Universe Phosphenic Energy #07


What is the future for our brain?
Dr. LEFEBURE resolved one of the greatest enigmas of all times: the passage from the state of savage to human (see our webpage “Genesis”).
It was the will to keep the fire alight, while being ignorant of how to create it, which allowed our distant ancestors to develop their brain.
Never letting their eyes stray from it, the guardians of the fire continuously created phosphenes.
This took an infinite amount of time but a transformation took place for the whole species.
Afterwards, the creation of rites performed with dances and sways allowed the continuation of the neurological development of their brain.
Today, our brain can no longer store all the knowledge we require and we unfortunately depend on the computing machines to cover its disability to make a quantum leap.
But imagine what would happen if Phosphenism, which allowed humankind to evolve from its ape-like ancestor to what it is now, were practiced intensively over several generations with a motivation equal to that shown by our ancestors, guardians of the fire.
Imagine that seven generations of confirmed phosphenists pass the torch on: a new transformation will be produced.
Our brain will then be capable of storing and of handling a much greater amount of knowledge and be capable of establishing connexions between the different areas of knowledge much faster and in much greater volume without depending on computing machines which are closed to collapse our humanity.
But waiting for this day, I wish you good reading.




The 7th number of Phosphenic Magazine in .pdf format (33 p.).