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Phosphenism, a very large field of experimentation.

This testimonies are dispersed under different headings in the french forum, which is only accessible to french people. We have grouped them together in order to present you a kind of synthesis.

Testimony 1
Kundalini rising & Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)

After 2min of rotation on the Phosphenic Machine and as soon as the seat stopped turning, I felt an enormous column of energy, from 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) in diameter, which suddenly began to rise from the base of my vertebral column. This energy rose very quickly up to the top of my head. Not finding ‟an exit” at the top, it descended slightly, filling the upper half of my cranium like half-sphere turned over and placed on a flat surface. The flow of energy continued to seek an exit and then went out through my third eye. It was then as if I were a kind of radar which detected all that it saw, all that it touched. At the same time, I saw this column of energy rising in a continuous stream, and a beam which swept across everything around it: I was myself this column of energy. I felt this energy within me and I also saw it as a spectator. I was in total darkness, the lights off, the video glasses covering my eyes which were closed and yet I saw everything that took place in the room as if it were in broad daylight. I was at the same time the actor within the experience and the spectator watching it. I saw a beam which swept across everything like radar turning around the axis of my body. I felt everything that this beam crossed during its rotation. After a few moments, it had become a multitude of beams which came out of my head. I had the impression that the beam leaving through my third eye was split into halves, and extending into infinity all around my head. I had had an instantaneous impression in 360° of all the things that surrounded me in this dark room, and still with the feeling of being at once the actor and the spectator.
I was totally awake and conscious during all the entire experience. It was the first time that I felt the rising of kundalini and at the same time having an out of body experience. It is a very strong and unforgettable experience…

Testimony 2
After the training course in Lyon on Saturday, the 6th of October, I felt new and different things and this continued to develop during the following week.
Context: During the course of the day, we practiced the rhythmic thought exercises and then we tried the phosphenic machine elaborated by Alain69 and presented in ‟Universe Phosphenic Energy N°3”.
Effects & results: Two days after this training session, I felt vibrations in the area of the perineum several times. I concentrated on the sensation. The vibrations were situated at the level of the Muladhara chakra; this phenomenon lasts about 5 to15 seconds.

Testimony 3
For my part, from the first seconds of rotation, I felt my etheric body detach itself and it was then ejected by the centripetal force. Imagine a slingshot which swirls and releases its projectile. Surprised, I didn’t have the reflex of letting myself be detached. On the contrary, I tried to re-enter my body. I think that with a bit of training, I’ll be able to accompany the movement instead of hindering it.
The persons who have the ability to leave the body can detach themselves in just a matter of minutes.
The file ‘sub sound’ which was playing during the rotation of the machine seems to be very well adapted to bringing on thought rotation, and moreover, it is much more agreeable to listen to than the clicking at the rhythm of 1/6th of second.
I thus encourage Phosphenists who are composers to create other pieces of music in the harmonics of 1/6th.
A big thank you to all the participants of this very enjoyable day, and to all those who participated in the elaboration of the sound files.

Testimony 4
Here are the subjective sensations which I perceived during my journey on the Phosphenic Machine.
After being equipped, I install myself on the Phosphenic Machine which was then started. It starts turning on a horizontal plane with a slight vertical incline. My eyes remain open behind the glasses; I watch the film screen while being swept along in a rotation. A rotating multicoloured image (like a gyrascope) is projected on the screen. After several minutes of rotation, the machine stops. I perceive the stimulation of my gyrophene sense. My ‟double” then begins to rotate on a horizontal plane. I make a mental effort to transfer my consciousness to my double, in other words the part of my ‟me” that is turning, and I experience a real sensation that the turning continues. I am not very conscious of the effects produced by the rotating sound emitted by the loudspeakers positioned above my head. The sensation of rotation slows down and then stops. The Phosphenic Machine goes back into horizontal rotation. I make a mental effort of keeping my consciousness in my double. I perceive very clearly the separation of my physical self from my double, into which my consciousness is totally transferred. I close my eyes and I see the image of a galaxy in rotation, and then the rotations of Phosphenic Machine come to a stop. My double continues to turn, and then it slows down, stops and starts turning in the opposite direction. And finally, it comes to a stop in my physical body.
It was a tremendous moment. The experience was very pleasant. I hope that my consciousness will have memorized the separation of my physical body and my ‟double”.
Thanks to the Phosphenic Machine, Alain allowed us to live a marvellous moment. Many thanks to all the participants and to all those who build new machines which make Phosphenism progress.
Testimony 5
On the occasion of the training course in Lyon in October, my wife Yasuko and myself had the opportunity of testing, for the first time, the Phosphenic Machine d’Alain69. Personally, I felt a very strong stimulation of the gyrophene with the sensation of a lateral sliding of my etheric body. When the chair stopped turning, I had the impression of moving laterally, as if I were buoyed by cushions of air. Yasuko had a sensation of ascension. When the seat came to a stop, she had an impression of mounting towards the sky at very high speed. This process reminded her of the film ‟Contact” with Jodie Foster.
Note: we have not cited any names; some of you will recognize yourselves in these testimonies taken from the forum. They all confirm the considerable potential of the Phosphenic Machine which, as we would like to remind you, derives directly from the works of Dr. LEFEBURE.

Ganzfeld Process & Phosphenism.

– Photo on the left :
Alternophone coupled with Mantratron.
+ Color filter to facilitate the experience.
+ Ping-pong ball cut in two halves to put on each eye and perceive the light without the decor of the room.

– Photo on the right :
Chamber allowing the loss of limits and visual cues which multiplies the effects by 100.

Francisco Rodriguez (Mexico)

After having read the testimony written by Francisco Rodriguez

(the previous one) on his methods of experimentation, I wanted to test his technique using 2 ping-pong balls.
Using a Stanley knife (X-Acto), I very delicately cut 2 balls in half, because there is always half a ball thrown out because of the brand name printed on it.
Yesterday evening I did a session with the gyropulsar and the ping-pong balls : quite impressive. The pulsating effect of the phosphene is multiplied tenfold when one puts the 2 half-balls over one’s eyes and in addition it is totally beautiful. It is a real pleasure for the eyes. One has the impression that the phosphene is going to explode just in front of ones face.
For all those who are the lucky enough to own a gyropulsar, I recommend that you do the experiment right away, and all the more so seeing that the price of a ping-pong ball is so minimal. Frankly, seeing the result, it really is worth trying. I did the experiment using white balls, but there are also balls of different colors which I am going to try. According to the theme chosen for meditation, it would be possible to adapt the color.
So, get out your Stanley knives and ping-pong balls, but be careful of your fingers…

Alain R.

Here is my gyrascope … at last ! However, it is still very noisy (I have to cover my ears with my headphones) and, in my opinion, it turns too quickly because when I close my eyes the phosphene turns for about fifteen seconds then stops its rotation. What do you think about it ?
– Motor : a used electric screwdriver
– Power supply : an alternating transformer 3.5v to 12v with reversible polarity.
– Propeller : a shiny aluminium plate bought at Castorama (retailer of DIY/French hardware store).
Thank you and see you soon.

iOS (forum’s pseudo)

ANSWER by Daniel Stiennon :
In effect, the speed is too high for the mirror blades.