Universe Phosphenic Energy #01


This new magazine “Phosphenic Energy Universe” is the continuation of the “Phosphenic Link”, which was first published in august 1992.
The Phosphenic Link was a “fanzine” limited to people with advanced knowledge of the phosphenic techniques and was a real connection between all the enthusiasts throughout the world who enjoy wonderful experiences thanks to the works of Dr. LEFEBURE.
Its purpose was to introduce different aspects of Phosphenism by publishing unreleased texts, documents, articles on theory, technical files, training programs and practical advices.
The “Phosphenic Energy Universe” magazine deals with the favorite themes of the readers of the “Phosphenic Link”, but in a more popularizing manner in order to introduce the work of Dr. LEFEBURE and its vast possibilities of application to new and experimented students alike.
For this first issue, we have thought that it would be useful to summarize shortly what is Phosphenism, its historic connections to the past, and to show the diverse aspects of its practice through its applications.
The light, source of knowledge, opens the door to a fascinating inner adventure.




The 1st number of Phosphenic Magazine in .pdf format (27 p.).