By: Amadou DIOP (A phosphenist from Senegal)

Psalmody can be considered as the action of pronouncing repetitive words, with the intention of obtaining a higher state of consciousness.
Psalmody is a very ancient practice in Senegal, as well as other Africa countries.

Psalmody can be performed individually or collectively; it can be done in a loud voice or silently, according to the times and the circumstances.
Psalmody presents characteristics, objectives and is performed according to particular practices and conditions; Psalmody is effectuated in stages that comprise various operations.
Psalmody comprises certain cross-sector elements that connect it to many similar practices, the techniques of Phosphenism, for instance.


Psalmody is essentially characterized by the regularity and the constancy of its practice.
Psalmody is essentially characterized by the regularity and the constancy of its practice. In the Tradition, the words chosen for repetition are linked to the period of the day or the night; they are set in predetermined time-slots that should be respected as much as possible, even if certain particular circumstances allow the possibility to make some exceptions.

The practice of Psalmody should be very regular, cyclic and continuous in order to be efficient.


The objectives assigned to psalmody are specific and varied.
One of the first objectives is the serenity acquired with time and experience. Also, if the modalities and conditions are respected, Psalmody leads to various states of consciousness.


Psalmody has an endless source of words at its disposal, various in content and form, that can be chosen according to the results that the individual wants to obtain.
The duration of a session of Psalmody can go from a few minutes to hours. Night sessions are more profitable because of the atmosphere of calm that prevails.
Psalmody can be practice alone, in a partial or total state of isolation; it can also be practiced collectively at particular moments, just before sunrise and at dusk, especially in inter-tropical regions.

Psalmody can have a religious character or be purely meditative.


The essential conditions for practicing Psalmody:

The first condition is the choice of an appropriate environment: a healthy, clean place, indoors or outdoors.
The individual should wear clean clothes, his body should also have been purified with water.
The session of recitation is accompanied by the simultaneous visualization of images related to the words.
Respect of the instructions lead the individual to levels of operationality.


The individual internalizes progressively the content of the recited words.
The recited words take shape and life and are internalized by the individual.
The words turn into images and often take precise shapes that accompany the recited words.
The individual attains a level of skill with visualization where words and images are integrated together.
Precision should be the norm for the words, the sounds that are emitted and the number of times they are repeated.

The practice of Psalmody follows certain steps:


The first stage of initiation allows the individuals to familiarize themselves to the outlines of Psalmody.
Regular practice of Psalmody develops much perseverance and allows the observation of many results.
Determination and consistency in practice inevitably lead to the obtention of a high level of expertise.

Psalmody is a cross-sector process.


Psalmody is similar to Phosphenism, in particular for their capacity to link words to images and to feed the reflection process.
With the practice of Psalmody, the soul can be freed and travel.
Moreover, the individual can attain a level that produces out-of-body experiences or consciousness extensions.
At the end of the day, Psalmody is a very ancient practice of meditation, concentration and invocation.

Psalmody presents specific and particular characteristics that can also be found in the practice of Phosphenism.

To be efficient, Psalmody should respect the same laws as phosphenic exercises of rhythmic thinking.
Regularity of rhythm = neurological connections = elevation of the level of consciousness.

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