Dr LEFEBURE showing how to practice lateral sway.
‟Let us remember that what we call ‛initiatory techniques’ are nothing but the systematic application of the same means that children use instinctively to develop their brain when they are not prevented from doing so by external pressures. Swaying movements are such a technique and it has been proved that many children who are often left by themselves start practicing Phosphenic Mixing. Instinctively, they focus on the reflection of the sun on water
or on a waxed floor (for example…)” Dr LEFEBURE


Course N° 1: Cerebral Development and Activation.
Part I:

How to transform the energy of light into mental energy and use phosphenes for developing memory, intelligence and creativity. Practicing ‟Phosphenic Mixing”.

Part II:

Phosphenism and Individual Development or the Application of Phosphenism in everyday life. How to use phosphenes to obtain a positive effect on your destiny.

Advanced Training

Training Course N° 2: Practicing Initiatory Techniques
PHOSPHENISM, the science of phosphenes, dates back to the dawn of mankind and has been a part of all cultures at all times, but that had never been clearly demonstrated before the works of Doctor LEFEBURE. Phosphenism is the highest Initiatory teaching because it is an integral part of every individual. It is thus a traditional method of developing the abilities of the psyche which gives access to Initiation, in its original meaning.

In order to facilitate the study of Phosphenism, we offer a practical training course which is open to everyone.

The main initiatory techniques that, in the past, were reserved to a few ‟chosen” individuals, are now within your reach: Doctor LEFEBURE devoted his life to Initiatory teachings. He unveiled the techniques that lead to inner development. A synthesis of the exercises, allowing a fast access to very advanced phenomena, will enable you to verify all the assertions of Doctor LEFEBURE.

The quality of the accumulated information guarantees practical and efficient training. In that domain, there is one single valid criterion: THE RESULT! The long years of helpless waiting spent in the hope of producing an elusive phenomenon are over. The results obtained by all the individuals that have practiced the phosphenic techniques confirm our claims.

RHYTHMO-PHOSPHENISM: In-depth study of the Initiatory techniques. Composed of practical workshops, the training course allows a progressive discovery of the phenomena, from the basic experiences to the most advanced ones. Applications of the Initiatory techniques in the domain of the ‟Development of the Personality”. Working on the energy centers permits the exploration of the extraordinary ability that is called ‟Consciousness”. The true sense of Initiation (from the Latin initium: beginning, start) means the triggering of energies that will allow the expression and the realization of the natural abilities the individual tends towards.

The practice of Rhythmo-Phosphenism, through the enhancement of cerebral rhythms and energies, gives access to the extension of consciousness and allows the individual to become conscious of the importance of these nocturnal activities. One can thus find a way back to the ‟Paradise Lost”. The goal is to achieve a higher state of consciousness during the night, and thus to delve into a magical world of impressions, feelings and information.

Through these fantastic experiences, each person will discover that he or she has the possibility of access to an inner universe that used to be reserved to a few chosen individuals. A detailed and thorough study of Initiatory experiences and phenomena will allow you to discover the foundations of an ancient and universal knowledge.

Complete Training



A scientifically improved Zoroastrian Initiation

Dr. Lefebure's Courses

In his books, Dr Lefebure exposes his discoveries on Phosphenism as he gradually advanced in his research. These recordings were made shortly before his death and sum up a life of research on the science of phosphenes in a logical order and with a synthetic vision.
This box set allows a fast and complete theoretical and practical study of Dr Lefebure’s works.
Doctor LEFEBURE speaks in simple words about initiation, its benefits and the best way to obtain results. Each claim put forth by Dr. Lefebure can be immediately verified by experiments that he explains in detail. He not only explains the highest techniques of initiation, but also talks about the origin of these techniques and the implications of Phosphenism in the history of mankind. Doctor LEFEBURE shows us the ins and outs of initiation, its nature and what can be expected from it.
A teaching of incomparable quality.
Dr LEFEBURE has fully understood every aspect of initiation. He brought light to an area that was previously vowed to complete empiricism and the most arbitrary concepts. He received several initiations himself and he belonged to the scientific community. Thanks to his concrete knowledge, he brought two worlds together that were believed to be totally incompatible: the universe of science and that of the mind.
The main techniques of initiation, previously reserved to an ‟elite” few, are now within your reach.
Dr LEFEBURE dedicated his life to initiatory teachings. He reveals the techniques that lead to inner development. A synthesis of the exercises gives a rapid access to very advanced phenomena and will allow you to verify each claim made by Dr LEFEBURE. He insists on the right mental attitude which is necessary to obtain these phenomena.

This series of lessons will allow you to follow Dr LEFEBURE’s complete and detailed course in your own home without stress and at your own pace: you can review the explanations and practice the exercises as often as you like.

Track N°1:
Phosphenic Mixing. Examples of its use. Practicing Phosphenic Mixing using the sun.

Track N°2: 
Using the reflection of the sun on water. Study of cases of clairvoyance. Study of the traces of Phosphenism in history. Powers of Tibetan lamas who traditionally use Phosphenism. The techniques of clairvoyance of Nostradamus. The purification of thoughts.

Track N°3: 
Continuation of the course on Phosphenic Mixing. Method for falling asleep. Increasing the number of prophetic dreams. Suggestion and Phosphenism.

Track N°4: 
Course on clairvoyance. Phosphenic telepathy. Apparitions. Solar prodigies.

Track N°5: 
Rhythmic thinking course: the second key to telepathy and clairvoyance. Astral projection. Rhythmic thinking associated to head sways.

Track N°6: 
Phosphenism and the etheric plane. The aura. Frontal sways. The various traditional types of sways.

Track N°7:
Course on rotation (whirling dervishes). The Phosphene shows us the most appropriate speed of rotation. Associated meditation: mental rotation. Specific mantras for rotations.

Track N°8: 
Course on developing the third eye. The connections between spiritual traditions. The connections between the eye of Shiva and the mental void.


Track N°9:
Course on astral projection through static tensions. The different kinds of astral projection. Apparition of the double at a distance. Becoming aware of the double. Projecting the double. Astral travelling.

Track N°10: 
Meditation for the ascension of the soul into the cosmos. Meditating on the sun. Journey to the center of the galaxy.

Track N°11: 
The ‟OM” mantra. Original, traditional and logical pronunciation.

Track N°12:
 Analogue letter charts for the creation of mantras. The lama’s exercise by Alexandra David-Neel. Reorganizing life with the vibration of the mantra.

Track N°13: 
Course on developing supranormal powers using the rhythm of 1/6th of a second. The mantras to use with the rhythm of 1/6th of a second . The ‟Kee” and ‟Kree” mantras.

Track N°14: 
Course on breathing. The four conditions necessary to produce spiritual breathing. The pneumophene exercise.

Track N°15: 
Meditating from chakra to chakra.

Track N°16: 
Organization of the exercises in function of one’s free time. The direction of the movement of consciousness when falling asleep and waking up. Developing clairaudience. The ‟phosphenic substance”.