With 3 different modes and a special “polarized light”
function in the “initiatic lamp” version.

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Coffret avec lampe initiatique
Lampe avec miroir

With 3 different modes and a special “polarized light” function in the “initiatic lamp” version.

1 box set containing a mini-lamp equipped with a filter and a concave mirror for making phosphenes using polarized light.
This initiatic phosphenic mini-lamp offers three different lighting modes allowing one to progress in the exercises and it also includes a special “polarized light” function. Polarized light function: by combining one of the three modes with the use of the concave side of the mirror, the light which is received is polarized. Mirror made in EC by a specialist in instruments and materials for medical laboratories.

Instructions and explanation for the Phosphenic Pocket Lamp

This initiatic phosphenic mini-lamp offers three different lighting modes, allowing one to progress in the exercises and it also has a special “polarized light” function.

Polarized Light Function:by combining one of the three lighting modes with the use of the concave side of the mirror (not to be confused with the flat side of the mirror), the reflected light is polarized .

The potentials which open up belong to the Initiatory realm, including the development of intuition, control in making good decisions and even the revealing of certain gifts of divination.

Mode 1: is obtained by pressing once on the on/off button. The power of the light on this position is ideal for all types of exercises related to educational methods, development of the memory and learning or simply well-being.
Remove the lamp from its base for direct light use.
This first mode is perfectly suited for application of the exercises contained in
«THE ABC of Phosphenic Mixin», ref. CMF.

Mode 2: is selected by pressing a second time on the same button. The light is stronger; this is necessary for the exercises related to personal development as well as the initiatic exercises.This mode is ideal for all the exercises of rhythmic thinking, such as the head sways.

Mode 3: pressing a third time on the button will produce an alternating light on a rhythm of one second. This type of light lets you work on the pulsing phosphene.The aim is to pull the thought along in a beating movement and maintain this mental pulsation without fatigue, which stimulates neurological phenomena and very interesting states of consciousness.

Turning off the lamp:device is turned off by pressing a fourth time on the on/off button.

Example of the practical exercise of expansion and contraction or the dilation of a thought using mode 3.

Set the lamp on “mode 2” and place it so as to obtain a phosphene (20 seconds). Close your eyes without putting the blindfold on and put it on “mode 3”.
The phosphene you observe will pulse.

At this point it is necessary to imagine a circle which expands and then contracts with each pulsation, in other words a succession of circles that radiate, expanding with each pulsing of the phosphene. For example, starting from the point between the two eyes or from another center or chakra. These circles must spread out like a wave on the water after a pebble is thrown into it.
When the limits of the imagination have been reached, you must make this wave come back in successive layers, notch by notch, in a movement of ebb and flow.

The ideal thing is to produce a phosphene using polarized light, obtained by the reflection of a beam, keeping clearly in mind that what counts the most is maintaining a rhythmic mental image during the entire duration of this exercise.

It is indispensable to make your imagination work during the exercises in order for the neurological connections to become well engraved in the thought zones of the brain. Afterward this will appear in the form of – after the sessions – what are called “initiatic” experiences.

If the effort is not great enough, the results will be much lesser and with certain persons this can take the form of neurological discharges in the motor zones. It engenders muscular jerks or jumps in the arms or the legs and is to be avoided.

Used in a sensible manner, the Phosphenic Pocket Lamp will most certainly be a precious tool for you on the path of personal evolution.

NOTE: There is no need to take the Phosphenic pocket lamp out of its box.

Technical installation:
On the edge of the mirror, there are 2 small holes placed opposite each other. Place them on the prongs situated on the flaps which are used for positioning the mirror; the small concave dish being directed towards the lamp.
Press down on the lamp so that it rests firmly on the bottom of the box. To close the box set, place the mirror in a horizontal position and press down lightly on the lamp so that the part where the bulb sits goes down.


Lamp version for educational use

Lampe pédagogique