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L'initiation subud


This new magazine “Phosphenic Energy Universe” is the continuation of the “Phosphenic Link”, which was first published in august 1992.
The Phosphenic Link was a “fanzine” limited to people with advanced knowledge of the phosphenic techniques and was a real connection between all the enthusiasts throughout the world who enjoy wonderful experiences thanks to the works of Dr. LEFEBURE.
Its purpose was to introduce different aspects of Phosphenism by publishing unreleased texts, documents, articles on theory, technical files, training programs, and practical bits of advice.
The “Phosphenic Energy Universe” magazine deals with the favorite themes of the “Phosphenic Link” readers, but in a more popularizing manner to introduce the Dr. LEFEBURE’s work and its vast possibilities of application to new and experimented students alike.
For this first issue, we have thought that it would be useful to summarize shortly what is Phosphenism, its historic connections to the past, and to show the diverse aspects of its practice through its applications.
The light, source of knowledge, opens the door to a fascinating inner adventure.


Le mixage phosphénique


Two years ago now, I started a major change of policy in the diffusion of Phosphenism.

After realizing that I would not find anyone to help me with the difficult task of diffusing Phosphenism throughout the world and after lengthy contacts with Dr. LEFEBURE, I decided to appoint my successor, my “heir”: the Internet.
Why the Internet? Because nothing else can take on the heavy burden of a WORLDWIDE diffusion.
So, for the last two years, all my actions have been centered around this reflection: “what happens if I was not here anymore? In what shape am I going to leave the magisterial works of Dr. LEFEBURE for the future generations?”.
As life is a great wheel that never stops rotating, one day we are 25 years old, then, the next days we are 50, 75, or may be 100 years old, and finally, one day, “Game over!” you are are not here anymore.
What will be left of us afterward? Absolutely nothing! Specially once our close relatives are gone, apart from a few rare individuals who will come down to posterity.
But, what must remain and last is the Dr. LEFEBURE’s work, as I promised myself many years ago.
Nevertheless, if for children, time passes slowly, the more one grows older, the more time seems to fly past, up to such a point that it seems that we have accomplished next to nothing for a whole year.
As I feel that time is accelerating for me, for the last two years I have spent all my energy to make the whole of the Dr. LEFEBURE’s work available on the internet, mainly in the shape of e-books as well as audio and video courses, to avoid it disappearing.
And as Phosphenism is connected to many other universes, I compiled in the PHOSPHENIC ENERGY UNIVERSE collection all the texts that I found interesting.


Le pneumophène ou la respiration


The specificity of Dr. LEFEBURE’s work is to be based on experimentation.
Since 1956, year after year, his research led him to create prototypes of his famous machines.
In his laboratory in Gretz-Armainvillier (near Paris, France), Dr. LEFEBURE used to manufacture the commercial model of the Alternophone by himself.
And after a while, he had them made by a French company.
Dr. LEFEBURE has always been very collaborative with the people interested in his work, treating them as partners and paying much attention to their observations, some of which have often led to the discovery of new phosphenic phenomena.
Today, thanks to the explanation given by Dr. LEFEBURE in his books, practitioners, through personal involvement, contribute to the growth of phosphenic research that has allowed new incredible machines to emerge: the Cerebral Synchro-Cyclotron, the Gyrascope and more.
United though solitary, phosphenists make a geographically spread entity.
Most of them have never met and may never meet because they are scattered all over the world.
That is the reason why I looked for different ways of creating links between them so they can exchange their experiences, their discoveries, and their passion for Phosphenism.
I hope that my network of interesting informations will prove a valuable resource, thereby helping you to produce some amazing experiences.
I invite you in your turn to share your own experiences, thus creating an exponential diffusion of Phosphenism.
Thank you for your support.


Le pneumophène ou la respiration


The numbers #4, #5, and #6 of Phosphenic Energy Universe consists of pages that were created to optimize the referencing of our website “”, to achieve the best search engine ranking on Google.
But these pages generated so much interest that I decided to enrich them and to deliver them in these special numbers of Phosphenic Magazine.
Even in this shortened version, they will comment on the links between Phosphenism and many different topics and they will surely be an eye-opener for the phosphenists.
These thematic pages do not aim to cover these topics thoroughly and we invite you to help improve them as well as add new interesting themes.
Please, feel free to contact us with any suggestion or to send us your articles.
With all my support to your practice.


L'initiation de pietro


The numbers #4, #5, and #6 of Phosphenic Energy Universe consists of pages that were created to optimize the referencing of our website “”, to achieve the best search engine ranking on Google.
But these pages generated so much interest that I decided to enrich them and to deliver them in these special numbers of Phosphenic Magazine.
Even in this shortened version, they will comment on the links between Phosphenism and many different topics and they will surely be an eye-opener for the phosphenists.
These thematic pages do not aim to cover these topics thoroughly and we invite you to help improve them as well as add new interesting themes.
Please, feel free to contact us with any suggestion or to send us your articles.
With all my support to your practice.


Yoga de deux secondes


The numbers #4, #5, and #6 of Phosphenic Energy Universe consists of pages that were created to optimize the referencing of our website “”, to achieve the best search engine ranking on Google.
But these pages generated so much interest that I decided to enrich them and to deliver them in these special numbers of Phosphenic Magazine.
Even in this shortened version, they will comment on the links between Phosphenism and many different topics and they will surely be an eye-opener for the phosphenists.
These thematic pages do not aim to cover these topics thoroughly and we invite you to help improve them as well as add new interesting themes.
Please, feel free to contact us with any suggestion or to send us your articles.
With all my support to your practice.


Koundalini tome 1


What is the future of our brain?
Dr. LEFEBURE resolved one of the greatest enigmas of all times: the passage from the state of savage to human (see our webpage “Genesis”).
It was the will to keep the fire alight while being ignorant of how to create it, which allowed our distant ancestors to develop their brain.
Never letting their eyes stray from it, the guardians of the fire continuously created phosphenes.
This took an infinite amount of time but a transformation took place for the whole species.
Afterward, the creation of rites performed with dances and sways allowed the continuation of the neurological development of their brain.
Today, our brain can no longer store all the knowledge we require and we, unfortunately, depend on computing machines to cover its disability to make a quantum leap.
But imagine what would happen if Phosphenism, which allowed humankind to evolve from its ape-like ancestor to what it is now, were practiced intensively over several generations with a motivation equal to that shown by our ancestors, guardians of the fire.
Imagine that seven generations of confirmed phosphenists pass the torch on: a new transformation will be produced.
Our brain will then be capable of storing and handling a much greater amount of knowledge and be capable of establishing connections between the different areas of knowledge much faster and in much greater volume without depending on computing machines that are closed to collapsing our humanity.
But waiting for this day, I wish you good reading.



e-Books by Dr. LEFEBURE

(only available in PDF format to download)
L'initiation subud


or the Transmission of the Great Force of Life

Initiation is a beginning: the beginning of an EXTRAORDINARY PSYCHIC EXPERIENCE. The SUBUD INITIATION describes Dr. LEFEBURE’s early research on Phosphenism. In this book, he analyzes two methods of initiation: the Zoroastrian method that his mentor Galip taught him, at the age of 18, and the one he learned from the Indonesian Magus Pak Subuh, at the age of 44.


This introduction to the works of Dr. LEFEBURE starts with an explanation of the basic exercise of Phosphenic Mixing. Enough details are provided to enable you to practice this exercise. The results you will obtain will convince you of the value of Dr. LEFEBURE’s works. Practical exercises prove to you the genuine efficiency of Phosphenism that is the highest initiatic teaching.

Le mixage phosphénique


Developing Memory, Intelligence, Creativity, and Intuition, through the Combination of Thoughts and Phosphenes.

Phosphenic Mixing consists in mingling a thought with a phosphene. The phosphene channels the individual’s attention towards the chosen thought; this improvement in attention remains between sessions. Moreover, mixing thoughts and phosphenes produces a release of energy that increases the association of ideas and thus an increase in intelligence. Intellectual curiosity and the spirit of initiative are also improved.


The effects of Phosphenic Mixing on sleep are remarkable. Many cases of sleep disorders have been cured by it. Dreams become more lucid and colorful. Older people experience a cerebral rejuvenation.

Le pneumophène ou la respiration


or The Breathing Technique that Opens the Doors to the World Beyond, followed by Phosphenism and Rhythmed Thinking

In the Orient just as in the Occident, breathing is considered an essential part of spiritual development.

The first part of this book demonstrates that Yoga is constituted by A SINGLE breathing exercise that gives access to the world beyond where the ‟prâna” or ‟breath of the soul” of the Hindus can be perceived.

In the second part of this book, the practice of rhythmic thinking is set out.

To practice meditation with efficiency, one main condition has to be respected: a rhythm has to be incorporated into thoughts. When they are rhythmic, thoughts acquire an exceptional power that produces the development of supranormal abilities of perception. Initiatic traditions have always known this fact. This is why their secret resides in the practice of rhythmed thinking associated with focusing on a source of light.

A fast rhythm used in thoughts tends to provoke out-of-body experiences and astral projection. Fast rhythmed thinking puts the psychic centers or chakras in motion and opens them, triggering phenomena of illumination, i.e. the perception of an inner light that brings the individual closer to the subtle planes.

Dr. LEFEBURE spent his life designing initiatic techniques. In this book, he reveals the nature of the Initiates’ powers.

Le pneumophène ou la respiration


with Alternating Hearing.

The alternating hearing consists in listening to a sound (a buzz or a click or both associated) alternatively in the left and the right ear on an adjustable regular rhythm. Music or an oral lesson can also be used as a sound source. The effects have been verified in various French State laboratories, the C.N.R.S., the National Institute of Sports, and at the P.T.T. Central Laboratory.

The alternating hearing is used mainly in two areas:

– In education. Using the Alternophone for studying and reviewing lessons helps improve comprehension. Then attention is sustained without effort and intellectual work is more organized and of better quality. For this reason, the device is used very often by students in preparing for their exams. From then on, subjects of study, even the most difficult ones, become more attractive during the alternating hearing so much so that one develops a greater motivation for studies.

– In psychic development. Likewise, associating the Alternophone with initiatic techniques makes them more efficient. Many psychic phenomena are thus experienced as well as states of relaxation and calm of mind. Dreams become more colorful, then dreams of ascension and prophetic dreams appear with revelations for personal meditation themes as well as initiatic exercises.


It is a complete initiatory book intended for all, as the initiator wishes.
In a few words, Doctor Francis LEFEBURE was initiated at the age of 18 by A. Galip through an imposition of hands which provoked esoteric clairvoyance in him. Galip himself was initiated into the caste of magi of the Temple of Zarathustra.
Following this experience and for years, Francis Lefebure, as a doctor and physiologist, will work hard to learn the deepest secrets of this initiation.
He discovered, thanks to phosphenic experiments and applied cerebral physiology, that this initiation can be acquired other than through the intermediary of a master and that, as supernatural as it may seem, it is nonetheless within the reach of anyone who wants to take the trouble to receive it.
This well-constructed book initiates the reader from A to Z, proceeding by degrees.
And also: The 2 Keys of the Occult Force. The 4 Keys of the Magician. Swaying. Rotations. Mantras. The 4th light. From clairvoyance to splitting. In short, a book that opens up immeasurable horizons to those who take pains to study it.


A companion book to ‟The Pietro’s Initiation” focusing on the practical applications of the traditional Zoroastrian exercises described in the previous volume. Regular practice is the key to the awakening of supranormal psychic abilities and the manifestation of wondrous phenomena such as illumination, prophetic visions, premonition, and clairvoyance.

This technique, based on cerebral physiology, is the perfecting of ancient and empirical methods that brought results that were sometimes grandiose but often inconstant.

Usually, the subject feels a deep contact with a genuine occult force as soon as the first experiments are lived. This technique is, therefore, the only one that reveals so much so quickly.

Yoga de deux secondes


or the Kundalini Triggering Device (Volume 1)

Awakening Kundalini is the aim of all Yogas and its equivalent can be found in the mystical training of all religions, as the awakening of this energy gives access to the powers of the spirit.

Kundalini is, therefore, considered to be the deepest, most powerful, and most mysterious of the universe’s forces. So, are its use and awakening dangerous?

NO, says Dr. Francis LEFEBURE.

When one has understood that this force, the awakening of which is the goal of Yoga, is a gyroscopic meditation, one realizes that Kundalini is a very simple and beneficial thing, harmless and easy to obtain, contrary to outdated dogmas based on hasty western interpretations.


In a short period, the power of this awakening can usually produce the classic effects resulting from the rise of this force and provokes illumination when it reaches the head, generating a multitude of surprising and reassuring experiences. The person cannot doubt that he or she is in touch with the ‟genuine” Kundalini within. The results are absolutely convincing and the person is then free to stop the practice or to go even further in his or her development with the Gyrascope.

This book makes Kundalini accessible to everyone by explaining scientifically the nature of this energy.

Koundalini tome 1


The third phase of the phosphene, the ‟diffuse glow”, is an energy emanating from the brain. It can be photographed and allows the perception of objects in complete darkness. This energy is the source of clairvoyance, premonitory dreams, visions, apparitions, and all supernatural manifestations.

Moreover, this energy that is emitted by the brain accumulates in the places where people have practiced regularly with phosphenes, as well as in the ‟auras” of people who have practiced.

These phosphenic salts are what the Ancients called ‟egregor” and are at the origin of all the holy and sacred places, as they allow access to the subtle planes, to the invisible worlds. These phenomena are not as rare as one might believe, but a sort of law of silence has been imposed to avoid revealing ‟initiatic secrets” to everyone. Who could benefit from these phenomena and events? Who needs to hide their nature?

Dr. LEFEBURE’s investigation sheds light on elements that nobody has previously analyzed.

Koundalini tome 2


Explanation of the origin of religions

Phosphenism was born at the dawn of humanity and has been used instinctively by all peoples at a certain stage of their evolution, by all forms of solar worship that associated prayer with focusing on the sun.

This technique is still practiced by the Zoroastrians, whose priests are called ‟magus/magi (pl)”. And magic, in its original sense, is the lost science of phosphenes.

Likewise, young shepherds often play with phosphenes and mix their prayers with them. And in effect, child shepherds are at the origin of all the major events of the Roman Catholic Church. This is also true for the religion of Mithra, in which the candidate for initiation had to observe phosphenes in a cave. And there is many proofs of the phosphenes’ use by the Tibetan monks. By the way, in each of their temples, there was a book dedicated to the interpretation of signs that could be seen when focusing on the sun. Phosphenism is thus a worldwide ideological revolution.

La clé des manifestations surnaturelles


Digest of talks with Master PACERE TITINGA

18 miles from the capital Ouagadougou, in the village of Manega where the father of Master PACERE was the King, traditional dances are used to celebrate the passing of relatives and to help the elevation of the soul.

These dances express better than anything else the sinusoidal rhythm that all vibrations are made of. They prepare the person for the experience of this rhythm in the consciousness, a particularly deep form of the presence of God in the self.

Explication de l'origine des religions


The sensory way

Initiatic methods have always been taught empirically, without the candidate for initiation really knowing what is going on inside him. Moreover, the phenomena have usually been described in a poetic way, which does not make it possible to grasp the determining criteria of a successful initiation.
Applying to the study of supranormal states, the physician’s and scientist’s approach, Dr. Lefebure, as a physiologist, analyzes the principles of initiation, particularly the reversal mechanism of sensory activities, thus unraveling the laws of spiritual perception.
Leading directly to the practice of experiments within everyone’s reach, the reader will also discover the parallelism existing between currently unexplained neurological phenomena and the results obtained with initiatory exercises.
Eye convergence is considered by all yogis to be the most difficult exercise to perform. It is, however, the one that definitively opens the door to spiritual perception and clairvoyance phenomena. Eye convergence is one of the most ancient mystical exercises that gives access to the opening of the third eye, and also gives the perception of invisible worlds.
A synthesis of the exercises, giving quick access to very advanced phenomena, allows us to verify each of the points advanced by Dr. Lefebure. He insists on the correct mental attitude necessary to obtain the phenomena.
Ultimately, the sensory path is the set of essential principles of spiritual development, for the use of beginners, on the one hand, who often do not know what they are looking for, let alone what they can find; and on the other hand, for the use of people who have already had psychic experiences and who wish to deepen them. This is why, to crown the whole, Dr. Lefebure describes a powerful exercise derived from the Lamaic initiation.

Explication de l'origine des religions


Visions and out-of-body experiences

The meeting with a true Master is a significant event in a man’s life, because it totally transforms his destiny. Francis Lefebure had the privilege of meeting one at the age of 18 who, through the transmission of rhythms accumulated over the
centuries in Zoroastrian temples, triggered in him these strange and wonderful phenomena known as “out-of-body experiences”.
In his many other books, Doctor Lefebure described in details the initiatic principles and techniques he received and improved himself. In this book, it is his personal experiences that he shares with us in order to encourage all those who invest themselves in the path of spiritual development; thus strengthening their determination and their will to realize similar experiences.
From conscious dreams to out-of-boy experiences, it is all along an initiatic path that human being discovers a reality which transcends all that he can imagine. The study of these phenomena allows us to extract laws which facilitate the replication of such experiences.
The author relates many out-of-body experiences in which witnesses saw an etheric body appear near them while the physical body of the subjects was far from them. It also emerges from these fantastic experiences that there is a parallel between out-of-body experiences and near death experiences; what allows us to better understand what is Initiation.
By clearing the path, Doctor Lefebure offers everyone the opportunity to experience this Initiation.

Explication de l'origine des religions


With Thinking at a Rhythm of Sixth of a Second

Transmitting initiation from a distance is much easier than you could imagine. One of the foundations of this process is the use of a rhythm of 6th of a second in thoughts.

Fast mantras might be one of the greatest secrets of the Yogis. Nevertheless, none of them have been able to explain what their knowledge is based on. Many of them attribute importance to the ‟meaning” of the mantra and forget that the root of this word means ‟mental sound”.

Rather than the meaning, it is the rhythm that is important, some rhythms triggering a real burst of phenomena in consciousness.

Explication de l'origine des religions



The interjunction “OM” is part of all Hindu liturgies. Modern physic shows that it better expresses the universal law of polarity because the “O” is translated by a circle on the cathode ray oscilloscope (television screen which analyses the sounds); the “M” by a square.

Explication de l'origine des religions


The dances of WHIRLING DERVISHES are practiced in countries where the longevity is much higher than in the average population of the globe. One can explain it by the fact that the brain is bathed in cerebrospinal fluid that nourishes it. These body rotations around its vertical axis mobilize this liquid, thus causing a better nutrition and detoxification of the brain. That is why one notices a cerebral rejuvenation from the beginning of their practice (no risk of dizziness and nausea by the techniques we indicate). As a result of that action on the nervous system, some forms of rheumatism are cured, and some neurological diseases, even congenital ones, have been improves.

Explication de l'origine des religions



Chaos, a spiral developing in space around an axis that is itself spiral, which in turn winds around another spiral axis, and so on ad infinitum. Chaos, the form of formlessness, the protoplasm of the egg immediately after fertilization, the cosmic cloud even before condensation has brought it to the stage of a nebula. Chaos, the primordial term of all creation, is the state through which mankind passed during this decade from 1940 to 1950.