TESTIMONIES : Training Videos (2)

Extracts from the GUEST BOOK
Training Videos organized by Daniel STIENNON

I really appreciated the pneumophene session. I was slightly apprehensive of the exercise of square breathing but, in the end, I found it quite easy to perform. I entered a deep state of relaxation, my body felt very light. Mixing with the energy of the moon on various centres made me feel a wave movement, a genuine feeling of well being set in. Thanks for the session.

Françoise F.

The action on the chakras was very strong, the frontal one in particular. When I focused my attention on that chakra, I could instantly feel a current of energy going through my head from side to side, with something like a funnel in the entrance and the exit.

Alain R.

Since I attended the pneumophene session, I have been practicing meditation every evening, with the visualizations that were introduced during the lesson. These exercises help me being more flexible in my relationships with others and taking on things as they come, without anxiety. The variety of exercises suggested allows me to change often during the various sessions I practice at home, depending on my mood. This keeps phosphenic practice fresh!


For the past 2 days, I have been practicing square breathing with my Qi Gong exercises and I have been interested in… shanmukhi mudra, as explained by Daniel Stiennon during the lesson on superficial breathing… A nice synchronicity with my morning exercises!!

Marie B.

Thank you for this introductory course. It is an excellent overview of Phosphenism, as well as a good introduction to the head sway exercises, which are new to me. I also have been able to understand all the potential benefits from regular practice with phosphenes combined to head sways, as well as the bare minimum of rigor and assiduity necessary for progression. On the technical level, I appreciated the clear and didactic explanations, the impeccable organization, as well as the possibility of interaction.

Jean-François C.

Superficial Breathing:
I feel my energy becoming denser, then, I see a horizontal white light that dilates itself. As it grows, I am sucked into this white light that becomes a vortex with blue rays.
A very nice feeling of being at one with the universe.

Alternated and Superficial Breathing:
I become fluid with much ease and I feel heat rotating inside my lungs.

Circular Breathing:
Still very pleasant, I can play with the speed of the vortex, making it accelearate and slow down…
The possibility to control that speed is a real joy.

Evelyne T.

I would like to share with you a few experiences that I have lived since I have been practicing with phosphenes.
I do phosphenes with my lamps every evening before I go to sleep. That has allowed me to fall asleep much quicker. I dream in colour, I see gigantic objects and I notice that I am guided by the logic of my dreams. It is truly extraordinary. I never had lived such experiences.
I practice and teach Qi Gong (Master Mantak Chia – Tao of Vitality) and, since I have been practicing head sways, I fell more and more energy in my centres, a soft and warm energy along my spine; though during a particular session, I felt that warmth in my heart chakra.
At the end of the exercises of rotation, a memory sprung up: I could see myself as a child on a swing. I coiled the strings so that I could whirl, it gave me immense pleasure. I saw joy on my face. The memory was very clear, it was truly great.

I thank Doctor Lefebure with all my heart, as well as the entire team. Thank you for allowing me to discover Phosphenism.

Françoise F.

Thank you for this introductory course. It is an excellent overview of Phosphenism, as well as a good introduction to the head sway exercises, which are new to me. I also have been able to understand all the potential benefits from regular practice with phosphenes combined to head sways, as well as the bare minimum of rigor and assiduity necessary for progression. On the technical level, I appreciated the clear and didactic explanations, the impeccable organization, as well as the possibility of interaction.

Jean-François C.

This video-conference has greatly interested me, my only regret is that we did not practice long enough with the mantras…

Reine V.

Though I had read many articles on the Phosphenism website, following a course with a teacher and applying the techniques directly is the best way to learn. I did not forget any of the information and I felt you were always guiding us. When I practices exercises on my own, I tend to forget certain elements: I have now well integrated the fact that I need to relax my head when I move it during the head sway exercises, that there are three phases in each cycle, and I also have understood the mantra “eellee”.
I have found this conference and the exercises very pleasant and I thank you very much.

Delphine W.

Thanks very much to Daniel, a very friendly person! I was very interested by the different mantras that we learnt, as well as their specific use. I did not realize how important the regularity of the rhythm was.
I am very motivated and enjoy practicing at least 30 minutes a day. The simple fact that it improves my concentration and my dreams is already a lot. I am active on the forum from which I have already learnt a lot.
This session was very positive, with generous advice.

Patrick D.

The video-conference was a great experience. I discovered the phosphene and the exercise of lateral head sways. I have already set up a training program for the week: I would like to integrate the notion of rhythm.
The instructions are very well explained. Overall, I am very pleased.

Celine G.

This initiation was very enriching, soothing (I slept like a baby!) and, curiously, during the exercise when we visualized flowers, a surprising thing happened: at the start, I experienced difficulties visualizing a tulip and very quickly, it is a rose that imposed itself to my imagination. The same thing happened with the sunflower. Is this a logical continuation, or simply a good connection?
In short, I had a wonderful time and wish to continue with the courses.
Thanks very much for opening me to new horizons.

Brigitte B.

I listened to you closely and practiced the exercises scrupulously…

Beatrice A.

I was surprised by the quality of the sound and the image, considering how many people were involvI followed last night’s lesson and I am pleased to tell you that I found it very positive.

Marie-France P.

I enjoyed the video-conference’s contents as well as its presentation. I felt pressure at the bottom of my nose, just like when I practice certain meditation exercises. That demonstrates the action of the phosphene.

Christian S.

I enjoyed participating to this first lesson. I felt relaxation, wholeness and well-being. Thank you for this pleasant moment.

Sylvie G.

I was very pleased to follow this first introductory course of Phosphenism and I really want to go further. During practice, when we were visualizing flowers, I was captivated by the clarity of what I was seeing. It was as if the flowers were present, I could feel their texture, their color, it was great. Thanks very much for this pleasant evening in your company.

Françoise F.

A very instructive course on head sways that represents a very good introduction to the practice of basic initiatory techniques.

Hitcham B.

The introductory course was clear and practical and corresponded to what I expected. I appreciate the combination of theory and practical application. You have provided enough information to make me understand that behind even simple things there is genuine science. I really would like to know more.
I find practicing with phosphenes a lot easier than trying to meditate! From the first cycle, I felt relaxed, especially during the second phase with the small movements. I had the impression that I was on a boat, rocked by the soothing movement of water. I imagine this technique is very efficient for letting go.
I also have found that it was easier to maintain the image of flowers in my mind’s eye than when I practice sophrology or relaxation.
I was intrigued by phosphenes: sometimes clear and sharply defined, changing from red to blue, with or without an edge, to finally appear black…
Thanks for this experience.

Nathalie G.

I have learnt how to practice sways and what they are for…
I was rather happy to follow the training and felt joyful during the entire session. The head sway exercises were a great discovery…

Christophe G.

I enjoyed this session.

Noelle P.

At the end of the session, I was surprised that an hour had passed. The course was very interesting as it associates head sways with phosphenes. Though I am only a beginner, I am already enjoying this discovery. Thanks again for sharing your time and these exercises with us.

Agnes P.

Thanks for this lesson.

Mickael P.

A very interesting lesson.

Marie B.

Thanks very much for this very interesting video-training. I enjoyed the sensations I felt in my head during the small head sways. Thanks again for your teachings.


I am new to the practice of Phosphenism and I am discovering it little by little thanks to Dr Lefebure’s course on video. This course is quite lengthy, so I take my time to discover them, slowly but surely.


I could not understand what was meant by rhythm of two seconds, one second per side: however, yesterday the meaning became obvious to me.

During the exercise of Phosphenic Mixing, I kept concentrating on the phosphene… fortunately, you pointed out that… “The phosphene is simply there… there is no need to concentrate on it”. However the accumulation of misunderstood details can make practice too complex to be performed with pleasure, and it becomes tedious. Similarly, understanding even a small extra detail can be very stimulating.


Hello Sir,

Thank you for this lesson. I have been studying and practicing Phosphenism for almost a year. I find Dr Lefebure’s books fascinating and the website is a blessing.

However, it is true that the video conferences and being in contact with you and the group, even if we never actually met, adds a lot to the experience.

Every time I practise, I get the image of a rose, that I remember from when I was a child. It grew in the garden of the house opposite my parents’. It is a pale pink rose, in full bloom, one of its petals is burnt slightly by the sun.

This rose and the gate behind it seem to be a recurring image in my mind.

Although I cannot connect it to any precise memory, this image might come from a particularly sunny day during which I might have done phosphenes.

The books and the recordings help me understanding more deeply many experiences that I have lived.

I have the impression that I am now “home”, after trying and experimenting with many other techniques.

I am impatient to participate to some courses. Thanks again.

Isabelle M.

The support during the exercises is great and it really helps understanding practice…

Christophe G.

Thank you very much, these courses have really made me want to practise every evening.

Mireille R.

I am very pleased to have participated to the online lessons, as I am searching for a way to exploit the mysteries of the brain and its capacities. Thanks for your devotion to Phosphenism. You are very useful.

Fabienne L.

Several times during the course, I felt a strange sensation. It is a sensation that I have already experimented several times, though it is difficult to describe. It is as if I was surrounded by cotton wool, maybe it is related to an early stage of o.o.b.e. I am starting to recognize these phenomena when they happen to me. Thanks again.

Agnes P.

This first introductory session was very pleasant. I would like to learn more and delve further into practice.

Dominique V.

The video training lesson allowed me to correct the way I practised exercises. I have been practicing for 4 months, at a rate of an hour a day. I realised I was pronouncing the mantra way too slowly.
At first, I found it difficult to combine sounds with sways and, especially, with the point of concentration. Now, I can perform this quite easy and I enjoy observing myself practising the exercises (as I am performing them) as if I was outside my body; watching myself. My capacity for visualization has increased.

Ginette B.

During the lesson, I mainly concentrated on doing what the teacher was asking to perform, as well as I could. It is only later that I felt the results of that practice: a sensation on my crown chakra, as well as something on the frontal chakra.
Though I have arthritis, I could perform the head sway movements, with a little bit of practice.
I have very happy to have followed this course and it fulfilled my expectations.

Lise P.

I appreciated the progressive aspect of the lesson. I understood the techniques better than when I was practising on my own! This is very motivating. I could correct my mistakes and I learnt important information.
Thanks for this lesson!

Christiane M.M.

It was the first time I attended a video training and I was very pleased by the contents. Many years ago, I had bought a CD from Phosphenism and I found the exercises difficult to practise. This time, I found the conference very clear and that allowed me to understand easily the exercises studied. Thank you very much.

Michelle M.

During the exercise of vertical head sway, I felt stimulation on my third eye. It was very pleasant but, later, at night, I found it difficult to go to sleep. I noticed more activity in my dreams and I felt very good when I woke up. Thank you for your explanations.

Angelo M.

This is the second time I attend a video training session. The first one was about lateral head sways and the second one on vertical head sways.
I appreciate the sensation of calm that rises during the session and remains afterwards. I felt my brain moving slightly in my skull, and I observed it was a pleasant feeling. I could sleep the entire night without waking up, for the first time in weeks.

Nathalie G.

The lesson represents a good balance between theory and practice.

Philippe L.

I appreciated this short lesson a lot and it makes me want to delve further into discovering Phosphenism. Thank you and see you soon.