Universe Phosphenic Energy #03


The Dr. LEFEBURE work’s specificity is to be based on the experimentation.
Since 1945, year after year, his researches led him to create prototypes of his famous machines.
In his laboratory in Gretz-Armainvillier (near Paris), Dr. LEFEBURE used to manufacture the commercial model of the Alternophone by himself.
And after a while, he had them made by a French company.
Dr. LEFEBURE has always been very collaborative with the people interested in his work, treating them as partners and paying much attention to their observations, some of which have often led to the discovery of new phosphenic phenomena.
Today, thanks to the explanation given by Dr. LEFEBURE in his books, practitioners, through personal involvement, contribute to the growth of the phosphenic research which has allowed new incredible machines to emerge: the Rotating Seat, the Cerebral Synchro-Cyclotron, the Gyrascope and more.
United though solitary, phosphenists make a geographically spread entity.
Most of them have never met and may never meet because they are scattered all over the world.
That is the reason why I looked for different ways of creating links between them in order they can exchange their experiences, their discoveries and their passion for Phosphenism.
The french forum is one of these links and this magazine is another one.
I hope that my network of interesting informations will prove a valuable resource, thereby helping you to produce some amazing experiences.
I invite you in your turn to share your own experiences, thus creating an exponential diffusion of Phosphenism.
With my best phosphenic thoughts for this New Year 2007.
Thank you for your support.




The 3rd number of Phosphenic Magazine in .pdf format (32 p.).