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THE FIRST NEURO-SYNCHRONIZER on audio tracks (39,4 Mo)

This program includes the basic settings of the Alternophone, for education and individual development, which is ideal for people who wish to have a practical approach to the principles of Alternophony.



A 75 minutes audio set with 7 tracks in .mp3 format.
Track 1: for writing and composition, memory, stimulating imagination, making decisions.
Track 2: for improving the personality, self-control, eliminating stress and overcoming fears.
Track 3: for studying mathematics, sciences and foreign languages.
Track 4: for reading, studying and memorizing texts.
Track 5: for developing optimism and hyper-Relaxation.
Track 6: for improving sleep.
Track 7: for reinforcing willpower and motivation as well as getting rid of bad habits (tobacco, alcohol, drug problems…).
+ An instructions manual.