By: Simon Pierre L.

When I was a small boy, I used to gaze at the sun and I would enjoy following the patch of various colors that appeared afterwards.
When the sun was high in the sky (I live in a very sunny area) I would observe the patches of light on the moving leaves. That used to impress me a lot. I used to tell myself I was witnessing the manifestation of supernatural beings.

As I used to sit down on my own on the veranda during sunny afternoons, I used to have the impression that shadows were passing in front of me. I would jump to see who it was and, of course, would never find anything. However, I was certain I had seen someone. My mother started to tell me stories about dwarves, leprechauns, genies… and I even remember that she mentioned that if we observed the moon for a long enough time, we would see a foot appear. So, in the evenings, I started to gaze at the moon in secret while recalling all those stories.

I started to have amazing dreams; they were dreams of great adventures and, in the morning, I would feel so filled with joy that I would sometimes try to enact them (it is only later, thanks to Phosphenism, that I understood what provoked them).

Later, my interest moved towards the paranormal and aliens, amongst other things. I was very young but the films and the documentaries on these subjects used to attract me, to enthrall me, to fascinate me. Then, I started to experience dreams of flying. During those dreams, I was often a female character. I was being chased and would end up blocked by a chasm. I would then decide to step over it and would start flying like the Iron Man.

These recurring dreams started to scare me because in our african traditions, taking off in a dream is assimilated to practicing sorcery, unlike other cultures that assimilate it to spiritual awakening…

Consequently, I never mentioned these experiences. I only cared for the fact that they would produce a feeling of indescribable joy and power. Let me mention that, at school, I was a clever boy, gifted with a good memory and that I obtained good results with no real difficulty.

Later, I discovered a new passion: fishing. I come from a forested region of Ivory Coast where there are many rivers and watercourses. We used to fish during the entire school holidays. I remember that we used to leave in the morning and come back in the evening, happy to have enjoyed good moments. During that period, my taste for occultism started to take shape and I started to read books and attend seminars.

I was driven by a thirst, a need for the mysterious, the wondrous and that allowed me to make my way into the domain of esotericism. One day, I told a famous clairvoyant of the difficulties I had to concentrate and to remember my dreams. He told me: ‟I am going to tell you a secret but, keep it for yourself. Lock yourself up in a dark room, light a candle, focus on the flame, then close your eyes. Do this for roughly twenty minutes and see the effects for yourself”.
I did what he advised and my capacity to foresee events became sharper and sharper.

I discovered the term ‟phosphene” for the first time in Anthor’s book ‟A Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening”. I enjoyed that book, as it comforted me in the direction I was following. Then, one day, I discovered the Phosphenism website and the “Phosphenic Energy Universe” magazine. It was as if my entire life found meaning again, as if I could understand everything.

Doctor Lefebure is at the same time one of the most important scientific and spiritual researcher, as well as a prophet who has inaugurated a new era where mystification and obscurantism are obsolete. Thanks to Phosphenism, thousands of years of initiatory secrets are unveiled. Initiatory knowledge can finally be understood and accessed by all. Science and Initiation have, at last, found a common ground.

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