Certain persons are sensitive to the emissions (radiations, waves, pulsations, fields) that emanate from various bodies and objects. This ability is called radiesthesia. It also deals with all the processes that allow the detection of hidden objects, with or without instruments (divining rod, pendulum, etc.) These processes involve concentration, the transformation of a mental reaction into a physical reaction, and an analysis that leads to the object of the search.

The word radiethesia means: human sensitivity to radiations, to the influences that emanate from all that is. It is a particular way to understand or to perceive things, different from using the five senses. You cannot see an underground stream, nor a person localized thousands of miles away. Radiesthesia can give you precise and exact informations about an underground stream (localization, map of its run, direction of its flow, width, depth, quantity of water flowing, drinkability…), as well as help you locate the position of a person on a map, even from a far distance.

Vibratory radiesthesia deals more precisely with ‟waves of forms” and is connected to geobiology, the study of cosmo-telluric currents that condition the ‟power” of locations. The term ‟wave of form” was created in 1930 by Bélizal and Chaumery. This designation was then dropped.

Vibratory radiesthesia deals with ‟waves of forms” that come from objects or graphs. According to this theory, certain objects or certain forms emit positive or negative ‟waves” (or energies).

The Servanx brothers and radiesthesia:

One cannot discuss radiesthesia without mentioning the Servanx brothers. Jean-Louis-Felix, a.k.a. Felix, and his brother Guillaume-Jean, a.k.a. Willy were Belgian and used to live in Bruxelles. Willy, the eldest, despite his fragile health assisted Felix in all his works.
The Servanx brothers, fascinated by radiesthesia, released a journal, specialized in that field: La Radiesthésie pour Tous or L.R.P.T. This journal, lauched in january 1946, was published until october 1967. Within its columns, one could find consultations, information on meetings and conferences, as well as many books and files:
– Beginning in radiesthesia
– Reading people’s character with the pendulum
– A quick method of personal magnetism
– An initiation to medical radiesthesia
– Radiesthesia applied to business
– Practical lessons of radiesthesia
– The EXDOCIN files: EX-periences, DOC-umentation, IN-structions for radiesthesia, monthly files, published from june 1957 to september 1966. The Servanx brothers employed the most famous radiesthesists to constitute groups of research. The EXDOCIN files are a compilation of this research, compiled and edited by the two brothers.

Among the subjects studied: astrological medicine, graphology, self-magnetism, commercial applications of radiesthesia, luck and its techniques, designing artificial medicines, influencing people, the great pyramid and its influences, the keys to magic, increasing one’s sensitivity to radiesthesia, healing words…

People’s interest in the EXDOCINs has continuously increased for the last 40 years. These files are clear, comprehensive, easy to read and to apply. The practical exercises have obviously been thoroughly tested by the Servanx brothers. These files contain very valuable information, unmatched by the secret initiations of certain very hermetic groups.

Tireless bachelors, the Servanx brothers devoted all their time to radiesthesia. Felix, the youngest brother, died on octobre 30th 1966. His brother, a paraplegic, died on november 13th 1967.

The instruments of measurement used in radiesthesia

There are several measuring tools used in radiesthesia. The results are the same, regardless of the instrument used. The choice of a pendulum or a rod depends on the feeling between the user and the tool.

To quote only the best known pendulums: the egyptian pendulum, the Thoth pendulum, the Mermet pendulum, the universal pendulum, the rock crystal pendulum, the chakra pendulum. There are tens of designs on the market.
The most commonly used method of measurement is the Bovis scale. It is usually graduated from 0 to 18,000 units. The value of 6,500 is considered neutral for an average person. But, if your vibratory level is 8,500, objects or places with a value of 6,500 will not be suitable for you.

Like any other scale, it gives a numeric value of a vibratory level. One can thus find out the vibratory level of an apple, a ring, an organ, a person, a room in a house…

There is also several types of rods, from the simple branch of a tree, to sophisticated rods equipped with amplifiers of detection.

The Hartmann rod, is another simple instrument suited for beginners. On the other hand, the Lécher antenna, is a complicated instrument for advanced users.

The applications of radesthesia are limitless:
Medical radiesthesia, divination, locating missing persons or objects, professional choices, business… The only limits are the limits of the user.

Radiesthesia and Phosphenism: testimony by a professional radiesthesist

‟I have practiced radiesthesia for many years, I mainly use the Thoth pendulum, but also other instruments specific of this discipline. With this type of pendulum, I work a lot in emission.

I have noticed that doing a phosphene before using my pendulum increases its efficiency in a remarkable way. When I use it in emission, it starts rotating much more and much faster than without the phosphene. The emission is much more intense and the pendulum’s efficiency is increased tenfold. The presence of the phosphene helps, increases and quickens the creation of a contact with the object of the emission.

The phosphene quickly becomes an essential aspect of radiesthesia, indivisible from the use of the pendulum, bringing a spectacular increase in results.

When I teach beginners, there always are persons who experience difficulties in getting the pendulum to rotate, when other persons experience no difficulties whatsoever. To help people overcome this problem, I used to lay my hands on their shoulders. This was usually enough to get the pendulum rotating. Instead, I now use a phosphene.
The student and myself both do a phosphene; I stand behind them and project my phosphene on their neck, while visualizing the rotating pendulum. It quickly starts rotating.

I advise all the persons who are beginners in radiesthesia to practice Phosphenism. It is a token of success, bringing faster results.
For more experienced persons, the practice of Phosphenism will sharpen their sensitivity and the quality of their results.
The phosphene is an undisputable plus, increasing the efficiency of radiesthesia, whatever its domain of application.”

Alain R. (a.k.a. Alain69 from the forum)

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