By: Simon Pierre L.

The term self-fulfillment can be used to describe individuals who have gone through the various stages of their path of life to approach the realization of the needs of their soul.

According to Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, we experience, in the first place, physiological needs of security, of belonging, of self-esteem and finally, needs of accomplishment. The process of self-fulfillment thus constitutes the highest step. The most important element for reaching this highest step is the determination of vision. Vision is our primary vocation, our “raison d’être”, the true reason behind our existence. As soon as they are unique in some way, human beings constitute a centerpiece in the evolutionary process of humanity.

Each and everyone of us come to this world with a mission to accomplish, a destiny to fulfill. Though everyone generally admits that fact, most of us experience difficulties in determining which sector they belong to. If you are one of those, here are a few instructions for you. What gifts and qualities of yours are recognized by others, what do you like to do, in what or in which context do you accomplish yourself best?

An objective answer to these questions will allow you to determine your vision. Vision can also be found hidden behind the main flaws of an individual, as a flaw is always a quality that is not expressed the right way. Vision can also be chosen in a rational and objective manner. Thus, after reflecting upon their own needs and the needs of others, individuals can decide to position themselves in the direction of fulfilling those needs. To be efficient, vision should be based on love rather than on the effervescent search for profit. Otherwise, it becomes nothing more than ambition.

The essential principle that needs to be remembered is that vision motivated by love has a future, it only needs men and women to take shape. Vision is indeed very important but, it does not automatically leads to distinction. Vision allows us to determine the domain to which we belong (medicine, teaching, business…).
It is our dreams that determine the amplitude of our vision. In other words, the mental image that we have of our vision will create the difference between us and the other individuals. That is why self-fulfillment is a relative and personal notion. It is nothing more than the realization of what the individual tends toward.

In any case, to achieve genuine fulfillment, an individual needs knowledge. Knowledge is a gathering of information that allows to overcome the obstacles encountered by the individual. It allows projections and the anticipation of events. It also permits originality and helps adapting to all situations.

Discipline is very important in the process of self-fulfillment, it constitutes the strength and the soul of all great armies. It allows the introduction of military rigor to our attitude in life, in a practical way. It consists in using the “no” option when it is necessary and to take into account the notions of time and space in our actions. Thanks to discipline, our work will produce durable results and we will reach the maximum of our abilities. Without discipline, we produce a lot of efforts and achieve little results. Consequently, it becomes almost impossible to maintain ourselves at our peak.

The last important factor to be taken into account is assiduity: diligent work allows us to realize the needs of our soul. Someone once said that work is worth genius. Conscientious work is the best way to attain self-fulfillment. In this world, there is no future for the lazy. Whatever the grandeur of your vision, if you do not do anything, nothing will happen. Refusing to work is depriving ourselves of 60% of our chances of success. Working in the direction of our own self-fulfillment is, for sure, the best way to achieve it.
Self-fulfillment can become a reality if we decide to use these guidelines with wisdom. Phosphenism can help us greatly. Phosphenism consists in focusing on a source of light for a short time, then to close your eyes and observe the image of retinal persistence.

That important technique was discovered by Dr Lefebure. He also had the idea of associating a thought to the phosphene, thus creating Phosphenic Mixing. Phosphenes can help us a lot on our path of self-fulfillment as they tend to densify thoughts and to develop what the individual tends toward. On that subject, Dr Lefebure says: “HE WHO THINKS WHILE GAZING AT THE SUN BECOMES A SUN IN SOCIETY”.

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