Universe Phosphenic Energy #02


Two years ago now, I started a major change of policy in the diffusion of Phosphenism.
After realizing that I would not find anyone to help me with the difficult task of diffusing Phosphenism throughout the world and after lengthy contacts with Dr. LEFEBURE, I decided to appoint my successor, my “heir”: Internet.
So, during a short and formal ceremony, I enthroned it as the main diffuser of Phosphenism.
By why the internet? Because nobody else than it can take on the heavy burden of a WORLDWIDE diffusion.
So, for the last two years, all my actions have been centered around this reflection: “what happens if I was not here anymore? In what shape am I going to leave the magisterial works of Dr. LEFEBURE for the future generations?”.
As the life is a great wheel which never stops rotating, one day we are 25 years old, then, the next days we are 50, 75, may be 100 years old and finally, one day, game over! you are are not here anymore.
What will be left of us afterwards? Nothing! Absolutely nothing, especially once our close relatives are gone; apart from a few rare individuals who will come down to posterity.
But, what must remain and last is the work of Dr. LEFEBURE, as I promised myself years ago.
Nevertheless, if for children, time passes slowly, the more one grows older, the more time seems to fly past, up to a such a point that it seems that we have accomplished next to nothing for a whole year.
As I feel that time is accelerating for me, for the last two years I have spent all my energy to make the whole of the Dr. LEFEBURE work available on the internet, mainly in the shape of e-books as well as audio and video courses, in order to avoid it disappearing.
And as Phosphenism is connected to many other universes, I compiled in the PHOSPHENIC ENERGY UNIVERSE collection all the texts that I found interesting.




The 2nd number of Phosphenic Magazine in .pdf format (32 p.).