This book is the third course in “Phosphenic Yoga.” For a good understanding, it is necessary to have previously studied “Phosphenic Mixing Applied to Education” and “Phosphenism and the Development of Clairvoyance” (Phosphenism and the Origin of Religions).
Nevertheless, to allow the first reading of our present study on the relationship between dervish dances and phosphenes, we will draw a summary of the two abovementioned works.
The phosphene is the multicolored spot that persists in darkness for three minutes after the fixation of a light source for about thirty seconds



The dances of WHIRLING DERVISHES are practiced in countries where the longevity is much higher than in the average population of the globe. One can explain it by the fact that the brain is bathed in cerebrospinal fluid that nourishes it. These body rotations around its vertical axis mobilize this liquid, thus causing a better nutrition and detoxification of the brain. That is why one notices a cerebral rejuvenation from the beginning of their practice (no risk of dizziness and nausea by the techniques we indicate). As a result of that action on the nervous system, some forms of rheumatism are cured, and some neurological diseases, even congenital ones, have been improves.