By: Michel L.

Finding persons buried in rubble or missing after an earthquake, using divination.

I work in the humanitarian domain and, thanks to my function as the leader of a team specialized in the rescue of persons injured during disasters, I am often active in remote areas of the world, helping unprivileged populations. In order to provide you with a more precise idea of what I do, I am going to try to illustrate my situation by relating some of the things I experience during these interventions.

First of all, my participation in trying to find people buried alive under rubble is efficient only because I have had the opportunity, thanks to my many trips around the world, to receive many initiations, including Dr Lefebure’s. During that long quest, I encountered various techniques and teachings, I always made sure that I understood their practice through the basics that Dr Lefebure had taught me personally. That way, I have been able to avoid many pitfalls and dead ends…

A dog trained to search for survivors under rubble can only locate injured people for a short period of time, because their scent loses its sharpness very quickly. For my part, I can detect 10 times more persons.
In a word, I am able to detect physically, without using any aid like a pendulum or any other instrument used for divination, injured people buried underground, whatever the state of their wounds, by stretching my hands above the zones of rubble produced by the disaster.
I perceive everything through the chakras in the palm of my hands.

As a mark of recognition from the persons I save from certain death, I only accept a piece of fabric that they have owned. The quality and the cleanliness of the cloth or fabric does not matter.
Thanks to these ‟offerings”, I make a thick screen by sowing the pieces of fabric together. I then contemplate the sun through this patchwork, this cloth charged with ‟vibrations of pain”, during hours or sometimes days.

In this ‟posture”, I try to immerse myself in these vibrations and channel the perceptions into my hands. As a complement, I do phosphenes with the reflection of the sun on water, and project the phosphenes on my hands. That is how my hands have become genuine tools of divination. I do not need a pendulum nor any other equipment, I use only my hands for divination.

After an intervention, having faced extreme distress, it is absolutely necessary for me to evacuate the accumulated tension; that is why, after a field operation, I systematically enter retreat. I use my time in retreat to regenerate myself with the rhythmo-phosphenic techniques.

I would also like to highlight the fact that, since my early childhood, I have evolved in initiatory circles, and that allowed me to develop my latent psychic faculties at an early age. But, without the help I found in Phosphenism, i.e. without Dr Lefebure’s works, I would NEVER have reached my present level.

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