatation program.
During the session I take the opportunity to breathe well and make the sounds of health to clean the organs. And all of a sudden I felt my body make your static tensions. I felt like an electric energy throughout my body. I felt and was aware that I was flying in the universe, it was fabulous, and I could maintain this state. I saw geometric figures like a kaleidoscope, then full of light. I opened my eyes and that light was there. She continued to be there. I climbed more and more. I was heading towards a vortex. I walked through the purple light and the white light above was more and more present. I felt drawn to this vortex. But I did not want to enter it and I came out of this state.
I called Daniel this very morning after my experience to describe my trip to him. He clearly answered me that you shouldn’t hesitate to step into the light, otherwise you end up cutting the process. The reluctance comes from our thought patterns based on fear, unknowing energy and the power of light.
The thought that came to me during this experience where I was drawn to this vortex of energy and light, and therefore stopped my ascent, was : will I come back or will I be absorbed ?

Françoise F.