By: Simon Pierre L.

The term tarot is a word that can be reversed: ROTA, meaning wheel. It is a divinatory game composed of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. The arcana of the tarot, with their symbolism, constitute messages emanating from our deepest subconscious and from the collective unconscious, common to all humanity. No one really knows the precise origin of these cards, nor the exact signification that the had whey they first appeared.

However, everyone tries to interpret them haphazardly, being conscious of the profound initiatory message carried by the arcana. The first trump card of the tarot is called the Juggler. Its signification, which is usually very important, is provided by Franz Bardon in his book ‟The Path of the True Magical Initiation”. Dr Fernand Rozier has also used it on the cover of his book, ‟A Course of High Magic”.

The Juggler is also called the Magician, i. e. he who realizes the quadrupole magnet, the divine tetragrammaton, mastery over the four elements. In the concept of magic, the four elements are the basis of initiatory development as they constitute the basic stones with which the mage builds. Traditionally, they are fire, water, air and earth. But, these elements actually are the four verbs of initiation: to dare, to want, to know, to be silent.

Initiatory knowledge is not a mystification, it is based on laws and principles that anyone can experiment with. Daring is the force that allows the student, who wants to become a mage, to delve into the conquest of the unknown by banishing fear and doubt.

But, a mage is not ephemeral nor is he fanatical, as all the aspects of his behavior on the path are regulated by a tested knowledge. He remains silent because everyone thinks he is only a wandering entertainer, a prestidigitator, nothing more.

Today, Dr Lefebure’s works can help us understanding the rationality hidden behind certain initiatory secrets. To understand that, one needs to explain in detail the signification of the Juggler.

A young man, full of confidence is represented on the trump. In front of him, there is a table with various objects. With one hand, he indicates the sky, with the other one, he points at the earth. That is simply the expression of the old hermetic saying: ‟As above, so below”.

The signification of this trump is usually only understood by those who are taking their first steps on the path of the occult. What most people do not know, is that this understanding actually constitutes the theoretical aspect of the Juggler. Its initiatory signification is even more profound and concrete. The Juggler faces the rising sun. It is obvious because that position allows him to have a better visibility, his game being a game of skill. He gazes at the horizon and, consequently cannot avoid looking at the sun: he is thus doing a phosphene.

Considering the very efficient role of phosphenes in personal development, one can understand where the Juggler finds his serenity, his skill and the quality of mage that is attributed to him.

On his head there is a large hat, showing that he is protected from the sun and can do phosphenes safely.

The shape of his hat is characteristic and many occultists want to interpret it as the symbol of infinity, as if it indicated infinity. Actually, the Juggler is performing rotations and figure-of-8 head sways.
The Ancients, with this simple trump, clearly indicate the path of the true initiation, which, today, is accessible by all.

Consequently, the Juggler is one of the most famous phosphenauts, though not many persons realize that. Indeed, today, many people still want to interpret everything as symbols instead of analyzing things in a simpler manner. Phosphenism, as indicated by the Juggler, is the path of the true magical initiation.

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